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A Comprehensive Guide For Virtual Event Platform Development in 2021

written by Admin | Jun 25, 2021

In the past few months, you might have heard the term “virtual event platform”. Whether you are a business person or an employee, it is no surprise that you have used any kind of virtual event platform during this time of social distance. 

With the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, people are forced to stay at home, which led many organizations to adopt the concept of work from home. Thus, to establish effective communication between the employees and business owners, virtual event platforms come in aid. 

If you are wondering how virtual event platform development can be done for you, then this blog is aimed to serve you best. Here in this blog post, we will talk about what a virtual event platform exactly is, what are the benefits of a virtual event platform, and how to develop a virtual event platform. 

What is a Virtual Event Platform?

A virtual event platform is a software that allows businesses to host or create virtual events. With the aid of this software, you can create a variety of virtual events like a job fair, business meeting, conference call with the clients, trade shows and many other events to name. 

Virtual event platforms are also termed as software that enables individuals to recreate the vibe of old days face-to-face conversations over the internet. This platform works as a digital venue for the organizations where they can host their virtual events. This software application will also let the businesses record the live sessions. 

How Does Virtual Event Platform Work?

With the help of a virtual event platform, organizations can hold a variety of events, i.e. podcasts, interviews, webinars and so on. The following are some of the most prominent events that can be held using the virtual event platform


A reliable virtual event hosting service provider can build webinar tools that can organize a webinar ranging between 45 to 50 minutes. You can label the webinars as free or charged. Also, you can set the nature of webinars like how much attendance is required. Virtual event platform developers take benefit of the video editing tools to present live recording or playing pre-recording videos. 

Virtual Conferences

A virtual hosting platform is designed in such a way that it can handle virtual conferences with no hassle. During these virtual conferences, people can make notes, session breakouts and so on. 

Internal Hybrid Events

Many organizations seem interested in developing a virtual event platform as it is quite a feasible option. It allows the organization to connect with their employees and allows you to connect with multiple employees at the same time.

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External Hybrid Events

All the events that happened outside the organizations are labelled as external hybrid events. The cost to develop such an application can be higher as it requires a high level of video capturing tools. A virtual event host service provider can also provide you with a digital venue to connect with your clients located across the globe. 

Essential Features to Consider While Developing Virtual Event Platform

 Virtual event platforms make it easy for organizations to hold business meetings not only during the Covid-19 outbreak. It can also be used even in ordinary situations, where an individual can’t accommodate a face-to-face meeting. To accomplish these things, you need to implement the following features into your virtual platform application. 

Personalized Options

A virtual event platform should be free of all distractions to enhance the user experience. A personalized virtual event platform allows you to create a virtual meeting experience that allows you to tailor with your audience.

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Digital Product/Services Showcase

Digital product showcase has taken the online conference meeting to another level, all thanks to emerging technologies like AR/VR. Now you can showcase your digital products or services during the online conference to let your clients know how proficient you are offering these services. 

Q & A Sessions and Live Chats

Modern days, virtual event platforms are not limited to one-way communication, they even allow the attendee to raise questions. Attendees can join q & a session or live chat sessions to build better user engagement with the event organizer. 

Integrating Event Management Software

Integrating event management software with a virtual event platform can be proven as an effective way to save a lot of time and money. This combination makes it easy for your team to schedule meetings. All your data will be stored in a single place, so you can easily access all this data with a single click. 

Live Broadcast

Virtual event platform developers can develop software, that along with the online conference can allow you to do live broadcasts too. This feature will come in handy when the online conference is happening between two people but needs to be viewed by the greater size of the audience. 

Pre Recorded Sessions 

With the help of virtual event software, you can also telecast the pre-recorded sessions. Therefore, you need not do an online event whenever you want to schedule a virtual event. 

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Social Media Integration

This is another outstanding feature, which makes it easy for the event organizer to share the event details with the participants along with the event joining link. Social media integration will let you extend your reach to a wider audience. 

Event Ticketing

The event ticketing system comes into action when you have to allow a limited person to attend the conference meeting. A well-built virtual event managing platform will take care of a lot of things including ticket creation, advertisements, and distributing the ticket among the selected participants. 

Session Registration

The next feature you need to consider while developing an online event hosting software is session registration. This feature allows the attendances to register themselves before the event takes place. This will avoid any misconception, and the event organizer will know in advance who is going to join the event, so the organizer can make arrangements accordingly. 


Feedback plays a vital role in improving the virtual event software. Therefore, you need to allow your attendees to share their feedback at the end of the online conference. You can read their reviews to work on your pitfalls. 

How to Develop a Virtual Event Platform?

The following are the steps involved in developing a virtual event platform.

UI/UX Design: The overall design of your software is the first thing your attendees will notice, thus you need to create a virtual event software with an attractive UI/UX design.

Backend Development: Backend development defines how the application will work and what features it will offer to the users.

Android and iOS Compatibility: To hit a wider audience, we would recommend you launch your application for both Android and iOS devices. 

Strong Cloud Network: To bring a seamless connectivity experience to all your users, you need to develop your software on a strong cloud network. 

To Sum Up

As we are seeing that all businesses are struggling to connect with their customers or employees in person, virtual event platforms like Zoom can be a meaningful solution for them. As mentioned above, this software has the potential to bring people from all corners of the world together.

Now you know what a virtual event platform is, and how a virtual event platform development can be done, I think you are ready to launch your own virtual event software. If yes then you should connect with our highly advanced developers to get online event management software developed with remarkable features.

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