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7 Benefits of Agile Software Development You Should Know

written by Admin | Jun 17, 2017
7 Benefits of Agile Software Development You Should Know

Agile Software Development is an umbrella term for a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto. Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams utilizing the appropriate practices for their context.

It is suitable not only for software developers but also for Team Leaders, Project Managers, Product Managers, Development Managers, Testers, QA Managers, QA Engineers, Technical Writers, UX Designers, anyone involved in the delivering software.

This article focuses on how technology teams work together well to plan, build, and deliver software. It does not talk about code or specific technologies, or only about Microsoft tools. Hope this will improve your professional life and the effectiveness of your team.

The participants in an agile process are not afraid of change. They view changes to the requirements as good things, because those changes mean that the team has learned more about what it will take to satisfy the customer.

Working together is a key aspect of agile team members on all the project. Each member is allowed to give his input on the whole concept. No single team member is solely responsible for the architecture or the requirements or the tests. The team shares those responsibilities, and each team member has influence over them.

IT development teams and projects is managed in a different way by Agile development.

Agile software development is a method used for developing all sorts of software solutions, based on continuous improvement, flexibility, input of the team, and high quality working software delivery.

Benefits of Agile Development

You can go through the following main benefits you get by doing agile development:-

#1. The customer is highly engaged in the process

The client is always participating in the project and can witness the advancements in development. Getting a close look at how things evolve enables him to get a better idea of what are the needs while the developers get a deeper understanding of the client’s requirements.

#2. Easily adapt to changes

In all projects we might face some sorts of changes and the fact that Agile development is an iterative & incremental process, makes it much easier to adapt to changes. For a team continuous adapting the product to the business needs & changes in requirements is the key to success.

#3. Discover issues early in the process

The priority is to produce an actual working software that the customer can evaluate. Regularly, there are some sorts of checkups to verify that all is working as it should be during the development. The team is always aware of issues and ready to fix them by incorporating continuous integration and daily testing, The sooner the better!

#4. Get a high software quality

Using practices like pair programming to be sure that the code is technically solid is a normal practice of good Agile team. Also it’s important to mention that the focus is on testing, refactoring, reliability & maintainability.

#5. Transparency is key

You have high transparency & visibility in Agile development. The project and functionalities are regularly demonstrated as the customers are involved throughout in the process. By using tools like Jira, both parties are able to see how the project is advancing. The communication is always at its best as there are regular sprint meetings.

#6. Lower risks of failure

As mentioned, the idea to have a working product at the end of each sprint, this means that every few weeks, you already have a working software. It’s all about iterations & adapting to the “real” user’s needs. Having a working software that is tested on clients and by getting a regular valuable feedback during the whole project, enables you to make changes to better suit their needs.

#7. Think about cost efficiency

The client pays once that the sprint is done and is mainly based on the work delivered. As full transparency is very important, the clients are able to know the costs of each functionality and can therefore judge if it’s necessary or not and decide if they want it or not.

Agile development provides great benefits not only to the development team, but also to the client, prioritizing the business needs because it is a tool that is more and more used in software development.

Closing up:

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