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Category: Startups

Achieving Business Agility

Top 5 Steps to Achieving Business Agility

The business world has grown more dynamic than ever. Change has become the only constant. As new technologies and increased competition make innovation and nimble execution survival necessities, smart businesspeople are creating and implementing plans that make their organizations increasingly agile. Lack of flexibility kills…

5 Benefits of Instagram for Business

Top 5 Benefits of Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing applications. You can see that the photo-sharing platform is growing with rapid speed. Now, almost 90 million users are using photo-sharing applications. Instagram is very important for business point of you. This application also plays very important…

Hire Front-End-Developer India

How to Hire a Best Front-End Developer?

In this post series about Quality assurance on PSD to HTML projects. In this article we will discuss how to hire dedicated front-end developer from the pool of developers. Pick best one from the crowd. What makes a best front-end developer? Is their personal characteristics…

protect your android phone device

10 tips to protect your android device

Android is the most popular and demanding mobile computing platform in India. The reason for its popularity is that it provides vast verity of apps on Google play and most of the vendors provide android devices are available at very cheap prices. Now a day…

How to Back Up Your Smartphone

How to Back Up Data on Your Android Smartphone

In many android smartphone, a number of ways to approach this possibly best task. Android smartphone have some free techniques such as permitting Google to take care of settings backups & using your wireless carrier’s cloud choices. Otherwise just using a device included cable to…