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Best Live Streaming Video App for Mobile

written by Admin | Jun 03, 2017
Live Streaming Video App

Look around you. Everyone with their heads down with their thumbs tapping away on a small screen.

Mobile phones are literally everywhere. It’s time to take advantage of this phenomenon through live video streaming of your events using your iPhone or Android phone. Sometimes you might see something and think and wish that you yourself could broadcast that live right now but you don’t have your camcorder with you. Well, good thing there’s an app for everything these days.

Mobile phones have become a necessity in today’s society and it’s not surprising to know that smartphone user base in India with Chinese brands dominating the market, crossed 300 million as shipments grew 18 percent annually in 2016 compared to the global smartphone market which grew only three percent, a new report said recently.

You Need a Video Streaming App to Stream a Live Event From Your Smartphone.

By the end of 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users in the world. That means 70% of the entire human population on earth will have the means to be connected to the internet anytime, anywhere.

Smartphones have also become mini-TVs with larger and more high-definition screens. In 2014, 53% of all video was viewed on mobile.

We have come to know through a report that video traffic is planned to grow 55 percent per year until 2020, driven by video streaming services.

People are getting have become habitual to watch content any where, any time and on any device.  Now broadcasters can broadcast video content from wherever they are through their smartphones.

Folks here you go with some of the best live video streaming apps for mobile that will work with your channel.


Are you planning to start an IPTV business? But no idea how to go about it. Then come to us because we have IPTV Live Streaming Video App solution similar to hotstar. You can enjoy live streaming as it is a simple, useful and effective readymade apps solution for iptv or a mobile device. You can use on Android, iphone and Web applications. It advantage is you can watch live everything. Infact live shows with varous features and like and share your views.

2. Broadcast Me
OS: iOS / Android
Price: $0.99 / Free

This is a great app that lets you broadcast live video through your iOS or Android device. It runs through a multimedia server which allows RTMP publishing. Your live stream should be encoded with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. It costs only $0.99 at the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

3. NanoStream
OS: iOS / Android
Price: Free demo available

This Mobile Live Video Encoder is available for devices like for iOS and Android and includes H.264/AAC components as well as the nanocosmos RTMP stack to ensure a stable and professional stream.
It is very easy to setup this app and in turn will allow you to stream from anywhere on your  channels when using an iOS device.

4. BigVEncoder
OS: Android
Price: $9.99

This app is more suitable for Android cameras and microphones as it streams high quality audio and video in real time. It also supports many audio and video formats such as H.264, MP4, AAC and MP3 among others. You can even convert your existing files to other formats. It costs $9.99 at the Google Play Store.

This app does not support secured streaming, as it has no login and password field and due to this reason it can only be used with DaCast’s Legacy Flash option.

5. Broadcaster
OS: Android
Price: free

This free Android-only app is a multi-purpose. It can record your audio and video broadcasts. And also a multi-protocol encoder and broadcaster thus multipurpose. You do not have to manually input them as you can directly load your publisher settings from your channels to this app. This is also only compatible for legacy Flash channels.

6. Wirecast GO
OS: iOS 9.0 or later
Price: free / $5.99 to stream to any RTMP server

The free version of this mobile live streaming production app will let you stream directly to Youtube so you will need to purchase the full version to make it work with DaCast. You can replay highlights of your live broadcast and switch between unlimited shots through paying version.

Please note that if you have a Wirecast account you have the possibility to use Wirecast Cam which is a companion to the live production software (version 6.0.1 and above).

But for it to be compatible with channels, it has to be RTMP-enabled. Please ensure that the live video streaming app supports RTMP streaming. Your video should be encoded with H.264 and AAC for  the best quality streaming.

Wrapping up:

Now you have available with you BR IPTV one of the best live video streaming apps from BR Softech . BR Softech is one of the leading Mobile apps development company. So get set and on the broadcast live from your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. It is one of the biggest trends in the last few years. Explore events from hundreds of thousands of broadcasters around.

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