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Steps to Evaluate While Developing an Educational App Like BYJU’s

written by Saloni Agrawal | Mar 11, 2021

We all can see that the influence of smart and advanced technologies is not limited to only one sector, gradually it is impacting every sector. These smart technologies and devices are now evolving in the education sector through educational app development

Educational apps like Byju’s, and Toppr laced with ultra-modern features and functionalities are making people aware of the benefits of e-learning and other online educational options. Even many other business owners are also taking interest in developing Byju’s clone app by seeing its popularity. 

In this article, we are providing you the best guide to take a deep look at the functioning and current market growth of e-learning apps. It will be helpful for the new entrepreneurs who are entering the education field for business purposes. 

Let’s Dive Into The Details of E-learning Apps like BYJU’s and Its Market Growth

In layman’s terms, e-learning apps for students are social networks that connect teachers, students, administration, and schools in a different and convenient environment for learning and education purposes.   

With the advent of educational apps like Toppr and BYJU’s, these e-learning apps got immense popularity and people started to believe in them for better results. Most importantly, the success of BYJU’s affected the educational system and authorities agreed to make the system innovative and smart.  

BYJU is known as an ed-tech venture that was recorded to have funded over $244M and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook also invested in this. It is India’s first educational app that brought a revolution in the e-learning field.  

It has more than 42 million installations with a 4.7-star rating. This effective app has now spread in almost 1701 cities across the world. 

As per the statistics, the e-learning app market is forecasted to reach more than $243 billion in revenue by 2022 at a 5.08% CAGR. This app serves the middle east and it is active in the western market also. It has also become the most valuable ed-tech firm in the world in 2019. Its rapid growth is the reason why Harvard has a case study on BYJU’s app. 

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Below statistics show the enhanced growth of the e-learning apps from 2014 to 2022, take a look- 


Functionality & Features of E-learning Apps

The reason behind developing an app like Byju’s is numerous factors and online training & learning strategies. E-learning operations fulfill the objectives of the firm and desired results. The main role of these e-learning apps is to deploy, provide, and track online training operations. It allows students to attend tests, webinars, virtual classrooms, etc. Users can host or attend classes via zoom conferencing and can meet with other people virtually.   

The educational assets can be accessed easily by remote learners. On the other hand, e-learning apps have developed various useful online training materials without any other third-party software. 

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Following are some of the core and advanced features of E-learning apps-

Common Features

  • Interactive and appealing aids
  • Cover whole syllabus
  • In-built chat support
  • Chapter-wise class test 
  • Logistic dashboard 
  • Third-party applications 
  • Adaptive learning 

Admin Panel

  • Course management 
  • Handling of themes
  • Student subscription management 
  • Content manager 
  • User management 
  • Transaction records
  • Statistics 
  • Order tracking 
  • Ticketing
  • Shipping 

Student Panel

  • User sign-in or log-in 
  • Profile management 
  • Forgot password
  • Search all the courses 
  • Course details on a click
  • Purchase page or button 
  • Online reader 
  • Multiple payment gateways 
  • Buy history dashboard 
  • Live chat support 
  • Shipment status 
  • Test 

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Advanced Features 

Check out the below-

Reminders for Lessons

Students and parents need to make the app stand out in the market as it will remind them about the scheduled lessons of the day. So that students don’t miss out on important lessons.

Track Ward Progress

It is for parents, through it they can check the regular progress of their child by enrolling on the e-learning app. Educational apps like Toppr also offer this feature to give an overview of the covered chapters, present chapters, learning curve’s graphical representation, and test scores that are beneficial.


By having similar working like Byju’s learning app,  if you got successful in your venture, then you can have the e-commerce operations to vendor the offers like educational tablets, CD packs, etc.

Discounts & Offers 

Creating referral codes and discounts is good for gaining a huge customer base, and it is a great approach to promote your educational app like Byju’s. You can make your clients invite their acquaintances by offering extra credits via referral codes.

Significant Steps For Developing An App Like Byju’s 

Developing an E-learning app is more beneficial than entering into any other business as it will never get old. Also, E-learning is more sustainable than having face-to-face sessions with teachers. So, let’s get straight into the details of how to create an educational app like Toppr or BYJU’s.

Select An Interesting Niche

There are chances that if you want to develop an educational app for primary school kids who want to learn reading and writing or you want an app to search about exercising and nutrition. You can also choose an E-learning software solution with rich features and multiple courses along with a high difficulty level. Integration of AI chatbot is used nowadays for assisting the students to solve high-complex problems and learn different languages.

Work For Idea Development 

Developing an idea includes examination through multiple dimensions such as publicity, multiplicity, identity, geography, communication, price, and time. You have to know all the details about your project like how it will be, its working, overall idea, tools & technologies. Your hired Byju app developer will help you with these things.

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  • You have to decide initially that your app is going to target only one specific kind of group or to the broad audiences. 
  • Your targeted audiences will be limited or you will provide services globally? Is there a certain geographical area?
  • Do you want a customized app or just a ready-to-launch app with no customization?   
  • Your app will be free or paid for by the users or it will have in-app purchases?

Find the answers to these questions and then start working to develop your educational apps like Toppr.

Have An Appropriate Development Team

When you have all the answers, the last thing to do from your side is to search out a suitable tech team according to your budget, needed advanced features, skilled developers, etc.

If you want advanced things like executing AR/VR, you have to find some specific professionals for it. For advancements like AI & machine learning, you need to have skilled and experienced people in the field. If you are having services from Byju’s app developer company, then it can provide you with a reliable and cost-efficient solution. 

After telling your app budget to your hired development team, discuss with them about app payment strategy, time & material approach, etc.

Be Active Throughout the App Development Process

After discussing with the hired team, have a search stage by yourself. You can have your idea of beginning the development through it. Maybe this search will force you to reassess the previous strategies, target audiences. Communication model, etc. after doing this, rest you can leave on the development team like prototype generation, UI/UX requirements, development, and QA testing. But pay attention to every step of the development procedure, and make sure that the app is error-free completely while deploying it for use.

App Marketing 

If you have deployed your app, use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to reach your target audiences and make them aware of the app. The better your app will be, the less you have to spend on its marketing as people will love it anyway because of its features. Also, take feedback about your developed Byju’s clone app from the target audience.

Provided Benefits of Byju’s Clone App  

  • Educational apps like Byju’s provide better retention and completion rates. Beginners can learn anything easily here and can move to the next one.
  • With a flexible learning procedure, it includes different learning options in the form of videos, podcasts, CDs, etc.
  • Collaborative learning via simultaneous online communities will help the students in having quality studies.
  • Parents will be notified about their kid’s performance in school or college. Generated reports will include everything about kid’s studying parameters, understanding factors, etc.
  • The main benefit of educational app development is providing higher engagement of students about learning. Students can access the app anytime. 

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Top E-learning Apps in the Education Field

Take a look at the following-

  1. Byju’s
  2. Toppr
  3. Udemy
  4. Google Classroom
  5. Photomath
  6. Khan Academy 
  7. Duolingo 
  8. SoloLearn
  9. Quizlet
  10. Kahoot

Suggested Tech Stack for Creating E-learning Apps

Below are shown the required technologies that will help to make your app advanced and worth using- 

Features Technologies
Cloud Environment AWS
Mobile SDK iOS and Android
Real-time Analytics Hadoop, Big data, Apache, Spark, Flink, IBM
Databases Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, PostgreSQL
Voice, SMS, and phone verification Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notification, Twilio
Payment Integration PayPal, Braintree, Stripe

Revenue Model of Educational Apps like Byju’s

The profitable revenue model of educational apps like BYJU’s is dependent on its business model. It refers to the fact that some of the contents on these E-learning apps can be accessed for free, but some of them are paid as well. When a user starts to use the app, gradually they know it’s worth and then they get ready to have a paid subscription. 

This available business model based on freemium is the same as the approach of sample sales. Learners can see a sample video and then they have to pay for more videos.  

Education app development and its platforms are now struggling with BYJU’s monopoly. This app has now become the most popular during a pandemic for the students and it had a growth estimation of over 200% last year.  

Cost Assessment of Developing An App Like Byju’s

While evaluating the cost of an E-learning mobile app, you have to consider various factors that are essential to determine the app cost. These elements are the reason for the varying cost, take a look-

  • The high or low complexity of the app comes with core or advanced features.
  • For how many platforms you are developing the app- is it iOS or Android or both?
  • The cost can differ due to the app development region as developers in the USA charge $150 to $200 per hour, Europe’s developers charge $100 to $180 per hour, and in India, developers charge between $50 to $100. 

So we can say that the overall cost estimation of an E-learning app development will be up to $40,000. This cost can also vary as per the above elements and what features you need for your app. 

Why Should You Go for the Best Educational App Development Company? 

Did you notice these educational apps like BYJU’s are creating a buzz in the app market currently? So if you are thinking of entering into this field, then you must enter with something extra innovative and advanced mobile app so that it will be successful to gain a lot of customers. 

BR Softech can help you in this to provide you with a cross-platform app including ultra-modern features and the latest technologies. Our skilled and experienced team of developers will assist you through the development process and will deliver you an appropriate app at a reasonable cost.

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