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Augmented Reality: Trends, Frameworks, and Tools To Start AR App Development

Sep 24, 2020
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Augmented Reality

Also known as AR in short, Augmented Reality is cutting-edge technology in the world of the development field. It is now implemented in sectors such as education, healthcare, automobile, travel, retail, etc. Irrespective of the start-up or top-notch MNC industries augmented reality app development is the driving force for different businesses around the globe.  

Industries worldwide make use of AR platforms to develop easy to use a demonstration of the services or product they sell. This, in turn, allows customers to get an insight into the business products to understand the functionality with ease. The technique is also taking the digital segment by storm in various ways. With the release of the thrilling game Pokemon Go, the tech sector came to know about the competency of the AR technology trend. In no time, the tool has spread its wings to various other sectors.  

Top-notch corporate sectors are also making optimum use of this amazing technology for providing a wonderful customer experience. AR technique allows business managers to create promotional themes that grab the eyeballs of customers. Augmented reality enables the programmers to add impressive graphics that eventually thrills people to bits.  

Trends to watch in AR app development: 

The top-notch technology is used for designing numerous products for customers to make their lives easier. Let’s check the new trends in this AR segment.  

1. AR is used in creating software for mobile handsets:  

The technique allows mobile application coders to integrate amazing functionalities that help people to perform numerous functions. It is very simple to trace different vehicles with ease during travel or another journey. The mobile-based software also carries out complicated tasks such as computations, finding 3D objects, etc. in a company, etc. As a leading augmented reality app development company, we have skilled developers to provide software creation services for different clients. 

2. AR also helps in offering natural experience in different ways:  

Augmented reality technology allows ease of performing gesture recognizing functionality. In the past, it was difficult for other techniques to carry out this work. But, AR has become the advanced tool to carry out gaze recognizing by using the software. This technique is easily integrated with real-life objects or other tools. Many industries are utilizing the advantages of this technology to a lot of extents. AR developers also keep researching different methods to reduce problems associated with AR gadgets.  

3. AR tools will be integrated with AI technology:  

Another reason why entrepreneurs are choosing the augmented reality app development services is to utilize the benefits of AI technique. Merging the AI and AR tools gives rise to simplicity in people-machine functions. It eventually helps to manage various issues in the healthcare sector, such as finding the right disease of a patient, etc. Even the top giant, Amazon, makes use of data science features to help customers in finding the right goods without any hassle. Business owners can get the complete data which enables them to know about the preferences of customers and accordingly make necessary changes in the business. 

4. AR has become the best gateway for enhancing shopping experience of people:  

Augmented reality is one of the best tech trends for shopaholics worldwide. The rise in smartphone gadgets also leads to integrating AR tools for customers of the retail sector and other business. People prefer shopping from the platform that offers smart devices and other AR-based experiences seamlessly. Many retail sector owners are eventually planning to launch the AR integrated application to offer an incredible experience to the customers instantly.  

5. AR will be used for easy navigating by people:  

Augmented reality web app development includes the technique for GPS maps and other navigation alternatives for people who love travelling to a lot of extents. This, in turn, gives awesome travel experience. Now, AR has also moved to the field of indoor based navigating features to help people in finding the right location, for instance, the tool enables travellers to discover their flight details within an airport quickly.  

6. AR has also stepped in the field of enterprise solution trends:  

Augmented reality has given rise to the use of smart glasses for different sector industries around the globe. The best headset powered by AR technology has great battery capacity to help people in increasing the time of their entertainment. The feature-rich tools enable people to get the thrill out of feature-rich devices. The Army segment also finds the technology beneficial for carrying out their operations with ease. AR-based software also streamlines wide-ranging functionalities. 


7. AR is heading its way to making shopping awesome for people:  

According to the research, it is found that different people prefer AR tools for shopping for their favourite products from online channels with ease. With an increase of stunning smartphones, business owners tend to provide thrilling user experience to people using the phones for purchasing different products as per their preference. The entrepreneurs are fixing on the developers from the best-augmented reality app development company to design software which enables the customers to try different products on a virtual platform before final purchasing.  

Best AR frameworks to consider: 

1. Unreal engine platform: 

When it comes to beautiful online games, Unreal engine framework plays an important role in augmented reality app development. The tool integrated with AR software enables smooth and thrilling experience to the players. It allows people to plan for new assets, physical characteristics in the game, etc. It eventually leads to a decrease in asset making as well as the programming. The top-notch technologies to keep in mind in this regard are 3D Max as well as Maya tools. Both the powerful techniques are meant for designing and taking assets to the new location.  

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2. Unity 3D is also the best framework of AR: 

Unity 3D is also a high-functionality game development system used for making industry-specific AR software. This tool includes stunning techniques such as Cinematic VR and Mobile AR appropriately. It is also a type of asset store and includes the platform for different scripts used in app development. It includes a very less code process for the programmers. 

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Important tools to begin AR app development:  

1. ARKit tool:  

One of the best tools which are highly preferred by programmers is ARKit. It is used for finding out the right measurements in the entire area. Here, lighting effects play an important role in adding virtual things in the software for customers and users. Functioning on the Unity framework, the engineers do not need to link any markers for fast procedures in SDK. ARKit is designed for generating massive software for Apple products seamlessly. For instance, designers can make the app for the ios 11 version or further. It allows ease of recognizing the 3D things in the app. The lighting features in the tool make it easy for virtual things to look life-like. It also includes an advanced technique to recognize the facial expressions for ease of using any particular applications. All you need to do is choose the best-augmented reality app development services provider as per your requirement. 

2. MaxST tool is also preferred:  

It is also a useful technique to consider by developers according to their needs. This wonderful tool is gaining fame with each passing day rapidly. It includes some of the high-functionality technique for engineers:  

-Locating a particular image: The developers can effortlessly keep an eye on numerous circuits within an image which are used in software such as games. There are numerous methods of tracing any image which are a standard form of tracking, extended form which helps the users to find virtual things using the camera’s functionality. It also includes tracing multiple products at the same time for the customers. These features work wonders while designing stunning game software for gamers worldwide.  

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-Instant tracking module recognizes a flat part in any application with ease. This tool also utilizes the full potential of the camera’s functionalities so that integrating 3D things is a lot easier.  

-Visual form of tracker makes awe-inspiring 3D maps which are further used according to the games or other software.  

-QR scanning technique also enables the developers to identify numerous barcodes. This functionality is efficient for the retail sector industries to give good shopping experience to the customers visiting physical stores.  

3. Kudan is also reaching new heights in app development:  

One of the top-rated SLAM tools in the area of augmented reality tools, it is very easy to integrate within two top platforms such as ios and Android, etc. SLAM technique enables Kudan tool to locate different photos in the 3D area. This, in turn, helps the programmers to offer easy database formation in the Unity framework. This tool is widely used in integrating an AR-based GPS system which helps travellers to get a wonderful experience in the journey. They can reach their desired location in no time by taking up the easiest route given by AR technique. SLAM tool helps in generating feature-rich maps for the users to find the place with ease. As an augmented reality app development company, we have a skilled team having good experience in designing software integrating Kudan technique that helps travel sector organizations reach new heights.  

4. ARMedia tool:  

This is the fastest growing cross-platform technique which makes use of 3D framework to design software for both the free as well as paid form. The tool is designed to trace all flat images in 3D functionality. Armenia is highly admired by game developers to make feature-rich games for different platforms. This tool manages all the tasks using complicated geometry methods. ARMedia tools are effectively compatible with numerous factors, such as ios, Android, etc. It enables developers to integrate the competency of different markers available for the plugin and Sketchup technique. This tool is also efficient for smart glasses integrated into numerous tools. Moreover, it is used for handling software generated in the cloud platform. The tool also allows ease of data functioning by making use of powerful smart devices such as a magnetometer, etc.

5. Wikitude is also the best tool:  

Released in the year 2008, this tool is the best framework for making a wide range of applications which functions smoothly on various platforms and devices. It is also best for generating personalized software, and therefore all the augmented reality app development services providers use the technique. It is best for making game software as well as other industry-specific applications that eventually enhances profitability faster. Wikitude includes the online platform for different AR things. The programmers need to add any image with ease on the main studio, and then the game developers find it simpler to add main things and include efficient codes which are later moved to the main game project without any hassle.  

Closing Thoughts:  

In this cool post, we have provided the best parts of Augmented reality trends, frameworks and other tools which are used by developers and programmers around the globe. In today’s date, tech sector organizations are increasing at the speed of light. In such a scenario, it is very important to research in finding the right augmented reality app development company for your project. If you are a business owner and still not able to decide the best company, then feel free to contact the developers of BR Softech Pvt Ltd. We have a team of dedicated developers having rich experience in designing a wide range of software and apps for different platforms. You need to contact us, and our developers will assist you throughout the app development process.


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