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Design and Development Terms Every Marketer Should Know

written by Admin | Jan 16, 2017

This is the era of digital world where every person desires to draw the attention of the customers and visitors to their business through the websites because the websites help the customers to be in touch with your business 24×7. As per the Cisco report, it is anticipated that the classy and impressive videos will make up around 80% of all the consumers Internet traffic by the year 2019 and all the marketers are also planning to stay ahead of the competition in this regard to generate higher revenues.

For the promotion, marketing and branding of the company, the customers and visitors demand something new and they aspire to see the top-rated visual assets such as the eye-popping photos, videos, illustrations, info graphics which will leave the visitors jump out of their skin for sure and the marketers can promote the organization in best way by the visual things to tell their story. The visual things are also plain sailing to share at a rapid pace and just looks ravishing to the core.

As a rapidly flourishing mobile web design company, we have the team of marketers who keep themselves updated about the recent technological trends that will gain the attention of the visitors and the looks impressive as well as attractive too.

4 design and development terms that every Marketer Should Know

#1 Visual form of communicating:

The best form of attracting the customers to your brand is the visual way of communicating to your customers and the visitors. This form of communication will turn out to be the best way for attracting your target audiences. People opt for the videos as compared to just the text. And people also share the photos quite instantly if they love it and the videos and visual assets helps the visitors to understand the story better. But whenever it is required, then some amount of text can also be added to the visual assets for explaining the meaning in simple way.

#2 Visual form of storytelling:

Be it any kind of brand in the market, old or the new, they all have some kind of story for telling to the users, visitors or their customers to gain their attention and this also grabs the eyeballs of the visitors in fraction of seconds. This is the amazing tech-savvy era where the virtual realities are spreading its wings rapidly with each passing day. Storytelling in today’s date must be something which the users can see, just interact with and also hear and understand and it must be so catchy that it will urge the visitors to share it.

Key elements to be considered for better storytelling:

  • Plotting of the story must be such that the visitors can guided in the apt manner right fromstarting to the ending.

  • Make use of the strong form of data and the arguments and adding much of the information is also fantastic.

  • You must understand your target audience and make the story which they can also relate to.

  • You must make your goal of not to share much of the ideas at a single point as this will certainly draw away your visitors

#3 Information visual method for the marketer:

Many times it happens that you have much of the data and you are not able to select the meaning of the data. Or you might be knowing about it but find it quite difficult to engross your colleagues by the same. Here the visualizing of information works wonders to a lot of extent because quality matters a lot. Visualizing of the information helps to convey the meaning of something to your visitors quite easily.

There are some key points to be considered regarding information visualizing:

  • It must be plain sailing and avoid adding much information on one image itself. Add one key point in one graph.

  • The focus point must be on the message you want to convey to the visitors and customer to your website.

  • You must make use of the pie chart for something which is not the percentage as such or setting the incompatible for the graphs is the mistake which you must avoid.

#4 Opt for the campaigning also:

Many time various companies have certain kind of complicated stories to convey to their customers and that is the reason visual campaigning helps to a lot of extent. Just one kind of content does not fit best for conveying your message. Visual campaigning helps you to make your posts viral and attracting their visitors by gaining their attention also. There are variosu marketing campaigns which are now anticipated to have the fair & accurate visual element and this gets acknowledged in the blink of an eye.

Different advantages of visual campaigning:

  • Making use of the quality-oriented assets consistently for your brand marketing is the best manner regarding the quality which the customers today desire to see.

  • Monotonous form of visual content implies that you are just dedicated to the authentic communication and do not want to adapt new methodology for new piece of content as such.

  • Visual assets can bring the attention of broader audience as they can be adapted to various kinds of platforms.

  • Brand awareness is taken to the next level by the consistent appearance.

Conclusion for Design and Development Terms:

For every marketer, visual communication turns out to be the top-notch tool but then properly implementation is the plan to be considered regarding the visual communication. You must make a well-versed research and plan a best strategy for the best visual communication to promote and advertise your brand and making it a huge success.


About the Author:

Written by Nikita Tak, who is currently working with the best web & mobile app development company of Jaipur. She loves researching about new technology that hits the market regarding web & mobile app development. She love to write about the technology related blogs, interior decor blogs, travel related blogs and many other kinds of. She also writes the literature contents including stories, poetries and her works have been featured in various books.


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