Android new version compared with ios new version

Android new version compared with ios new version

The moment when the Apple launches the advanced feature with its product launch, just within few days Google also introduces the advanced wonderful feature in their adorable OS, Android too. The huge fan following of both Apple and Android have observed some enthralling, bold and marvelous changes to their favored platforms over the 2014-2016 time span.There have been a considerable makeover of both ios and Android software platforms over the past few years.

Both the giants, ios and Android have build a powerful existence in the market by their most auspicious and highly inventive operating systems, it is very difficult to determine which is pre-eminent, from the 2 operating systems, Google’s Android M and ios 9. The Google Android have extracted some beguiling elements from its opponent ios. And on the other side, Apple’s brand new feature takes the excellent attributes out of Android.

Android obtained from ios-Pay with the the ability of just finger touch ios acquired from Android- Energy saver mode, so that phone does not eat more battery.

For reaching at the vertex in the market, there is a tough competition between Google’s Android and Apple’s ios.

After the introduction of the most recent upgraded version of Android 6.0, Marshmallow, it has made the customers and market to contemplate very thoughtfully.

Ios vs Android, which is better? Opting for the most Promising OS:

The huge competition in the mobile world have occurred with the release of the new attributes of the 2 big Operating systems, ios 9 along with the Android 6.0. If the past few years are to be considered, then it has been action-packed, with the launch of any new smart phone, upgrades, apps and much more.

Here is the list which shows howAndroid M  and ios 9 are compared:

Both the operating systems, Google’s Android and Apple’s ios are in the market right from 2007/8. They made us ponder about the alterations being made in the world of handsets.

So, if you possess either of these OS smartphone, or you are unable to opt for the best, then this enthralling linst will help you decide the most promising one:

Android Marshmallow vs ios 9: Interface:

Android M and ios 9 is almost alike. Both the OS have similar home screens which provides colossal app icons and they also support awesome widgets in their own contrasting ways. While having a glimpse at both the magnificient operating systems, they appear to be more or less similar. The difference can be seen in brand new font style in case of ios 9. The Android M in looks and in experience is much like that of Android L, whereas ios 9 in operating is quite similar to that of io 8 or ios 7.

Android Marshmallow vs ios 9: Battery Backup (Life of battery):

The popularity of any smartphone is reduced to a lot of extent, if it does not have the good battery backup, irrespective of the model of the smartphone. Before selecting the best mobile brand, the customers always consider to settle on the model which offers competent battery life, isn’t it ?
There are immense varietins of smartphones available in the market today, people find it much difficult to choose the best, considering the brand, hardware elements and the primary one is Battery life.
A new deep sleep mode, doze will be a plus point in Android Marshmallow. On the other hand, Apple provides a Low Power Mode with the upgraded version ios 9, so that your phone does not drink more battery.

Which one will you plump for? Doze or Low Power Mode!

The marvellous feature in upgraded version of Android M is Doze, which will sense motion in the phone, and it will put the power down, when not in use.

Low Power Mode, on the other hand, does not have the awesome quality. It comes up with a tab that makes the best use of settings of your phone for a wonderful battery back up, the moment you are running short of it.

Again, the Android OS smartphones in the market are in good varieties when compared to Apple iPhone. Buyesrs have a huge range of choice to be made in Android phones range while iPhone remains all the same.
While selecting Android OS smartphones, buyers can select from the top handsets which are performing well in matter of battery life.

Android Marshmallow vs ios 9: Payments through mobile phone

Google wallet has been given a new name Android Pay, in Android M. Whereas the Apple is also giving its system, a major reshuffle. Android Pay is quite identical to the Apple Pay. Android M is the cynosure of all eyes here, by providing inventive fingerprint scanner on all Android handsets, which makes the Android Pay the best choice to use in most of the handsets. If ios 9 is to be gazed at, it provides highly advanced feature that allows Touch ID, which will examine and follow your fingerprints more swiftly than ever before!

Android Marshmallow vs ios 9: Compatibility

It is the compatibility factor where Apple beats the Android OS, no matter it is the latest model or oldest model of iphone. Ios 9 supports even 8 different models, right from iPhone 4s, which is now a 5 year old phone. You can surely presume that Android M will not work on any of the oldest Android handsets, no matter if it is just few years older. Many Android users will not be included because Google partners are not completed to issue the upgradation to its users. If you own the best in class phone from the good mobile brands (like HTC, Samsung, LG) then you can anticipate Android M on your beautiful smartphone within no time.

If Android OS is considered, you are not assured of any kind of update, even in the current, high-end hardware.


People say that both these amazing Operating Systems are like apples and oranges. But you can use both of them, without much ado. These 2 are the world’s astonishing OS platforms. Again, it is easy to switch from Android to ios but not vice versa. Apple’s most enticing options are not available on any other devices. Android’s wings are spread amongst millions of products, thus very easy to access and use.

Apple is packed with limitations regarding its usage of software, games, paid apps and much more. On the other hand, Android provides you the power to choose from everything under the sun.

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