In today’s date, it is not possible to stand in long queues for purchasing grocery items. There is a technological advancement in this sector, because various grocery shopping apps are available for the customers. In current scenario, there is an upward trend in grocery shopping app development. The reason behind developing awesome grocery shopping apps is that, it helps the customers in providing best shopping experience.


Personalized Grocery apps meant for the shoppers:

The kind of best in class grocery apps are developed especially for the shoppers for organizing their grocery shopping efficiently. These apps are backed with various features, which helps the shoppers in creating their grocery list, setting reminders for buying the items, sharing their grocery related information to various contacts, and more such features.

E-commerce grocery shopping apps:

Ecommerce grocery apps helps the shoppers to buy grocery items from any place. These apps are being taken into action by the brick & mortar retailers, online retailers who provide delivery services.

Function-rich grocery shopping apps:

Grocery shopping apps are the most researched by various customers and the retailers as they are in great demand these days.

Features of the Grocery apps:

While developing feature-rich grocery apps, developers must keep in mind that the shoppers get amazing shopping experience as the grocery apps will have numerous listing of different kinds of products.

Here are the stunning features of the grocery apps:

Coupons is the best method:

When your customer is downloading the shopping app, you must offer some coupons with the app, which the customers will make use of while shopping. So, if you desire to enhance customer loyalty, providing coupons through the apps is the best feature.

Store locating feature:

Utilizing location based services which will give notifications on the smart-phone of the customers, whenever they are close to any store enhances the convenience from the shoppers point of view. If you desire your grocery app to be a success, then it must not be other similar grocery apps available.

Feature of push notifications:

Grocery shopping apps must have this amazing feature of notifying the customers about any kind of grocery item, details of discount about that particular product, etc must be shown as push notifications on the grocery app of the shopper.

Payment gateway:

The grocery mobile app which you develop must be backed with feature for supporting top payment gateway methods. The store must also support multiple currencies.

Delivery of products on time:

The grocery app must have the feature for the customers to choose the delivery time and location as per their convenience and the products will be delivered to the shoppers accordingly.

Advanced searchig methods:

The grocery app must have amazing feature available to the customers of searching the desired grocery products at a rapid pace by using the app.

Multi-lingual feature in the app:

The grocery app which you develop, must support multi-language feature, if you wish your designed app to be appreciated globally. If your app have this feature, the app will be downloaded by more and more users.

Grocery App working process:

Multi vendor:

In this kind of grocery app, there are various vendors. At first, user will login/signup and search different kinds of products and then create the bill. For making payment of the bill, user can choose either COD option or make payment online. In this, vendor logins to the admin, then the admin panel will approve the request and later on admin panel will update the inventory to the vendor. The other vendor will receive the order and then the delivery boy is sent for packing and paying for the products, and later final delivery is made to the user. User can make payment on delivery or earlier as making payment online.

Single vendor:

In this app working, there is only 1 vendor. In this, user at first will signup/login and search from various grocery products available and places the order for the desired grocery products, later on proceeds for getting the bill made. The admin panel will login and then update the inventory. When inventory is being updated, other admin panel will receive the order and paying and packing of good is completed. At the final stage, the grocery products are delivered to the user, and the user can opt for either of the 2 payment methods, cash on delivery of the products, or make the payment online.

Multi store:

In this kind, there are various stores. In this, user at first signup/login and searches the different grocery products and makes the payment for the products selected to purchase, and the order gets placed.

On the other side the store will login plus admin will also login, the admin will manage the products and the inventory and sends to the store. The store receives the inventory. The other admin will receive the order and send notification about it to the store. Later on, the packing and paying is being done and the products are delivered to the user. The user then makes the payment, either online or cash on delivery of the products.


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