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Codeigniter vs Laravel: – Choose the Best PHP Framework for Web & Mobile App Development?

written by Admin | Jan 09, 2019

Selecting the Best PHP frameworks for web & mobile app development completely depends on the requirement you are holding. There are various PHP MVC frameworks available. Codeigniter and Laravel appear to be the most famous among all. If you wish to opt for result-oriented web & mobile app development then Codeigniter vs Laravel are the best platforms. Codeigniter and Laravel are the platforms which are known to offer security, flexibility, and extendability.

Software Development Company also focuses on selecting the best platform among CodeIgniter and Larval. Both the platforms provide with hassle-free website and application development. Before we go into the comparison here is a brief introduction of Codeigniter vs Laravel platforms.

Codeigniter: –

Build a dynamic website with an open source PHP framework using Codeigniter. It was initially released in 2006. The key feature of this PHP based framework is speed, Compare to other platforms it’s faster and lighter. Its current stable version is 3.1.9 released in 2018. It’s a certified software licensed under MIT license. It can be modified using HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller)

Some of the Key Features of Codeigniter

  • Model view controller based system

  • Extremely light weighted

  • It provides with full-featured database classes

  • Flexible URI Routing

  • It has queried build database support

  • Provides with form and data validation

  • Search engine Friendly URLs

  • Session Management

  • Large library

Benefits of Using Codeigniter PHP Framework: –

Codeigniter is one of the fast, reliable and lightweight PHP frameworks. It works efficiently due to its dynamic features. It is one of the popular platforms which enables the developer to perform web and application development with ease. It has various features with a valuable set of aspects of writing code from scratch, by using advanced technology you can create advanced applications. It’s compatible with almost all the platforms, operating systems and web servers. CodeIgniter development companies reduce the amount of code and help you concentrate on the project.

Laravel: –

Laravel is a free open source PHP web application framework based on MVC architecture. It was created by the Taylor Otwell and initially released in 2011. Some of the essential features of Laravel are, it’s a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager. Larval development services provide object-relational mapping with advanced PHP implementation. It’s simple and easy to learn. It allows the developers to check application code persistently.

Some of the Key Features of Laravel

  • Provides with inbuilt lightweight templates

  • Provides with Artisan, a built-in tool for command line

  • It has an object-oriented library

  • Follows the MVC pattern

  • Helps to expand the structure of the database

  • It facilitates unit testing

  • Provides with top-notch security

Benefits of using Laravel PHP Framework

Larval is one of the most loved PHP frameworks on Github. It is loved by thousands of developers because of its robust feature. On top of it, it is provided by mail integration service which allows users to send a notification to users. It helps in creating the speedy application which helps in accelerating revenue. With this framework security go hand in hand, this software application takes care of all the errors automatically and increases the user satisfaction. Not just that, it also provides with testing, which is less time to consume and help the developers by providing with automatic testing.

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Codeigniter and Laravel platforms gained immense popularity. To make a sound decision here we have listed some of the major differences between Codeigniter vs Laravel.

  1. Authentication: – Codeigniter doesn’t come up with the inbuilt authentication feature whereas Laravel makes it easier for developers to implement authentication and authorization. Larval provides users with a secure experience through authentication.

  1. Database Module: – Codeigniter works in measured quality highlights. It has an object-oriented database. Codeigniter developers are required to make modules by utilizing modular extensions whereas Laravel works in seclusion highlights. It allows developers to distribute the task into little modules. It works with the relational, object-oriented database module.

  1. Built-in Modules: – Codeigniter allow developers to create modules by using modular extensions while Laravel provides with built-in module features. It allows developers to reuse the built-in modules on other projects enables them to divide a project into small modules.

  1. Support PHP: – PHP is a Hypertext preprocessor server-side language designed for web & mobile app development. Both the platforms Codeigniter & Larval support PHP language. It can also be embedded into HTML. It’s a widely used open source scripting language.

  1. Support of Database: – Codeigniter supports the higher number of bolsters as compare to Laravel. It supports Oracle, IBM DB2, oriented, Microsoft SQL Server and many more databases additionally while both PHP systems bolster a variety of database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Bi, and MongoDB.

  1. Built-in Template Engine:- Codeigniter does not come with a built-in template engine. The Codeigniter developers need to integrate the framework with robust templates while Laravel comes with a simple but robust template engine. Its template engine blade enables PHP programmers to optimize the performance of the website and Mobile App Development.

  1. Routing: Routing options provided by both the platforms work likewise. However, the features provided by Laravel enable the developer to route the request in a more efficient way. It accepts a single URI and closer.

  1. Unit testing: – Codeigniter does not come with any built-in unit testing tool, however, Laravel score over another PHP framework in the category of unit testing. It empowers the developers to check the application code persistently.

  1. Community Support:- Both the platforms Codeigniter vs Laravel are open source PHP structures. They both have large communities online to support. However, developers often find the Laravel community more active as compared to Codeigniter. Developers fine Laravel more supporting as comparables to another platform. It provides with prompt solutions while developing mobile and web application.

There is an additional benefit of using Laravel as compare to Codeigniter. For skilled developers, it’s one of the best platforms with multiple features. Due to its coding pattern, it provides with the more elegant look. Not just that it also supports robust application development.

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