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7 Reasons Why Google Suspends Your Local Listings

written by Admin | Feb 21, 2017
7 Reasons Why Google Suspends Your Local Listings

You might have seen that there are various threads at the Google My Business by various business owners and you might have also seen the “suspended” banner which appears right at the top of page. You must at first know about facts related to suspension of your business.

Google will not tell you about why your business got suspended:

Any Google employee will not tell you about your business related to suspension. Many business owners desire the Google to tell about their business suspension reason. But Google will not be able to tell you about the same anytime.

  • There are 2 types of suspension:

#1 Soft Suspension:

The Soft suspension happens when you will be logging to your Google My Business and get the “suspended” label and will not be having the ability to control your listing. Nevertheless, your listing will still appear on Google and also on the Google Maps/Map maker. For this particular type of suspension, you will have to create a new Google account and then in next process you have to re-verify the listing and don’t break the rules too.

#2 Hard Suspension:

This is much serious than the sot suspension as such and it implies that your complete listing is eliminated from Google which also includes your photos and reviews. In this kind of suspension, Google will have to reinstate it.

Top 7 reasons why suspend Google my local business listings:

#1 When your website field includes any kind of URL:

If SEO is concerned then the advertising and self-promotion are the best things. In Google My Business, vanity url listing which leads the users to domain not listed will be leading towards the soft suspension. You must not list the phone numbers and the URLs which will be redirecting users to landing pages.

#2 When the spam filters have impact on the industry:

Well, you might be following all the rules but then it happens that you face the unwanted suspension. Many times it is the type of industry which matters. When this particular case happens then you must take the case for Google My Business Forums and in this way the top contributor will be able to address the problem.

#3 When your business is running at the building which you don’t own:

Say for instance, when you teach the guitar lessons at the music shop of your friend then also you do not have any right to list that kind of address on a local listing as such. Though that is your kind of technical place of business (which is the only place where you just teach guitar lessons weekly) and this particular location is something not owned by you and the place where you don’t have any authority to represent. The app store optimization company will be able to optimize your business app so that you generate higher revenues.

#4 When your online business does not include any kinds of physical location:

If SEO is concerned, then everybody wants to get some kind of local 3-pack and through the Google Maps. Unluckily for the business which are just strictly the online ones and this is not just possible at all. If you desire to create a local page, the businesses are required to have a kind of physical address where the customers will get to interact with your business only. When you try for skipping this rule then it will enhance the local ranking for your business and will get you to the square one.

#5 When your business is the sensitive one:

Though it is not at all common but the business operations will be considered quite sensitive and then also ineligible for the Google Plus or also the Google Maps. For instance, the firearms, tobacco, alcohol stores might be coming in this category because these are the age restrictive. Google Plus will not allow these business types and can leave your business listing unverified.

#6 When one business have more listings:

Every location must have at least one listing but if you have just the multiple listings only for one business, the real will be able to receive the soft suspension as such and then the duplicate gets removed completely (the hard suspension). Every kind of location will be getting not more than the one listing.

#7 When keywords are not essential in business name field:

When you are running any kind of business then you must include just the relevant and essential keywords only. Any kind of unnecessary keywords are just not allowed to be included. This is also on of the reason why Google will just suspend the local listings. So you must add just the relevant and necessary keywords only.

  • Solution:

How to recover your suspended local listing account ?

So, when your local listing gets suspended by Google, then you will have to take the next process. All you need to do is to contact us for knowing the procedure to be followed that will again recover your suspended local listing account. You will be able to recover faster regarding your local listing as such and your account will be listed again on the giant Google.

The Final Word:

In a nutshell, these will just be few reasons why your local listing might get suspended as such. These are the most common ones to be considered to the core regarding your business listing. We develop similar apps like google ads which helps you to make money online through different ways and this helps you to earn some extra money instantly by sitting anywhere.


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