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Key Features and Development Cost of a Taxi Aggregator app like UBER

written by Nidhi Sharma | Nov 06, 2019
Taxi app Development Cost & Features

If we were talking about the Taxi business, it once came in royalty, but services like Uber are making it affordable. Uber has disrupted the traditional taxi system but has also impeded the way people do business. It is becoming quite challenging for people to reach their destination on time in traffic areas. Even with the growing population at faster rates, the problem of parking the vehicles is increasing immensely. People maximize their creative capacity and conceptualize with an on-demand solution like opting taxi apps rather than going on personal vehicles.

Uber’s taxi business has inspired a lot of young entrepreneurs to create buzz around the market. Most entrepreneurs want to develop an app like uber and start an online taxi business and touch the heights what uber, and other famous taxi services have already reached. However, most of the people are not aware about the taxi app development cost. By considering the demand for taxi booking app services, many leading companies are entering into the taxi business. They have also explored the best taxi app that develops an uber app for their business and looks for leading on-demand taxi app development company that helps in building an app like uber within the budget.

If anyone is presuming to build an app like uber, this blog helps you to know more about the cost and features of mobile taxi apps like uber.

  • According to DMR – Statistics, its mobile taxi application has managed to achieve a milestone of 75 million customers with $62 billion total valuations till now ( View

Features of Developing an App like Uber 

Everyone wants to try their hands in business and showcase their talents across the world, even in the taxi business. But in spite of numerous opportunities available in the market, most of the companies are not able to stand in front of other companies and become challenging for them to run a business successfully. Here are things that need to be considered while developing an app

1. Admin Panel Feature 

Track the ride- Uber provides an option to track a ride after booking their ride. Passengers can easily enter the pick-up and drop locations. Passengers can track the record by monitoring the journey and making for a unique value proposition.

Fare Estimation – Passengers are now able to estimate the total fare value on the basis of pick up and drop location but vary the selection of car rides. It is calculated at the end of the ride and according to the powerful algorithms.

Multiple Mode of Payments- The Taxi app provides numerous payment methods to make the taxi-hailing process user-friendly for customers. Passengers can choose any type of payment that offers a wide range of payment gateways, such as credit card, debit card, money, mobile wallets, etc.

2. Driver App Features

Route Optimisation- Optimizing the route lets the driver take the most efficient route to reach the destinations as quickly as possible. Using the Uber taxi app, the driver can take advantage of the route optimization feature, redirect the entire journey, and navigate efficiently to the path.

Quest Earnings- Quest earnings are a feature of the driver applications of Uber. It helps the driver to earn extra money. The quest comes with a predefined number of rides to be completed by drivers to win and receive the additional amount.

Cancellation Window – During the cancellation period, the time the driver has to wait for the passenger. When the driver arrives on time at the place, the passengers will not be billed for the first 2 minutes. When they take a lot of time, the charging begins, and the passengers are required to pay extra along with the ride’s base fare.

3. Passenger App Feature 

Easy Sign-up Process – It allows passengers to register in the taxi app using their existing social media account or their contact number. Once the sign up is done, they can book their cab anytime with a single tap and enjoy their ride.

Seamless Payment – Due to high taxi prices, customers used to fight with drivers in traditional taxi services. However, today, the situation is different from the online cab booking system has eradicated this problem. Today, before you book your taxi, you can get an estimate of your fare and make payments online with a few taps.

Customer feedback & review – Feedback from the customer is a significant key to growing any kind of business. Customers can rate the driver based on their performance using a feedback system and provide honest feedback on their personal experience. It will help business owners to test drivers’ performance and find out the weaknesses and strengths of the company.

But there is no hard and fast rule for commencing any business; it needs a powerful plan and lots of hard work to achieve targetable growth. Sometimes a person needs to step back and rethink again with new starters and work accordingly after analyzing the market needs.

Business Module of Building an App like Uber

 Business Module of Taxi App

The possible revenue streams for Uber-like app can be:

  • Commission from the drivers
  • Ride fares from the customers
  • Cancellation charges from the customers

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Significant Factors to Run, Business Successfully:

  • To run any business successfully, an entrepreneur needs a passion for turning challenges into success.
  • It required effective planning with a high level of skill and knowledge of the market.
  • It is vital to calculate risks and analyze the challenges of internal and external sources.

How Taxi Business Create Opportunity

With the rapid growth of the taxi business, it develops an interest in an individual that becomes extremely significant and beneficial for many reasons.

  • Increase Visibility
  • Instant Feedback
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Creates Brand Value
  • Monitor Driver Efficiency Generate Greater Revenue

Cost of Developing an Uber app is like

taxi app development cost in india

It is a bit difficult to predict the exact amount of building an app like uber. The taxi app development cost of like a uber may differ accordingly on the basis of factors. The estimated cost depends on certain features such as-

  • Choosing the platforms before building an app- Android, iOS, or websites.
  • Choose the version of the app after analyzing the market needs.
  • The cost of developing an app may vary due to the country’s development center.


App Platforms

The cost of developing a taxi aggregator app like uber depends on the platform on which you want the app to be created. Developing an Android app is much more expensive than iOS, as they include a wide range of devices, features, and settings.

App Design

Attractive and simple app design is required to grab the attention of its users. An attractive and simple app design is needed as an app to capture users’ attention. Good app design costs relatively higher, but most companies have proven expertise at an affordable cost to design an eye-catching app.

App Size

App size refers to the maximum number of features and functionality a device would have. It is the main component that affects the cost significantly and enables admin to choose the best quality apps. By carefully selecting this, a beneficial result can be obtained.

Exceptional Cost of Taxi Aggregator app like Uber

  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Native Web App Development
  • Design
  • Management and Quality Assurance

An app like Uber app development cost depends on the requirement’s scale and complexity. Once you start to calculate the development cost of the app, understand the market needs, and analyze all the possible situations. The estimated cost of Uber clone app development may cost you between $20k to $40k, and also additional charges will also be applicable for customization.

Summing Up

Taxi booking app development has its own set of advantages. By providing the new dimension and it helps entrepreneurs to run businesses and generate new jobs. This initiative brings positive changes and extends the growth potential and other market factors, as well. Investing in a good UX / UI designer is, therefore, crucial so that the presentation and intuitive interface complement the app’s overall functionality. With a good taxi, aggregators like uber help in achieving favorable outcomes for entrepreneurs. We at BR Softech help you to bring your vision into reality and ruling the world with great business ideas.

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