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Top 10 Useful Best Golang Web Framework in 2020

written by Harshita Khangarot | Dec 30, 2019
Golang Web Framework in 2020

Go is a programming language developed by Google. It is a general-purpose language that used for multi-core reality processes that support quick running native code. Go is a statically designed programming language that compiled with C++ language.

Golang is a fast, smooth and more convenient programming language which leads to the best choice for the web development company. Golang is known for its concurrency and scalability that optimize the overall performance much more easier. This language can be used to perform the work prior to their runtime. Golang web framework is easy to handle for startups. No wonder Golang web development is becoming the primary choice of the users since its launch.

It has been one of the top programming languages for web API development. Moreover, 89% of the respondents from 3595 responded that they would prefer Golang than other languages to write APIs. (Source)

Frameworks have become an essential part of web development, as web application requirements are continually increasing, as per the need and the complexity of technology. Here are the best useful Golang web framework 2020 that can help businesses to reach with utmost growth.

Top Google Go Web Framework

Go Web Framework in 2020

1. Revel

Revel is one of the most famous entirely Go web frameworks that provide out of box features. Revel frameworks are specially used for pre-configured and optimum usages. Revel does not bound its user as it does not require any configuration or setup. It also does not need any third party to set up integration plugins as these frameworks are self-sufficient to operate.

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  • It protected customer and business data with the highest level of PCI technology.
  • Revel is specifically designed to ensure the lowest processing costs.
  • It seamlessly integrates POS platform
  • It is a one-stop solution for API development.

2. Martina

Martina is easy to integrate with third-party flexibility. It provides additional library support Martina’s code base more magnify, which makes Martina a lightweight web framework. This framework offers third-party support which means they do a lot of work with minimum usages. Martina is specially developed for writing a modular web application.

  • It deals in routing, dealing with tracking and other tricks to do middleware.
  • There are more than twenty active plugins.
  • Martina is a miniature framework.

3. Web.go

Web.go is a lightweight website. Due to its tree routing scheme, it offers additional functionality over Go. Compared to simple list routing, Web.go is a much more efficient system that enables routing across relationships. Web.go in any significant way, particularly concerning the size or specifications of the underlying codebase.

  • Easiest Golang frameworks
  • Supports tree-routing system
  • It is quite basic and easy to understand.
  • It allows routing via relationships.

4. Gocraft

Golang is quite similar to the Martini API framework. It is strong Go web framework 2020 offers quick and other scalable routing facilities. It can add routing from the standard library that boasts capacity, which results in no one can catch the code. Go craft is also an excellent choice for developers to give the API’s output with highest priority options.

  • Predictable API performance
  • Boasts casting capacities
  • Easy scalability
  • Gocraft adds routing from the standard library.

5. Gorilla

Gorilla is an excellent example of scalability and modularity that represents ease and perfection in a situation. It is a framework that enables new extensions without sacrificing the core elements. Gorilla comes with a variety of features that become a significant reason behind the adoption of a gorilla by both small and large enterprises.
Gorilla runs on native support for WebSockets that are serving additional routing mechanisms for established and new webs.

  • Most extensive and longest-running Golang web frameworks
  • Reused directly with HTTP/Net library
  • Mostly used by English speaking countries.

6. Beego

Beego is close to a comprehensive system that covers a wide range of features common to web apps and divided into eight modules that can either be skipped or used as required. It is an inbuilt method that operates components and other logging systems. It is an in-built cache handler that provides general operations and other HTTP logging systems.

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In its command-line devices, Beego is another way reminiscent of Django. For example, a developer can use bee command from the beginning to create Beego applications or deal with current applications.

  • It is easy to use
  • Intelligent routing monitor
  • Powerful built-in module
  • High Performance

7. Mango

Mango is a system developed by Paul Bellamy. Although there is no active community that releases and maintain regular updates but still running its dream run that makes this framework more popular. It has an extensive library option that is used for web project development. It also enables you to build HTTP functional reusable modules as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also includes a list of mediumwave and apps to keep your code autonomous into one HTTP server object.

  • Modular web-application framework for Go
  • Building reusable modules for HTTP functionality
  • Mango is fairly straightforward

8. Buffalo

Buffalo is simple and easy to use that started quickly and provides easy build options for buffalo. It is a perfect option for those who want to start their project as it covers everything you want to start. It rebuilds and restarts the binary once it runs the command. All the changes go live in front of your eyes. It is a holistic web development that helps you to build your applications.

  • It comes with hot reloading features.
  • It goes live right in front of you
  • It observes your .html and .go to files automatically

9. Goji

Goji is an emerging go language that means that these frameworks are the smallest possible implementation that is lightweight and more efficient in working. Such a lightweight and effective design make lean APIs a good starting point. This socket provides automation that has proven beneficial for small, lightweight frameworks.
Goji is a robust Golang framework that is quite lightweight and efficient. It is best for a low resource available.

  • Abstraction layer – easy and minimal in size
  • It provides out-of-box web socket support
  • Goji incorporates graceful shutdown
  • It served billions of requests to several organizations

10. Net/HTTP

This framework is included in the Go mailing list as a “must-have” application. Developers typically create and run the entire XMPP server with only Net / HTTP. Everybody knows that middleware normally needed for complex web applications.
Everybody recognizes that middleware usually needed for complex web applications. Some attractive projects allow you to mix with the standard Net / HTTP and match middleware. The community is massive, and they are routing for purpose. Top Google Go Web Framework

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In the end

Golang is currently one of the software development industry’s fastest-growing programming languages. It is a lightweight, open-source language appropriate for the architecture of today’s microservices. All the frameworks, as mentioned above, are somewhere best Golang web framework 2020 that are enhancing market growth and business productivity.

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