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Taxi App Development Cost & Features [Step-by-Step Guide]

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 21, 2022
Taxi app Development Cost & Features

Taxi aggregator apps like ola and uber have set a new benchmark in the mobility market by introducing seamless and accountable mode of transportation. With people shifting from personally owned transportation to mobility solutions as a service, it has opened new business opportunities for a lot of entrepreneurs and individuals to invest in the mobility market and develop their own taxi aggregator apps. 

Most taxi service businesses are moving from a traditional model to an online model by hiring a taxi app development company. Today, the app store is flooded with a lot of taxi apps, but only a few of them are reaching a ladder of success. Do you know what’s the reason? Innovation is the key! Taxi aggregator apps like Uber and Ola have made their names in the mobility market with an innovative concept, great customer support, stunning graphics, and outstanding features. 

If you own a taxi service business, and are worried about the features and cost of taxi app development, we have got your back!

Why Invest in the Taxi App Development? 

As per the market analysis, ride-hailing and taxi business is the one of most profitable businesses today. With the advent of taxi aggregated apps like Uber, the taxi app demands have become higher than its supply. Let’s look at market statistics of the taxi services market, which will prove that it has a lot of business opportunities for you! 

  • According to the analysis, the market revenue of the ride-hailing segments is expected to reach US$386,274m by the year 2026, increasing at a CAGR of 5.30%.
  • The number of users in the taxi-booking mobile apps market is expected to increase and reach 1,665.3m users by the year 2026. 
  • The user penetration rate of taxi apps in 2020 was 15.4%. 
  • The user penetration rate of taxi apps is 16.8% in 2022, which is expected to reach 18.2% by 2026. 
  • The annual growth of the global taxi or ride-hailing service market is expected to reach  $126,521 million by the year 2025. Source

Benefits of Taxi App Development For Your Business

Higher Visibility 

Taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber have already set the standards in the mobility solution as a service segment. With customers changing behaviours and rising interest in booking cabs online, the taxi app development has gained a lot of significance over the years. With a taxi app development, you get higher visibility as a brand. It helps you connect with your customer in a more seamless and accountable manner. 

Data Storage 

Taxi apps like Uber store their customer data to use in promotional activities like marketing, survey or feedback forms. Earlier it was very difficult for traditional taxi service owners to accumulate their customer data on one platform as it was done manually on paper. However, that’s not the case with taxi app development! With taxi apps, you can store that data to optimise it for sales-related activities, like offers, vouchers, tokens etc. 

Tracking Becomes Easier 

Besides storing customer data, taxi apps can help you monitor important details like time, distance traveled, live location, and the frequency of the taxis, etc. Taxi apps make the whole monitoring process more flawless and accountable by providing taxi service owners, drivers as well as customers with live updates. This further increases the trust among users for the brand. 

Brand value and Recognition 

Taxi apps like uber and ola have made their names in the logistics market because of the innovative USP. You can also make your taxi app stand out from the crowd with great customer support, features and user-friendly interface. This can help you create better user experience, credibility and trust in the market. In turn, increases your brand value and recognition. 

Customer Feedback 

With customer feedback features, you can increase the trust and credibility for your taxi app. 

Brand identity is basically the sum total of customer feedback and reviews. Customers are the king and they can help you improve your services in a much better way. Their feedback holds great importance when it comes to creating a brand image. By creating a taxi app, you can ask your customers to provide valuable feedback regarding your services. 

Features of a Taxi Application 

Passenger Panel Feature 

Passenger Panel Feature Description 
Register Through this feature, passengers can register themselves with a phone number, social media handle and email ID.
Payment Apps should support safe and fast modes of transaction. This means, passengers should feel a sense of security when they attach their financial credentials. 
Home Screen On the home screen, passengers can check the driver details, live location, and the estimated fare of their trip. 
Driver Rating In this section, passengers leave their feedback or rating for the driver. 
Schedule Ride Through this feature, the passenger gets the option to either book now or book later. It provides passengers with the facility to book a taxi at their definite time.
Ride History This feature displays ride history and transactions which allows passengers to re-book the past trips in just a few clicks.
Notifications and Messaging Passengers get the notifications about the details of ride status, and driver. Passengers can also do a live chat with the driver using this feature.
Customer Support Chat Through this feature, customers get the flexibility to chat with the admin for any query or issues related to driver or ride. 

Driver Panel Feature 

Driver Panel Feature Description 
Driver status and profile This section holds the driver details including identity proofs, ID cards and other verification documents. 
Navigation Through this feature, drivers can navigate the location and find out the shortest way to reach the destination.
Ride alerts Through this feature, drivers get the ride alert notification in a matter of clicks. 
Reports It gives riders a comprehensive report about the rides and payments earned in one day and in the month. 

Admin Panel Feature 

Admin Panel Feature Description 
Passenger Management This feature allows admin to look into the  passenger details like phone number, email ID, and ID proofs. Besides that, they can also see the ride history and revenue generated from the passengers. 
Driver Management Similarly, this feature allows admin to check registered driver details like name, contact number, ID proof, address, and documents. Besides that, they can also check the driver’s performance and ratings . 
Admin Dashboard The admin dashboard provides a comprehensive report on the overall business performance including elements like revenue earned, expenses, coupons, losses, etc. 
Taxi Dispatch This feature allows admins to allocate jobs to the drivers. It helps you manage the dispatching of the drivers while maintaining the quality of servicing. 
Promo code management This feature allows you manage your promo code time duration, validity and discount limit of the coupons offered to the customer. Admin can change the code limit or the amount at any point of time. 
Promotions Through this feature, admins can run and manage all their advertisements, and promotional activities through the admin panel. Admins can check the overall business performance with CTR, and conversion rates, ROI, etc. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi App? 

The cost of developing a taxi app like uber depends on  various factors. There is no certain or specific answer to it. For instance, if you want your taxi app to be very advanced and feature rich, it will definitely cost you more. However, if you want to develop a basic taxi app with fewer features, it will cost you less. To summarise, the cost of taxi app development depends on the type of business model and features you want for your taxi services business. 

On an average, the cost of taxi app development with basic features is around $40,000 to $60,000. The cost may shoot up depending on your requirement. If you want to incorporate more features, graphics and advanced technology to your taxi app, it will cost you around $60,000 to $80,000. 

If we break the sum total of taxi booking app development cost, it will cost you: 

Development Phase Development Cost 
UI/UX Design $5,000 to $8,000
Back end Development $10,000 to $12,000
Front end development $16,000 to $18,000
Web development $10,000 to $12,000
Testing and QA $8,000 to $10,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of Taxi App Development 

As we have already witnessed the cost of app development, however, there are certain factors that impact the overall cost of development. These factors are: 

Location of the Developer 

Uber-like app development cost depends on geographical location, i.e., the location of the developer. The app development cost differs from region to region. Make sure to choose taxi app developers wisely as per your requirement and target audience. 

  • In the United States, the taxi app development cost lies between $150 to $250 per hour 
  • The app developer rate in India is around $10 to $80 per hour 
  • In the eastern Europe, the developer charge around $20 to $100 per hour
  • In the western Europe region, the developer charge around $50 to $120 per hour 
  • In UK, the developer charge around $70 to $160 per hour

Technology Stack 

The taxi app development cost also depends on the type of tech stack you have incorporated in your app development. The advanced tech stack will cost you more. Some of the common tech used in the taxi booking app development are: 

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Database: MongoDB and PostgreSQL 
  • Languages: Python and Javascript 
  • Payment integration: Braintree, PayPal and Stripe


The feature integration has a great impact on the overall taxi app development cost. The more features you add in your app, the higher the price. Make sure to keep your budget and target audience in mind while developing a taxi app. 


The app development cost also depends on the type of platform you choose for launch. The cost differs from platform to platform. Most common platforms for mobile apps are Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. The cost of app development for iOS platforms will be higher as compared to Android platform. 

Final Words 

Aggregated taxi apps like Uber are growing in large numbers, however, only few of them are ruling the mobility market. Apps like Uber and Ola are making the difference because of their USPs, outstanding features and great customer support and services. Although, developing a taxi booking app is not an overnight task, it requires the dedicated efforts of developers, designers and programmers. 

In case you are looking to develop an aggregated taxi app like Uber, contact us. With a highly proficient team of developers, we at BR Softech can help you guide through every stage of taxi app development. We can help you develop top-notch taxi apps at much affordable rates. 


What are the steps to start a new taxi-hailing business?

In order to start a taxi-hailing business, you need to make a business plan. The plan should cover all the important aspects such as target audience, budget, purpose, mission, vision and goals of your taxi app development. After creating a blueprint, you are required to hire a team of developers, to help you create your desired taxi app. Read more

Do you develop aggregated taxi apps like Uber?

Yes, we develop aggregated taxi apps like Ola and Uber. We have a highly experienced and proficient team of developers that can help you make a feature rich, visually appealing taxi booking app. If you are looking to launch a unique idea through your taxi app, we are here for you.

Why outsource taxi app development?

If you are looking for a cost effective way to develop your taxi app, then outsourcing can help you! Outsourcing taxi app development can help keep your cost minimal while reducing your responsibilities and saving your time. 

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