11 Best Diabetes Apps to Track Blood Sugar, Calculate Food and Write Logbooks

Best Diabetes Apps

The growth rate of the disease Diabetes has raised at a rapid pace. Now having diabetes is not a shocking thing, as now every second person is suffering from it. Diabetic patients have to take more care of their health. It is essential that the percentage of food and sugar should be normal in the body.

Having diabetes doesn’t mean that you stop consuming the sugar as it is essential that your sugar level should be normal and never get low. To track the blood, sugar, and food is mandatory and those days are gone, for which you have to relied on doctors to use the equipment. With the advent of advanced technologies now with your smartphones you yourselves can track the status of the body via On Demand Medicine Delivery App

425 million people suffering from Diabetes

Different Types of Diabetic Apps


Being a diabetic patient needs a lot of care and have to look at different aspects. Diabetic mobile apps are of different types and include various categories such as:

  • Diabetes Logbook App

  • Diet apps

  • Calorie counters

  • Carbohydrate Counting Apps

  • General Diabetes Management Apps

These medical based app helps to manage the diabetes system and monitor the following factors which include:

  • Body Weight

  • Blood Sugar Levels

  • Carbohydrate Intake

Let’s tell you the Best Diabetes Apps of 2019 through which you are enabled to track the sugar and food.

11 Best Diabetes Apps 2019

11 Best Diabetes Apps 2019

1) My Sugr


  • This is recommended as the best Diabetes app.

  • The On-Demand Medicine Delivery App has all the information in the backup system.

  • For glycated hemoglobin measurements, the medical app has HbA1c feature.

  • It previews the overall picture of the blood sugar levels.

  • My Sugr diabetes app also provides feedback and treatment to the patient.

  • Supported Devices – Android and Apple

  • Number of Downloads – 1 Million 

2) GlucOracle

GlucOracle - diabetes tracker app

  • It is launched by Columbia University Medical Center.

  • The GlucOracle app helps to showcase the gluouse level after every meal.

  • It helps the patient to protect themselves from spikes.

  • Gives advice for the food intake and monitors the meals.

  • Supported Devices – Android and Apple

3) Glucose Buddy


  • The glucose buddy helps to keep people close to their health status which includes medication use, A1C, blood pressure, blood glucose, and carbohydrate intake.

  • Via push notification, it alerts users for the blood test.

  • This diabetic app offers health treatment with the calendar.

  • Number of Downloads: 100k+

4) BG Monitor


  • It analyzes the data, which patient provide and makes the treatment process easier and faster.

  • The BG Monitor app the trends of blood and sugar app.

  • This medical app sends a notification to the user if there is any modification or alterations.

  • For an easy understanding, they deliver the results in the graphical form.

  • This health app has the ability to store the data and even patient can store the data on the google Drive and share with the health team.

  • Supported Device: Android

5) BeatO


  • With the help of Beat O mobile app, your can transform your smartphone into glucometer.

  • It helps to manage your diabetes and also offers custom monetization for all sights of diabetes needs.

  • The BeatO offer free diabetes consultations service for the first three month.

  • Supported Device: Android and iPhone.

6) Fooducate


  • This app focuses on nutrition food

  • It advise users to exclude the unhealthy food from your diet chart.

  • By scanning the barcode, this app can tell the nutrition include in this app.

  • Users can also know the food intake and other aspects of the body including sleep, food, and mood.

7) Diabetes Connect


  • This app helps to monitor the aspects such as meals and medications.

  • It manages overall diabetic process which includes meals, injections, medication, sugar meals etc.

  • Supported Device: Android and iphone.

  • Number of Downloads: 100k+

8) Health2Sync


  • It preview overall diabetes management.

  • It manages weight, sugar readings, and other factors which affect diabetes.

  • The health2Sync helps to provide your the treatment according to the current and past trend,

  • On this app, user can even invite their friends and family.

9) Glooko


  • The Glooko app tracks the data and keep the record of the data in history.

  • It is enabled to grab the data from the blood glucose, insulin pumps, and fitness track.

  • Supported Device: Android and iphone

10) Diabetes Tracker :- Best diabetes tracker app

  • This app helps user to control predicates and gestational diabetes, along with diabetes

  • It keeps eye and tracks cholesterol, weight, water intake, HbA1c, and net carbs.

  • The Diabetes Tracker app manages the diabetes system on their fingertips.

  • Number of Downloads: 100k+

11) MyNetDiary Calorie Counter


  • On this app, the food can be enter easily by scanning the barcodes.

  • User has to give the information about the weight goals, meals information, and it helps to maintain a healthy weight.

  • This app is a one stop solution as it keeps your record, guide weight management plan etc.

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