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Best Team Messenger App For Secured Team Communications

written by Admin | Jun 08, 2017
Team Messenger App

To stay connected with teams, Chat applications are changing the way teams collaborate and communicate with each other with increased mobility.
The need to stay glued to your office desk is no more a necessity. Emails are almost extinct. To stay connected with teams, Chat applications are changing the way teams collaborate and communicate with each other with increased mobility.

From being reserved only for socializing to hosting important team discussions and meetings, Team chat apps are the new collaborative tools that business people thrive on.
Chat apps solutions are seeing technical teams in technology companies, as they have started realizing the benefits of flexible and frictionless communication that these chat solutions power.
Let’s take a look at some of  the advantages that pose Real-time Chat Apps as Convenient Alternatives for Team Communication over Conventional emailing Systems
Ad-hoc Conversations
Chat apps pave way for grouping teams for ad-hoc conversations from bringing employees together where people can discuss over tasks, brainstorm and come up with ideas.
Epicenter of Tasks
Teams, especially those involved in product development, can centralize their accounts on other collaborative platforms like GitHub, Jira into the chat application creating an ecosystem that caters to all collaboration purposes.
Record Keeping and Easy Search
Key developments that happen over a verbal discussion need to be noted. Team collaboration chat apps record every improvement and content that dates back to any time can be fully searched.
Switch Over Devices Based on Convenience
Multi-device compatibility ensures that your employees are connected with teams no matter what devices they are using. If on-the-go connectivity is your preference, get things done on smartphone. If convenience matters the most, switch over to your desktop and continue from where you left.

Access if you are looking for a team messenger app for android.

Multiple Communication Medium
Text messages, voice calls, video calls, VOIP calls, direct messages, group chats extend the modes and medium through which you can get to communicate with your peers, teams and entire organization for that matter.
Adding to these, features like file sharing (multiple file types), video conferencing, opinion generation through polls, task delegation, followups, update, personalized notification settings, reminders, to-do list creation and much more can be done through real-time team chat applications.
However, the limitations of team collaboration chat apps do not end here! With every other team, apart from development teams, like those that operational level, management level, marketing level etc also get to reap the benefits of chat apps.
Why restrict the benefit of real-time instant messaging chat app to only technology teams into development and designing?
Every other team in your office or organization can get a fair share of its advantages.
Here are some of the instances where chat apps can be useful for other teams.
Human Resource team can build employee engagement programs.
HRs can get quick feedback from employees, build a quality relationship with them, conduct opinion poll for decision making. For example, suggestion box in office premises can be replaced by a chat app for a more effective and instant feedback.
Alerts and reminders on chat apps can contribute towards proactive care.
An organization’s system administration team can stay connected with employees on the go and resolve issues on time. Moreover, notifications on breakdowns and other technical issues can help in saving the downtime
Live video calls and voice calls can help build better client relationship
For marketing professionals and sales executives, chat apps on multiple platforms like iOS, Android can reduce series of mail threads into chat logs that are easily search able. and both pre and post sales support can get more lively and personalized with chat apps.
At operational level, chat apps can connect an organization’s representative with many third party vendors to keep up on timely delivery, maintenance, bill payments and more.
Team collaboration apps are the new age communication tools that can contribute for effective communication between employees of an organization in multiple angles
From initiating an idea to getting works done, chat apps have started helping organization at many instances which are tough to handle when done conventionally. If you are an organization but still have not got a chat app on board, it is high time that you build a chat app on iOS and Android.

Summing up:

I am sure you are convinced with the above description. In case of team messenger if you are communicating with a business associate that is at his desk, he would have to stop what he is doing to answer your phone call or email. Instant messaging allows for quick real-time conversations that are not as intrusive as using the phone or email. we have come up with a business solution related to messaging app similar to slack. It is a messaging app for team members. It helps in reducing the long communication channels. Thus, the company works finishes on time. It is a ready made team message app with social media integration. It works on Android, iphone and web applications.  So hire BR Softech for Mobile Apps Development Company.


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