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How Much Does it Cost to Buy Uber, Ola Clone Script?

written by Admin | May 13, 2020
Cost to Buy Uber, Ola Clone Script

By paying attention to the present time scenario, enhancing traffic has distorted the scene of the transport industry rapidly. Now people are starting to have faith in the public transportation industry such as- taxi or cab services as the current time fast-paced life is affected by the technology quietly. And, the public transportation industry is now touching the new level with adopting modern technology. Transportations are now taking people from home to destination. To make it possible, there is a personalized solution such as- Ola clone script or Uber clone script that will be enough for accomplishing the basic needs of customers regarding transportation. 

These cab services include many options such as- single drive, shared drive, pool drive, or family drive, various needs can be fulfilled through analyzing existing app clone scripts. These are equipped with a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology; it will be helpful to make a website like Ola.

If you are also looking to have a company like Ola or Uber, then have a look at these details we are providing you here. you will get details like- how a person can start a company like Ola, how we can make a website like Ola, or how to make Apps like Ola, etc. 

How to Make A Taxi App by Using Ola or Uber Clone Script for Your Business?

The script you are using for your business, be it any app clone script will be a full compiled, readymade, and personalized solution to help the people to start their business. Ola or Uber clone app includes important features such as- personalized admin panel, user-friendly interface, and inclusive solution for driver and customer both. 

Cost of Ola Or Uber App Development

Cost of Ola Or Uber App Development

To make Apps like Ola or Uber, you have to buy an Uber or Ola clone script and it takes the investment of a huge amount that may range between $57,000 to $114,000 for maximum one or two user apps for Android and IOS users respectively. Also, the price of the development of the admin panel will be $14,000. Also, the app development fee can be between $5,000 to $20,000 as it depends on complexities and features in the backend. 

The overall cost of these types of apps depends on the plenty of features, these involve-

Multi-currency Support and Admin Control

An app should have a responsive admin panel so that the admin can control and view all the activities relevant to the customers and drivers. Also, it should have a secure authentication mechanism to ensure a safe login. It should support currency and multi-language for making sure that the company doesn’t face any problem in their business worldwide. 

Also, there should be features like- fare information visibility, emergency contact, geographical navigation, etc. To make clone Apps like Ola, it needs robust and scalable solutions for the business and its development like never before. 

Live Tracking and Destination Search

Ola clone script provides the solution for the drivers as well as for customers to track the live route of each-other while waiting or traveling. Also, riders can search the destination simply just by entering the related keywords. A route map will be there from home to destination that will include the trip and fare details that will be visible to customers. 

List of Benefits for Your Business into How to Start A Company Like Ola 

Benefits for Taxi Business

Nowadays, booking a ride is not difficult as the user has to install the taxi booking app on their smartphones. Many taxi booking companies are looking for developing such kind of apps from the scratch and entering in this segment but as we know, it takes huge amount and lots of time including a software support team and Ola clone script and hence, there will be various benefits such as-

– The decrement in support cost 

– The cost will be decreased in comparison to app development from scratch.

– Hassle-free and easy, faster launching of the app.

– There will be a high rate of expansion chance

– Concentrate on getting more traffic on the app instead of developing them.  

Key Features for Making Your Taxi Booking App Different

These taxi booking applications have been developed by using our native taxi app creator. These apps are fully tested and bug-free. To develop these apps, the software development team analyzes all needs of business and allows the customers to use the apps with full personalization. These developed apps are very advanced and come with personalized features that can be further altered as per the user’s requirements.


Right from the options to select from many vehicles and drivers at a location and rejecting and accepting those rides, taxi booking apps have everything included in it as it follows the Ola and Uber clone script that is needed-

– It supports Geo-location-based technology that makes it easy for drives to permit them to pick and drop the customers.

– It has an attractive user interface to give customers a seamless experience right from home to destination. 

– These in-demand taxi booking applications are well equipped with all the essential features permitting a taxi running business to give the best customer experience without any problem in the journey.

– The availability of cabs based on location will be in the hands of customers 24/7 anywhere that permits a hassle-free riding experience without doing a hole in the customer’s pocket.  

What Are the Things That Are Included in The Ola Clone Script for Taxi Business?

Features of Taxi Business

To make a clone app, we can analyze the Ola clone script. Here are the things that are included in the taxi booking app, as we know that people mostly choose taxi services for multiple reasons and this gives various opportunities to businesses. It is obvious that developing an app or making a website like Ola takes a huge cost. To escape from this huge cost, replicating a model like Uber needs a dedicated team of developers to create a new edge app. 

If you want to have an Uber clone script or app, there should be three essential features including- passenger app features, driver app features, and admin panel features. 

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  • Passenger App Features

These passenger app features provide seamless services to their customers without any hitches and glitches. 

Various Payment Modes

To make an app like Uber, it should include a variety of payment modes so that it will be convenient for passengers to pay through any of the ways.

Pushing the Notifications

By integration of the features, passengers can get alerts regarding the driver’s location, trip fares, etc. 

Scheduling the Rides

Passengers can book a ride for some other time notification to the driver automatically. 

Time Estimation

Users can know the exact time of the driver’s arrival with the help of this feature.

Applying Promo Codes

Using these special promo codes, users can get a special discount on the ride’s fare.

Ride History

Through this, users can see their previous history of rides and they can also keep track of this. 

  • Driver App Features

This is a vibrant part of the Uber/Ola clone script as these features are skillfully integrated to permit the driver app for performing gracefully.

Driver Registration

By using phone numbers, drivers can register successfully for their accounts as per the admin’s discretion. 

Social Media Login

Drivers can easily sign up by using FaceBook, Google+, and others without making new Id or numbers. 

Transaction History

The driver can track the information of all the riders they have given services to. It will include ride dates, trip fares, ride location, and many more.

  • Admin Panel Features

To make an App like Ola or Uber, it doesn’t include only the driver and rider panels. It also has an admin panel that is the main module of taxi booking apps. The service provider can co0ntrol and track both the driver app and passenger app easily with the robust admin panel.

Featured Dashboard

There should be a dashboard equipped with all the statistics that need to be seen by the owner or admin daily. It should include- Drivers count, total active today, count of passengers, and received payments.

Fully Responsive 

The clone app should be responsive fully as admin can login it from any device, be it a laptop, personal system, or mobile phone. The panel should be designed nicely and have multi-level menu structuring. There should be live tracking on mobile and should have a multi-color and advanced theme. 

Final Words

This blog includes all the specifics about creating an app by using clone script. Additionally, it will give you specifications regarding the cost of such apps, how to start a company like Ola, and many more.  

If you are looking for a taxi app development company, then no company can provide you with better services than BR Softech. This company will provide you with an app developed by skilled and experienced developers that will be bug-free and will be beneficial for drivers and passengers both as it will be equipped with a website admin panel.


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