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Guide to Develop Dating App Like Tinder Cost Features and Benefits

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 29, 2022
Dating app like tinder cost & features

The idea of creating a dating app like Tinder seems not so novel in this age of mobile communication and smartphones, but putting all your creative energy and hard skills into its execution is sure to help you stand out. When your product is helpful to people and feels inspired, you will have a good chance of success. However, it would help if you first understood the why and how of developing dating apps like tinder.

What is a Dating App?

The matchmaking app makes online dating more accessible to everyone with a smartphone by making it easy and quick to find matches. 

Nowadays, smartphones and their users are not two separate entities due to the interconnectedness between people and technology. Thus, people have moved beyond being users of apps to bring the apps themselves. Users make Tinder possible, with no profiles to swipe through and no people to connect with.

In designing a dating app, any business must answer a few key questions: how do we get people to transition from swiping and chatting to dating and, eventually, long-term relationships? What are the variables involved? To achieve a win-win situation, who is responsible for bringing them together? It is essential to understand why you do something before you begin the best tinder-like dating apps.

Why do you Need to Develop Dating Apps like Tinder?

Since time immemorial, matchmaking has existed. Many, if not all, societies and times practiced both as a custom and a trade. The Internet has revolutionized matchmaking. It has vastly increased its scale, opening up a myriad of unmatched (pardon the tautology) opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to start a new business niche.

What is the best way to create the best tinderlike dating apps? How would you feel if you were a first-time dating industry member but wanted to tap into this growing market? Are you able to succeed in this? Maybe, but only for a specific niche or geography, how to develop a Tinder-like app without being so large-scale?

Business Value of Developing The Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

If you want to compete in an industry where thousands of businesses vie for customers, you cannot afford to overlook a few things.

Statistic on dating apps currently available

Modern technology has completely changed how we get in touch with people, so online dating no longer represents a taboo.

Here are some statistics:

  •   The Internet is the starting point for 27% of committed relationships.
  •   Around 40 million people worldwide use dating applications and websites.  
  •   It is estimated that the combined revenue of all dating apps is around $2 billion.
  •   There are more than 50 million users of Tinder worldwide, and 60 percent of them are Americans, making it the most popular dating app.
  •   Tinder is worth an estimated $1,6 billion.

Both the popularity and demand for dating apps are growing. It would thus seem that now would be an excellent time to develop a dating app. If you are looking for inspiration, in this case, you might look at Tinder.

What do People Expect from Dating Apps?

Most people are looking for love, and some are using dating apps or websites to assist them in finding it. Internet dating services are designed to connect people. However, “meet” carries different meanings among different demographics.

Dating sites and apps are used more than half the time by young adults (18-24 years old) for casual hookups. Adults of a certain age tend to see them develop lasting relationships.

Marketing Ideas for Dating App like Tinder

Tinder is the most popular online dating app. Even those who don’t use the app know the phrase “swipe right,” despite not being the first to launch! Tinder’s marketing strategy focuses on word-of-mouth marketing, so gaining this level of brand recognition can be difficult. However, competing apps can leave their mark in the market by learning from user acquisition and gamification.

This post aims to highlight key lessons from Tinder’s phenomenal success through Marketing Business Ideas for Dating Apps.

  • Audience identification
  • Strategize locally
  • Enhance the dating experience by making it more fun
  • Re-Engage the right users

Although this is a practical approach, it requires a thorough understanding of the user’s data. For businesses to maintain healthy relationships with customers, marketers must segment their customer groups precisely and define marketing opportunities. Advertising partners must recommend remarketing strategies based on insights from first or third-party data sources.

How do Dating Apps Earn Money?

How do Dating Apps Earn Money?

Your dating application has taken a lot of effort, time, and money to build. Now you need to figure out how to market it successfully. Learn how to monetize your dating app and then integrate them into it.

How does that sound? Let’s proceed.

In the following blog, we will discuss earning money through the best dating apps like tinder. By incorporating these ways into your dating app, you can start generating revenue and make it a success.

How to Make Money Through a Dating App?

To earn money, you can integrate the following monetization methods into your dating app.


A dating app should rely on subscriptions as its primary revenue stream. Users who want more services from a dating app must choose a subscription plan, such as a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

Purchasing in-app

Different kinds of emojis are popular among some users besides simple ones. There are in-app purchases available for things like unique emojis and GIFs. Dating apps are an excellent way of making money.

Advertisements within apps

You can also generate profit by advertising on dating apps. Depending on your dating app, you can use different ad formats, such as banners, interstitials, native ads, video ads, etc.

Marketing through affiliates

You must ask other vendors like restaurants, jewellery stores, gift stores, bars, and florists to offer their products or services to your dating app if you want to generate revenue.

Publish AdSense ads

The content of your dating app can be restricted to AdSense advertisements.

BuySellAds: Use the Services

Advertisers and publishers are connected by Buy & Sell Ads, a service provider.

Using this method, you can find advertisers without using traditional methods. Advertisers can contact you and negotiate a price.

Advertise on your app with sponsored posts

You should allow sponsored posts in your dating app to increase revenue through the app.

Paid surveys can be conducted.

Your dating app can be used to check your demand by running a paid survey among all its users.

Features of Dating App

The majority of dating sites provide the same features. The devil lies in how these features are designed, packaged, and made available to users.

The answer is yes. Here are some features you should include in your app:

  • You can chat privately
  • Getting notifications
  • Profiling and matching users
  • Localization
  • Setting up discovery
  • Schedule

Therefore, we would like to recommend a few things to businesses, functionality-wise, so that they will be able to maximize their mobile dating applications:

1. Establish a differentiated messaging strategy

2. Implement email notifications with a specialized approach

3. Create a user-friendly list of “likes.”

4. Improve geolocation

5. Track the user’s actions

6. Allow users to make dates on your dating app

7. Implement communication rules that aren’t standard, and tailor your offering accordingly

Benefits of Dating App

Online dating has grown in popularity over the years for some reason. What are some of them? 

  • Meeting new people is fun
  • Get to know people with similar interests to yours
  • What You Are Looking For Is Openly Communicated between You and the People You Meet
  • Shy people will benefit from it

How to Develop a Dating App Similar to Tinder?

If you want to create the best tinder-like dating app, you must follow the following steps:  

First Step: Prepare yourself. Discover your niche

To start a dating app, you need to identify a niche. You still have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd, even though there are many dating apps already available on the market. The key is to pick a niche. Are you ready for the Next Step?

Second Step: Take action. Develop a Business Plan

A dating application like Tinder or any other dating app uses several business models to earn money:

Model of premium services:

  •   Profiling. 
  •   An advanced swipe. 
  •   You can like anything you want. 

Third Step: Build a Tinder-like app using the technology stack

Choosing the technology that powers your app is now the next step, and you should bear in mind that scaling is the most critical factor. Now you need to hire dedicated developers for your mobile app. 

Fourth Step: Work with a Team of Dating App Developers

There are numerous options for affordable dating mobile app development on the market. To find the right app development company, take the following factors into account:

  • Rates for developers
  • Managing a portfolio
  • Existing clients
  • Developing Capabilities

BR Softech is available with the best concept of best dating app developer at reasonable prices for the development process.

FifthStep: Developing and launching the MVP  

Your development team will begin the discovery (inception) phase once you have chosen your team. 

How can you Make a Dating App better than Tinder?

While Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, it may not be the right one for you.

  • One of the reasons other dating apps are better than Tinder is because if you get a message, you know she was active on the app and was interested enough to get in touch. Creating an attraction will only take a little fanning into a date.
  • To open a discussion window for a specified period – both people know the timeframe is short, so it’s an excuse to ask for her phone number or a date.
  • If you want to try something new instead of swiping left or right, “like” or comment on any part of their profile or pictures rather.
  • For your app to be better than Tinder, you have to include people as intelligent, polished, and ambitious as you are.

How useful an app like Tinder is for you will depend significantly on how patient you are. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to know it.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dating App

As a result of the features found in the Tinder app, it can be estimated that the cost of developing the best dating apps like Tinder would be $40K to $50K. These are rough estimates, however. Dating mobile app development costs may be affected by a variety of factors.

How Much Does a Tinder App Cost?

There is a certain amount of time required to develop all the features listed above. Take a look at the following table.

Please see the chart below to find out how many hours iOS and android app development need to deliver the essential features.

App feaures Delivery time

Apps are similar to Tinder in Terms of Functionality

  • 22 hours for authorization
  • Location – GPS – 7 hours
  • 60-hour setting
  • 85 hours on user profile
  • 90 hours for matching functionality
  • 25 hours for notifications
  • 125 hours of communication
  • Integration of third-party services – 30 hours

However, merely knowing the date of dating app development isn’t enough. Several factors heavily influence application costs.

The following is an estimate of its time to build a Tinder-like application.

The total price is based on an hourly rate of 50/h.

What is the Best way to Develop a Dating App like Tinder?

In the following steps, you will see how to make a dating app similar to Tinder?.


To determine what precisely the niche of your dating app will be, you have to come up with an idea. 

After outlining, you should draw a rough structure. A wireframe can be created at this point as well. It should provide information about the user experience and information architecture.

Outline Construction:

After outlining, you should draw a rough structure. A wireframe can be created at this point as well. It should provide information about the user experience and information architecture.


A well-designed dating app looks like a dating app in the true sense of the word. Make the design appealing and beautiful by putting the most emphasis on it. 


Here is the heart of your application. Programming is the most time-consuming and challenging process. Depending on your needs, you can either outsource the work or begin coding independently. Ensure that the code is error-free and perfect. An iOS developer can be hired to help you.

Quality Assurance and Testing:

Do every single thing at least three times. When your app is Live, you must be confident that it is bug-free. By testing, you can ensure that all functions are functioning correctly. You can fix errors if they are found.


Some bugs are likely to occur at first. Rework the coding part and fix those bugs before testing it again. During the testing and debugging steps, you will achieve a flawless app experience.

Live Application:

Create a live version of your dream application in the Final Step. After your app has been submitted to the app store/play store, the Next Step is to market and sell it.

Here are the Top Dating Apps in the United States

The U.S. paid users seem to prefer the best dating apps like tinder United States. Among paid users, Bumble is now the second-ranked dating app, according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey. Its strategy involves making women initiate the conversation.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Match
  • Ok Cupid
  • Hinge

Read more: How to Create a Dating App like Bumble: Development Guide

Here Are The Best Dating Apps in Australia We Recommend

Online dating has become a popular way to find love these days. Could you possibly meet your perfect match in a bar? Those days are gone. Therefore, we are here to offer you a list of dating apps like tinder Australia.

  •  Bumble
  • Eharmony
  •  Hinge
  •  Raya
  • Tinder
  • Happy

Here Are Some of The Best Dating Apps UK like Tinder

  • Eharmony
  • EliteSingles
  • Silver Singles
  •  Our Time
  • Telegraph Dating

Why Choose us?-Our Expertise

Software development company BR Softech offers skilled services. We are a dating app development company In addition to custom native apps for iOS and Android, we also offer cross-platform apps for your needs and budget. We have had years of experience helping startups, SMBs, and enterprises get custom native apps for iOS and Android. To deliver your app like Tinder, we offer various benefits to every client.

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You may be able to make a lot of money by developing a dating app. The process of matching dating app development is a complicated one that requires your mobile development team to possess not only financial resources but also considerable experience.

In this guide, we’ve discussed how to make your dating app like Tinder and monetization strategies to use. Your only remaining task is to find an experienced development team to take your idea from concept to reality.

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