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Category: Digital Marketing

facebook paper app for iphone & android
Digital Marketing

Paper: Achieve your life faster

Facebook is announcing a new and innovative app called Facebook Paper app. Once you have used it, surely you never want to open the standard Facebook app again. It may not replicate every feature of Facebook’s key app, but it does complete the majority of…

Effective Content Marketing in 2014
Digital Marketing

Effective Content Marketing

SEO is growing. additional, the relevance of high quality and frequent content around market position is critical. News outlets plus CNN, mashable, New York Times and many other outlets create news across several industry topics on a daily basis.

How Google+ impacts SEO
Digital Marketing

How Google+ impacts SEO

The most simple way Google+ impacts search results is with personalization. For example, if someone is following you on Google+, the possibility that they will see your posts in Google’s search results go way up. This is already a very large deal. If you can…