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How To Build Boat Rental Booking Management Software For Business

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 15, 2021
Boat Rental Booking software

In the boat rental business, managing operations and monitoring the boat fleet is a daunting task. The real problem for the fleet owner starts when someone hires the boat and takes it to another location.

Moreover, looking into the paper records to figure out tracking, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance of the parked boats is a real business pain point for an offline boat rental service owner. 

Nevertheless, every cloud comes with a silver lining, automating your boat fleet through boat rental booking software can save you from a lot of boat rental business hustles.

In this blog, we’ll learn how you can empower fleet management, staff monitoring, customer retention, and other aspects of your yacht rental business through boat rental booking software. 

However, before diving into the Boat Rental Booking Management Software development part, let’s understand the basics like what is a yacht management app, the advantages of boat sharing software, etc.

What is Boat Rental Booking Software?

An online boat rental booking software is an automation software solution that allows boat fleet owners to scale their business operations by inventory management, online payments monitoring, maintenance schedule, booking management, and a lot more in one place.

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Why Does Your Yacht Rental Business Need Boat Rental Management Software?

The tourist industry is booming again with the COVID-19 unlock, people are flocking to different places to seek an escape from the bustling work life. According to recent research, market experts are expecting the boat rental industry to elevate by a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 5% between 2020 to 2025.

Such analytics clearly states that having boat-sharing software can meticulously automate the booking process for your customers. It allows a boat rental business to expand its fleet management, automate the booking process, update booking information, booking rescheduling, online payment gateways, fleet tracking, employee management, invoice management, and much more.

Depending on the functionality, customers can use your boat reservation software to hire a boat, captain, and other services related to your business in advance. There are various boat rental applications that offer other experiences like skiing and fishing with boat sharing services.

What Are The Benefits of Using Boat Rental Booking Software for Your Business?


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Nowadays, numerous boat rental companies are coming forward to build their own boat management app because of the following benefits.

Anytime Booking

Do you know, now your customers don’t need to visit your office to book a boat because a boat rental booking software offers 24/7 booking from anywhere, these apps do not have any working limit like office hours.

The boat sharing apps are showing up as reliable resources to the users that are looking to hire online yachts and boats from the comfort of their homes. These apps are easily usable via smartphones or laptops. Moreover, the payments can be done securely in just a few clicks.

Dynamic Scheduling

A well-versed boat reservation software reduces the workforce because it automates most of the business roles. Your employees can focus more effectively on the other business aspects because they don’t have to check the booking calendars, follow-ups emails, and a lot more.

Automating an offline business can enhance the work performance of employees to a great extent, these software even perform the task that employees can’t do after work hours. 

For example, if a client books your yacht after office hours then the boat rental software will reply to the client with an auto-confirmation mail. In fact, there’s no chance of losing business even during non-office hours.

Booking Management

Booking conflicts are a common issue for boat-sharing service providers that still stick to manual scheduling.  Human errors can happen anywhere, the situation of booking management arises when an agent books two events at the same time.

However, booking management is a left-handed task for boat rental scheduling software. Their booking management process works very effectively, the database management protocol allows them to ensure that there is no clash on any booking date.

Every boat management app comes with a GUI that shows a booking calendar to the user with availability data. If the yacht rental is not available on a certain date then it means that the booking is already picked by some other customer.

Choice of Options

It is not possible to explain all of the travel products to a customer on a single phone call. Nowadays, users prefer to make travel plans based on their preferences. A boat rental management software helps users to select various travel options, types of available boats, additional travel experience, trip date, payment options, and other custom features.

No Middleman

An online boat rental business software offers more user acquisition than a brick mortar boat-sharing service because they come free of cost and only require good internet connectivity to book any boat.  

It eradicates the involvement of middlemen and eliminates various additional costs like booking commission, brokerage, etc. Moreover, there is no need for phone calls to hire a boat for rent. Therefore, it also filters out the long-distance call charges. 

Customer Engagement

A yacht management app with seamless navigation, excellent user interface design, and multiple payment gateways has more chances of converting prospects into customers.  

A rental app with a good UI is capable of addressing the concerns of customers more effectively and encouraging them to use your rental service, again and again, this also results in a higher customer retention rate.

Third-Party Integration

The boat reservation software offers third-party integration to add other third-party applications and software for various purposes. You can integrate a weather forecast tool with your boat sharing app to check how safe it is to go for a sail on a specific route.

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Features of a Boat Rental Booking Software:

A boat rental booking software has two dimensions, an admin panel, and a user panel. This section will educate you about both of them accordingly.

1. Admin Panel

 Whether to call it the owner panel or the admin panel, things remain the same. This dimension allows the boat business owner to check their fleet data, manage bookings, manage employee data, and a lot more. 

Following are the basic features in the admin panel of a boat rental software,

  • Admin login: The admin login works similar to user login in any application. It requires the business owner or admin to login via credentials like username & password, or via an OTP method in which a one-time code is sent to the admin’s mobile or email.
  • Booking management: Depending on the available fleet and type of booking, the admin can either accept, reject or move the booking of a client to another booking slot.
  • Fleet management: A rental company provides various categories of boats on rent such as houseboats, yachts, powerboats, and a lot more.  By logging into the admin panel, an owner can check the number of fleets available for rent on a real-time basis.
  • Employee management: This feature allows the admin to check how many captains are on board and how many of them are on the ground. This also offers data like captain rating, previous experience, etc.
  • Customize rates: The fleet owner can use this feature to update the weekend rates, taxes, service charges, location-wise rates, and a lot more.
  • GPS tracking: This feature allows the business owner to check the real-time location of their boat through a GPS device loaded in it. 
  • Revenue data: Admins can use this feature to the number of successful bookings, they can use it to check weekly, monthly, and daily earnings. This feature also allows the admin to manage payment gateways linked to the app.
  • User management: An admin can check all of the data that a user has stored during the time of registration.

2. User Panel 

The user panel includes all of the features available to a user inside the application. The following features decide the user acquisition rate of a  boat rental booking software:

  • User Login: The first page or the cover of your boat sharing application, this feature allows the user to login via social media credentials or via in-app email.
  • Boat selection: This feature allows the users to begin their trip by selecting the type of boats that they prefer according to the trip purpose like cruise, sailing, fishing, etc.
  • Booking Calendar: Users can use the booking calendar to hire the boat as per their preference. The booking calendar also shows statistics like date-wise availability of the boat, and much more.
  • Booking history & upcoming trips: This feature allows the user to track their previous boat bookings and upcoming trips, all in one place.
  • Booking fare: In this feature, the user needs to select the start location, the destination of the trip, and the number of passengers, on the basis of that, a trip estimate is given to the user.
  • Payment & receipts: Depending on the app, users can select payment gateways like UPI, digital wallet, net banking, debit/credit card, etc.
  • Push notification: This feature uses AI to alert the user of upcoming trips, seasonal offers, booking confirmation, new updates, etc. 
  • GPS tracking: A user can use this feature to share its real-time location with its friends, family, or other contacts.
  • Booking cancellation: Their feature allows users to cancel or postpone a booking due to some uncertain situations.
  • User feedback: This feature is helpful for both users and the business owner. Users can rate and submit reviews for the type of service they’ve received.

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