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Complete Overview: Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot Tips

written by Admin | Jun 08, 2021

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has made its own way in the news since 2017. This popularity is attracting more investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, the cryptocurrency market is full of volatility, hence traders need to be at their desks 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is not possible for most traders. This is where the Bitcoin crypto trading bot comes into operation.

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A Crypto trading bot is computer software that constantly analyses the Bitcoin exchange data and then utilizes this information to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the right time to benefit the investors. The bot works on the predefined set of rules to keep an eye on every second changing cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, you can customize the bot as per your preferences to meet your market needs. 

Here in this blog post, we are going to share a few of the Bitcoin crypto trading bot tips recommended by the Bitcoin development company to help beginners to get the most out of their automated cryptocurrency trading software. But before that, why can’t we learn what a crypto trading bot is and how a crypto trading bot works. 

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot is considered an automated software that works on the internet. It monitors the cryptocurrency exchange market more efficiently than a human. 

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As mentioned, the bot works on some predefined rules of set that can be customized further depending on the traders needed. To take the benefit of the crypto trading bot, all you need to do is make an account on the bot and pick the appropriate trading strategy for you. Once you have set up the bot, the software will take care of all your buying and selling off cryptocurrency depending on the parameters you have set. 

How Does Crypto Trading Bot Work?

The majority of the crypto trading bots work on the following key elements.

Market Data Analysis

This module of the bot collects the raw cryptocurrency market data from various sources and then evaluates this data to decide whether it is the right time to sell or buy specific cryptocurrency assets.

Market Risk Prediction

This module of the bot utilizes the collected data to predict the forthcoming market risks. Depending on the market risk, both decide how much to invest or trade in the market to gain more profits with minimal risks. 

Buying/Selling Assets

This is the most important module of the cryptocurrency bot which comes into consideration to buy or sell cryptocurrency assets strategically. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, it changes every second, thus traders need to make immediate decisions to generate profit. The advanced trading algorithms of the bot take care of such aspects.

How to Build a Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot?

You can start using the crypto trading bot in the following two ways. 

1. Use Existing Open Source Crypto Trading Bot

This is one of the most suitable and cost-efficient ways you can choose from any of the existing open-source crypto trading bots available in the market. This requires no technical knowledge and reduces the development cost to a great extent.  

However, if you want to make any customization in the existing trading bot, then you need to take the help of an experienced Bitcoin wallet app development company. The only drawback with the existing bot is that it is hard to implement the additional features.

2. Develop from Scratch

If you prefer to have a customized crypto trading bot, then developing it from scratch would be an ideal option for you. The most important thing you need to ensure is to choose a coin software development company that is filled with the latest technologies and experience. 

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The most basic trading bot can be built within one week or two. While creating the most sophisticated robot might take more time. This more time is needed to create secure and powerful algorithms that can work with no security flow and remain protected from hackers.  

The Best Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot Tips

Now as you have picked your Bitcoin crypto trading bot. You have to make effective strategies to get the most out of the trading bot.

Never give your crypto trading bot withdrawal access: It is not necessary to grant your bot permission to make a withdrawal from your account. The only time when you might need to allow your bot withdrawal permission is by making an arbitrage exchange. 

Put two-factor authorization: Hackers are always in a race to steal your personal information and cryptocurrencies, therefore, to prevent your trading bot from being hacked, you need to implement strong security standards to your bot such as two-factor authorization. 

Take benefit of backtesting and live testing: Backtesting allows your bot to make effective strategies depending on the historical cryptocurrency price data. Live testing enables the bot to implement strategies on the live market to make a profit. However, you need to remember one thing that backtesting works on the historical data, and live testing shows the current market states, not what can happen in the future. So make your strategies accordingly. 

Implement different strategies for different market types: As I have said, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Thus, you need to keep changing your market strategies as the market changes to gain advantages in the long run.

Begin with a small amount: Make sure you feel confident while using the crypt trading bot. For this purpose you need not throw your whole bank balance, it is recommended that you begin by investing small amounts. If you feel satisfied with the outcomes of the bot then you can proceed to invest a huge amount.

Get an understanding of the technical analysis: Every crypto trading bot works on the technical analysis, thus, you need to get a basic understanding of the bot’s technical analysis to get the most out of your trading bot. 

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Sometimes you might need to bet manually: Although, a bitcoin crypto trading bot is backed with a strong algorithm and might close the position depending on the data it closes. However, there are some instances when you see the need to close the position earlier or later the bot program does. So you need to take command from the bot to your hand to close the position at the right time.

Avoid FOMOing buying and panic selling: When your bot and strategies say to sell your cryptocurrency assets, but instead of selling you get FOMO and end up buying cryptocurrencies. You need to avoid doing so, the same concept applies to the selling as well. Don’t take any decisions in a hurdle, always think twice before buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Form strategies for a longer time frame benefits: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and it takes unpredictable turners every second. To gain profit from this volatile market, you need to make strategies for a longer time frame. 

The Bottom Line

I hope the above insights helped you enough to make a good understanding of the Bitcoin crypto trading bot, how to develop a Bitcoin crypto trading bot, and what are the best tips to make the best out of the Bitcoin crypto trading bot. 

Remember the fact that crypto trading is just a piece of code, it can also make the wrong decisions, therefore you need not completely rely on the trading bot, make yourself actively involved in the trading to gain market advantages.

BR Softech is one of the most emerging coin app development company that works with a team of highly experienced developers. Let us know your requirements, so we can assist you to build a highly profitable Bitcoin crypto trading platform. 

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