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Top 5 AngularJS Web Alternatives: Modern Lightweight Web Frameworks

written by Harshita Khangarot | Nov 10, 2020
Modern Lightweight Web Frameworks

Web development trends are changing at a fast pace to enable industries to grow their customers quickly through the online store. JavaScript frameworks are the developers’ favourite tool for creating mesmerizing web apps for different clients. AngularJS web development services are highly preferred because it offers numerous features to programmers for adding uniqueness in a website. JavaScript makes it simple to create software for eCommerce, food delivery business, online grocery store, etc. to name a few. Developers find it easier to make the frontend and the backend parts of a web app effortlessly.  

What is AngularJS framework?  

Angularjs is one of the leading open-source platforms founded by the giant Google to help the programmers in designing powerful software in very less time. The platform functions smoothly with the help of MVC (Model View Controller) tool. The JS language allows ease of testing the written code by developers so that clients get the project soon. Since the launch of Angular 2, coders have the advanced functionalities that give rise in usage of this language for developing web apps.  

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The web development language makes use of single-page HTML for developing websites of large scale as well as small scale companies. HTML integration helps to display your applications’ elements easily to the customers and users. It has a wide community of skilled developers so that the newbie engineers can solve their queries by contacting the experienced programmer whenever any difficulty arises in the development process. Well, it is important to hire AngularJS 2 developer after researching their past works and reviews regarding their app designing skills. In this way, you will get the best services regarding your web app. The platform is fully open source so that the engineers can reuse the code.  

AngularJS tool is designed to move all the content right from the server to the main browser without any hassle. When the complete content is moved to the browser, then the web page parts are updated. The programmers can effortlessly include all the variables that involve tracking and displaying all the necessary changes, and this is easily done by data-bind functionality. Initially, AngularJS was integrated with TypeScript technique, and it is a thrilling open-source platform for the engineers and coders. App users can easily go to different pages in the software, which is made using AngularJS.  

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JavaScript frameworks are known for designing the best frontend part of a web app for different sector clients. It implies that the user interface designed using Angular attracts the customers in the blink of an eye. It makes use of CSS for easy functioning of the software. Well, some AngularJS platforms are not easily compatible with certain tools. Therefore, the programmers are looking for other alternatives of AngularJS to design wonderful and impressive websites for different sector clients. Here in this post, we will walk you through some function-rich lightweight frameworks for AngularJS options. Scroll down to know about such technologies that will help your developers to carry out web app tasks more efficiently.  

5 Best AngularJS web Alternatives: 

AngularJS web Alternatives

 1. Vue.js framework: 

It is one of the best JS frameworks designed by Evan You. The lightweight framework is an open-source platform which enables ease of creating impressive single page web-based software without any hassle. Vue.js includes the features which are a mix of React Native as well as Angular technology. It also has a classy template that allows making the apps in very less time. It helps to generate smashing user interfaces for every web page, which eventually increases the revenues and sales of the business.

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The view layer is one of the best in the class tool of Vue.js to help programmers create websites with wonderful functions. Libraries integrated into the tool is also effective for running the website for customers. It also includes mesmerizing animation, filters, etc. so that the websites look more beautiful for and visitors love to navigate the entire interface to check about a company quickly. It is also effortless to learn the language for programmers so that they can begin web development quickly. It efficiently supports the HTML function to create elements in a single website page. The technique also involves transition features if a particular part is added and upgraded on the web app. The moment when JS elements are altered, then the overall web page is changed in a matter of minutes.  

2. Meteor.js:  

Another alternative which is highly admired by the Angularjs development company India is a meteor. It effectively functions smoothly on server-side as well as client-side apps. Integrated with MongoDB technology it helps to alter data while creating websites. When it comes to adding thrilling designs, it offers a remarkable template for programmers. The best part is that this JS platform can be used with Vue and React too. It is one of the highly preferred Angularjs alternatives available for developers who are into generating full-stack websites on various devices. The tool also enables ease of reactive software on Node.js base.  

Meteor is designed in such a way that it integrates Cordova technology so that hybrid apps can operate on different servers. WebView is one of the best platforms to run websites designed using Meteor. This technology involves effortless coding so that clients do not need to wait for a long time to get the project completed. It makes use of C language for coders to make web pages for clients of different industries. Isomorphic JS code integration helps the designers to use one code for many times, so that configuration with libraries is also possible. Installation of the tool is like a piece of cake for programmers 

3. Backbone.js:  

Yet another lightweight framework which is highly preferred by developers in place of Angular is the Backbone.js. Operating on the MVP platform, it supports the DOM (Document Object Model) for creating classy websites that work seamlessly on different platforms. Events play an important role in BackboneJS to bind numerous types of components during web designing. BackboneJS offers the incredible platform for engineers to single out the efficient tool for that streamlines with the particular web app project.  

Top giants that make use of BackboneJS for their business include Airbnb, Sony, to name a few. The platform can efficiently make the usage of the right coding when the controller is not required in the process. One of the important parts of this top programming language is that developers need to add binding code. Eventually, the web page created by Backbone performs in a plain sailing manner for the visitors and customers. This, in turn, can sometimes cause programmers to write more codes for a webpage. After the completion of the web project, there are a lot of advantages a business owner can provide to their customers. It would not be wrong to say that it is quite better than AngularJS.  

BackboneJS involves the RESTful JSON interface that operates on the base of MVP (Model view presenter). It is the modern lightweight language which, when integrated into the web project, involves the REST tool for seamless functioning of websites for end users. As the name says, Backbone makes it easier for programmers to work on the backend part of a webpage. Thanks to the integration of RESTful API included in this language. The language also connects the models and views, which in turn makes the code reading like a cakewalk for engineers. It also includes the dependency feature that runs through the jQuery. This language also provides myriad extensions for programmers which allow effortless code generation. You must hire AngularJS 2 developer having wide experience in creating marvellous software.  

4. AureliaJS:  

It is also an excellent gen-next language that is put to use for developing attractive web projects for the digital platform. It helps to create a classy user interface for websites in no time. It is the best language for making complicated web apps without any hassle. It makes use of the recent technology trends in JS framework. It has the attractive API that eventually allows entrepreneurs to integrate different functionalities in a business website which eventually grabs the eyeballs of visitors and customers. It is a modular framework that supports the libraries for helping the developers in writing codes for web apps. This language also involves reactive methods for effective data binding.

Furthermore, HTML functionalities make it a favourite JS framework for programmers. The entrepreneurs can personalize the web or mobile page in simple steps according to their business requirement. Numerous big industries utilize the potential of AureliaJS for their web projects, for instance, Ordami, Freska, to name a few.  

Aurelia is the best in the class framework, which enables the programmers to make amazing parts of a web page by integrating Vanilla TypeScript, etc. When it comes to the modular part of a web project, Aurelia happens to be the best for coders. It is an action-packed language which makes it tough for eliminating or altering various parts of the architecture. This language also makes use of libraries, and this is the reason why it is the best modular framework for engineers and programmers. Websites designed with Aurelia look very elegant for the customers. The language makes use of ECMA script for making the coding process efficient and faster. There is no requirement of other dependencies because it has numerous web elements. Data binding functionality in this alternative AngularJS web development platform allows ease of watching every property to know the functioning, and this allows effective syncing with the user interface.  

5. SvelteJS:  

This is yet another incredible platform which is the best option to use by Top AngularJS Development Companies in India. It is also a traditional platform which requires less time to set up by the programmers, and this, in turn, helps save the time of developers for creating web pages effectively. Similar to AngularJS, it is the best source for creating the frontend part of a website with ease. Launched just three years ago, it is a new platform but offers wide-ranging features to developers and programmers around the globe. The newbie engineer desires to try hands on the easiest language, and this is one such amazing tool to begin the career. It helps them to learn coding without any difficulty. It makes use of numerous components just like React and VueJS frameworks. The best part is that it has the integration of DOM, and that’s why build time involved to make a website is a lot faster than other alternatives.  

Operating on the JavaScript form, it helps to include amazing functionalities in an application for the entrepreneurs. Svelte is also referred to as the Disappearing Framework because it does not require the use of the framework for developers in generating various websites. The engineers get the best in class .svelte extension for making beautiful websites as per the requirement of business owners. It offers the best option to write the codes by using CSS and including the style tags option. Rollup bundler included in the SvelteJS framework makes it simple for programmers to make creative websites efficiently. All the codes written by programmers are operated in the browser itself seamlessly.  

Closing Thoughts:  

Here in this post, we have mentioned about the awe-inspiring AngularJS alternatives that a developer can select as per their convenience and list of features. When it comes to any new programmers, it is tough to decide on the right platform to begin the web and mobile app development. The technologies listed above include numerous features to attract the engineers at the speed of light due to wide-ranging functionalities offered by the languages. The programmers can choose according to their need and requirement for creating web apps faster and efficiently for the clients. 

Ever since numerous IT sector companies prefer the emerging tech sector, AngularJS web development services because it helps the engineers to include attractive features in a website in very simple steps. If you are a business owner and looking forward to taking your business on the online channel, then feel free to contact BR Softech Pvt Ltd. We have a team of laudable developers and programmers having rich experience in creating thrilling websites by using the right AngularJS alternative that eventually lets you take your business to the next level. All you need to do is contact us, and our commendable team will assist you further.

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