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10 tips to protect your android device

written by Admin | Apr 03, 2014
protect your android phone device

Android is the most popular and demanding mobile computing platform in India. The reason for its popularity is that it provides vast verity of apps on Google play and most of the vendors provide android devices are available at very cheap prices. Now a day we are so handy with Smartphone’s that we store our private data also in them. It increases from year to year but along with that it is recommended that we have to make our device and data secure from threat activities so as to avoid exploitation of private data from our Android devices.

10 Ways to protect Android Device:

  • Using screen lock: One cannot able to enter your device by any pin number, password or pattern until the screen is inactive. This can be done by going through settings in our android device, in which we can, set a time after which screen is turn off if there is no activity is happening by user intervention or user can do it by pressing power key.


  • Device encryption: In device encryption we can assign a password or pin to our android device which leads to encryption of all the data in device. Each time we turned on the device it will ask for a key as a password to decrypt all the data. This can be feature can be activated by going through security setting in android device.


  • Use security solutions at workplace: According to survey report of ESET company who provides Anti-threat security software for digital devices that around 30 to 40 percent device across the world attacked by threats so before using android devices at your professional workplace use these software’s to scan the connected end points.


  • Activate Google’s Android Device Manager: If you lost your device then even you can track your device (if connected) by the help of Google’s map service. It can make ring to the device for 5 minutes in full volume and also we can erase the all the data from our android device. This can do by going into settings -> security tab. It can also make to enable from security settings -> device administration security.


  • Do not store sensitive data on SD cards: On using the android devices with so much freedom, be careful not to store some sensitive data such as credit card number, or any kind of password key inside SD card because these memory cards can be removable and data can accessible from them.


  • Don’t install apps from unknown store: Google play is official store to download apps for android devices but other than that some third-party app sites are there and we have to take care of that not to install apps (APKs files) from those sites as they may contains malware or spywares.


  • Install locks for apps: You can protect your device apps by assigning password keys to them so whenever we open them they will ask for password keys to enter. You can download some apps from Google play store which provide lock facility for your other android apps.


  • Don’t access root directory: There are some malicious apps available in third-party sites that can able to access the file-system’s root folder of your android device. This leads to damage your phone and voids the warranty.


  • Sign out or use incognito mode while browsing: Make sure that you must sign out from any kind of login on a website because when you browsing through chrome browser it will records all your search and browsing history. You can also browsing in incognito mode without sign-out because in that mode chrome does not record anything.


  • Keep your device software up to date: Google has the software update facility which includes some security patches. You can find this in menu -> settings -> system updates.



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