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Celebrate Mask Wali Diwali – Connect the Whole World in a Conspiracy of Love “Virtually”

written by Harshita Khangarot | Nov 13, 2020
Celebrate Mask Wali Diwali

Diwali is here, but unlike every year, it’s not that same as every year as a pandemic is still here, and COVID is showing us lots of unlocking blues. 2020 is definitely coming up with a new template for livelihood and making us believe in life, care, health, and, most importantly, family. 

It is the biggest festival celebrated by all religions throughout the world. The festival inaugurates a time of jollity – a time to indulge with loved ones, dress up in finery, and prepare delicious food for the festival. It is an occasion to behold all the beautiful moments, colourful fireworks that dazzle the night with beautiful hues. 

But the most awaited festival is here, this Diwali let’s not dim the festive spirit and make it Hatke Diwali. We shall continue to celebrate these days with the same spirit by expressing the joy of living, bonding, and marking prosperity with our goddess. The pandemic surely changed the way we socialise and celebrate these occasions, but nothing can take away the sheer joy in preparing all the yummy food with your family,”

There are several ways to create, brighten, and re-innovate up spaces within the home to create new nooks for working, ensure children’s safety, and create a shield against virus and bacteria attacks.

What is the Significance of Diwali?

Significance of Diwali

During these challenging times, let’s be more responsible towards our society; this year will battle with the population and Covid. Let’s follow the new normal, let’s celebrate responsibly, let’s shift to mask wali Diwali.

  • As per Hindu belief, Diwali is considered the most important day to remember our Goddess Laxmi.
  • It holds much significance as this particular day is celebrated in honour of Lord Rama and Goddess Laxmi.
  • Those who worship or honour Goddess can obstruct all the negativity and seek their blessings.
  • By performing donations, charities on this particular day, the individual can eliminate all sorrows and barriers from their life. 
  • It is a day in which we show gratitude to our elders who imbibes knowledge, ethical behaviour.

Government Guidelines ensuring safety of Diwali Celebration

stay to crackers

The festivities have been quieted for the current year in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Standard gatherings with family members and companions for business gifts, meals, blasting crackers, all that which is similar to Diwali celebration and used to occur till a year ago, won’t occur this year. 

Since Coronavirus transmission fear is a long way from being done, all social distancing measures have been set up. A month ago, the government had passed rules for the happy season, asking individuals to follow all COVID-19 rules and avoid crowding. Mela’s and the different activities that will prompt crowding will be kept away from and are carefully restrained in the regulation zones. 

Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID times

Major Precautions to celebrate the festival to avoid COVID 19

avoid COVID 19

This joyous season, don’t simply light up your home. Make it a more beneficial, more joyful house for yourself and your friends and family the entire year! 

Unique Diwali Gifts – Sanitizer, Face Mask, Air Purifier

This festive season is incomplete without exchanging gifts, yet moving out can turn out to be a little unsafe for our loved ones, especially in these corona circumstances. Celebrating safe Diwali is something we must ensure. Let’s make this Diwali Jara Hatke and consider giving the well being of your loved ones. One can give some trending delightful gifts like Face Mask, Sanitizers, Gloves, Dry Fruits, and other immunity rich foods.

State ‘No’ to Sweets and Savories and ‘Yes’ to Immunity Boosters 

This epidemic has shown us the significance of well-being and immunity. Diwali, being the celebration of desserts and savories. At the beginning of the surge, individuals have been following different well-being systems, like passing the sweets and chocolates in the form of love and care. But this Diwali, we must stick to the same tradition in a different way. Let’s send a gift in the form of an immunity booster, dry fruits, and some herbal sweets rather than rich sweets.

Keep up Physical Distance and Bring Virtual Closeness 

Diwali is where individuals meet up, get-together, share, pray, and cheer for the celebration with remarkable fun and enthusiasm. Yet, because of pandemics, keeping up social disconnection with one another is significant. Keep yourself connected with these trending virtual meetings, play games, and make this an ideal experience for all.

Keep House Clean and Surroundings Green 

This Diwali, keep your home clean as well as your environmental factors to shield everybody close by from this destructive infection. To keep your environmental factors clean and green, plant sapling/trees; this will likewise battle air infection, which is dangerous in populated areas. Continually disinfecting the house floor, surfaces, entryways handles, and so forth is likewise important at least twice/threefold every day.  

Appreciation Brings Happiness 

This year has been the time of ‘Appreciation.’ We were/are grateful to God every second. There are plenty of things going on in our emotional state during such emergencies. There have been stresses over the future, as everyone needs to have a common existence post this pandemic, so ask and show appreciation without fail. This Diwali, we should help each other by keeping a positive strength.

Rituals of Diwali Pooja

Rituals of Diwali Pooja

  • A few days before this festival, people must clean, and decorate their houses as well as the workplace. On the festival of Diwali, Hindu people get dressed in lovely clothes and marvellous outfits.
  • The person needs to wake up and take a bath early in the morning and chants hymns and mantras
  • It is believed that on this day elder’s feet should be worshipped and seek their blessings.
  • Devotees believe that by lightning all the diya and lights will ward off the negative energy present in the house and purify the house’s environment before performing the pooja.
  • Participate in family pooja and worship Goddess Lakshmi- the Goddess of fertility and prosperity.
  • Later on, people enjoy the family feast, which includes mithai (sweets), and also exchanges gifts with friends and relatives.

How BR will Celebrate this Corona wali Diwali

happy diwali wishes

  • This time we are going Digital and try our best to make it memorable considering all the social distancing norms.
  • We considered hosting virtual playdates or live streaming movies to give our employees a seamless experience.
  • One way to be together while everyone is at home is by hosting a video conference lunch or happy hour.
  • To keep the spirits high, we planned multiple online games like ludo, Pubg, where employees can participate with one another.
  • Diwali Mela was conducted to appreciate and strengthen the relationship and loyalty between BR Family.
  • The company sent online Cards to their employees for their honest contribution towards the organization.

Wishing You A Very Happy Diwali

Gear up to celebrate this Diwali with BR Softech and enjoy the festive season with great games. The countdown has begun, Diwali is just around the corner. It’s the most significant holiday time to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Keep your festive spirit high and develop the most engaging family games with BR Softech.

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