How To Develop A Mobile Web Application With Sencha Touch ?

Sencha Touch

At present time our smartphones are our helpful partner which is ready to help us anytime whether is based on traveling, banking, funding, food delivery, shopping and much more. We know that the Application development and web development are the necessary part of human life, but the major thing is that it is also the greatest part of IT and Software development industry, where they are daily update & develop new software and mobile based applications with help various technologies. The “Sencha Touch” it’s one of the framework technologies that is developed numerous software and applications with the help of Sencha Architecture.

  • Customized User interface

  • Components

  • Speed

  • Flexibility & Security

  • Data Management

  • Infinite Scrolling Grid

The Sencha Touch is basically known as a User Interface which is a part of JavaScript library that is specially designed by Sencha Mobile App Development. The development process is totally based on HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. Furthermore, it maintains the Android, iOS, Blackberry, Window and Tizen smartphones operating devices that provide an impressive native application.

What About the Sencha Touch ?

What About the Sencha Touch

As we mentioned above the Sencha Touch MVC-Based JavaScript Mobile App services. It is very perspective of the web developer to develop a mobile application and may be troublesome. But in the IT industry world have lots of technical technique which gives you learning knowledge in any field. In which the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has instantly increased in the era that combine the greatest platforms in mobile application development. But, if you are strong in JavaScript and good experience, then you can easily touch its approach. Furthermore, if you have additional knowledge in the CSS then you can turn your web development field in the Sencha Mobile app Development.

Platform Assistance

Sencha Platform Assistance

The compatibility of this framework is reliable to Apple iOS and Google Android include with WebKit browsers. But when you develop the mobile application, then you must consider two things: platform and features. It means the developer can use this type of feature to provide better resources and easy to use features. Here we are defining you development features:

A. MV* Pattern:

In the Sencha Touch framework Model – Store – View – Controller is an effective pattern than is indicating a grave business. In the model and store define the development process where Model is indicating to define the data and Store hold collection of data.

B. Class Structure:

It is the strongest feature for mobile app developers. Which is used object oriented programming functionalities. Also the class structure is based on the Ext JS 4 standards. Where the “EXT” indicate the namespace that encapsulate all the development classes in the Sencha Touch Framework.

Ext.define(class name, class members/properties, callback function);

C. Dom Control

The Sencha touch framework is fully DOM Manipulation framework interface that’s way in this no need to any libraries like JQuery. Also, it is very fast in the entire framework, which gives lots of benefits. Furthermore, it is supported by all mobile devices.

D. UI, UX and Theme’s

The UI, UX and Theme’s designing interface are the main part of this framework which has developed an attractive theme design user interface. But the iOS designing interface are too much agnostic. That’s why the SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) maintains the theme designing which encourage the speed and durability of the mobile app user interface. Also, they design the theme with scrolling function according to mobile app compatibility.

E. Widget Design

In the Sencha Touch framework, it has 50+ widget designed which gives a compact rational out of the mobile app. In this these type of widgets: Container, Picker, Chart, List, Grid, Form, and much more, but the touch chart and grid are the separate Sencha touch bundle which is commercially offered in the mobile app development. So we can say that it is the best framework which offers the extensive feature in the mobile app development.

F. Responsive Design

The RWD word has indicated the JS term which was too long time ago. But the JS is based on touch layout which is not durable for mobile app development that’s why it is separated in the Sencha Touch framework. The RWD is using the CSS3 designing script in the app development that organizer size based designing. Also, it’s influencing the web browser with the help of CSS3 then developing and magnitude the web browser. But, it is too much costly in the term of estimation.

G. Front-End Support

The front-end support is known as a desktop support. That maintain the services as per mobile app compatibility bases and reuse code between platform or mobile devices. The EXT JS is best for Touchscreen devices, according to desktop support services. Also the ECMAScript 5 and CSS3 component maintain the UI interface in the mobile app creation.

H. Third Party Alliances

The development set of extension is provided by the Sencha Touch Bundle, which is a great achievement for this framework that is provide the special widget and resources to premium extension clients.

I. Extensibility

The extensibility word of this Sencha Touch Framework is come by EXT which is made a widget, class, methods, and components to develop is extended. So this process produces the best resources for conducting a very large app programming code.

J. Development Tool

The Sencha Tool app development is based on the development of command, that is monotonized by Sencha command. Where it handles the provinces, eliminate the unused code, concatenate, minify, and package the mobile app for distribution.

  • SDK

  • Button

  • Forums

  • Icon and Toolbars

  • Carousels and tabs

  • Overlays

  • Maps

  • Events and data access

  • Style and design

Ending Thoughts: Develop A Mobile Web Application With Sencha Touch

In this article we provide the accurate information about the Sencha Touch Framework, which is based on mobile application development with the help of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. So, this information is only for knowledge based but if you really want to develop you can go through our BR Softech Company which is Sencha Mobile App Development Company also you can Hire Sencha Developer for your business purpose and increase your market value in the IT and Software industry.'
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