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How to develop a game like Pokemon Go ?

written by Admin | Apr 24, 2017
Know about How to develop a game like Pokemon Go ?

The app which is the Pokemon Go is also the multi platform game and is also for the ios and Android and is also the Augmented Reality too. The players which make use of the class apart smartphone and other kinds of mobile device which is also equipped with the GPS too. And this should also “look for” and also “catch” the small virtual monsters Pokemon in real world too. Then you can also teach them for organizing the battles among themselves only.

Pocket monsters also at first appeared at the Nintendo games too and in the 1990s, and then this also became the heroes of anime, card games and manga, too. People who are just not interested in the video games are also shocked in the current days for the sudden influx of Pokemon and this also flooded the social networks feed, the new sites too and also the business publications. The new internet memes and the jokes too with the Pokemon, stories of life and the analytical articles of the falling off every kind of single pore.

Someone who is in search of the Pokemon also searches a body in the river, and someone violates the private property also and the Pokemon is also used for the cafes, banks, advertising and also the religious organizations.

What is quite interesting to the core?

If speaking strictly, any kind of rare Pokemon can be thought as the virtual pet, which the players will be taking care of and the ones who are also required to be trained. It is quite interesting for sure. Apart from this, players also have right for joining the 3 global teams and also fight for the territory too. The Pokemon Go is not only the interesting game, but users also say that, the app also encourages them for exploring the cities and also interact with each other too.

The Functioning of the same:

Just after you download the app and also create the character, user can also gain the access for the special anime like the version of Google Maps too, and where the real names of squares and streets are just hidden, the analogs of real buildings are also associated with various Pokemon. When users come in the real world and the character in the particular game also repeats the route and this will be able to find random encounter Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Game price:

This game is just available for free and the users will also be making in app purchases, and also saving themselves physically too. For instance, a visit to the location which is called Pokestop will be giving the player a chance for getting the rare items too. Game like Pokemon Go is available for free only.

If talking about the revenue:

The Nintendo also owns and shares in the Niantic Inc and this is the company which also developed the game too. As per the investors calculations, the impressive debut for this game is perfect and it also means that the millions of users will be purchasing virtual items and companies are also willing for paying advertising in the game.

It is only in US, that the ios Pokemon Go players spending about just $1.6 million on daily basis, as per the analyst firm Sensor Tower. The revenues for the Android is not available at present as such. The popularity of the Pokemon Go game is quite higher that App Annie, yet another analyst firm also said that during the year, this app will also reach $1 billion revenue also.

How to develop game like Pokemon Go:

Pokemon game development is quite simple to the core and you might need to hire the mobile game developers also. Yes it is so simple to the core. At the BR Softech Pvt Ltd, you will find the best game developers for yourself and they will provide the best gaming solutions too. We make use of the best trends and the new technologies too.

Closing Thoughts:

So, it is easy to develop the game like Pokemon Go and you will be able to make this game on any platform too for sure. We are also the best Roulette game development company and you will be able to find the best features in the Roulette game for sure and then this will also be helping you for your gaming unleashing too.


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