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Virtual Visits: How Can You Get Your Doctor at Your Doorstep

written by Harshita Khangarot | Dec 01, 2020

Tossing the traditional ways of providing services is the new trend that has taken over many sectors such as grocery delivery app, retail, restaurants, taxi business, and now the healthcare industry. The surge in demand for Doctor Booking Apps can be an ideal example of it to get Doctor at your Doorstep.

The success stories of apps like ZocDoc and HealthTap have inspired many healthcare professionals to venture into online platforms.

It’s not just the journey of these apps that are fascinating the world to revolutionize the way doctor visits used to be earlier. Still, the pandemic of COVID-19 is another reason that further accelerated the cause.

In this article, you will learn many things that are related to the Doctor Appointment Booking App and how these digital solutions actually work to get Doctor at your Doorstep. 

The Concept of Virtual Visits: Doctor at your Doorstep!

After the success of many on-demand  app services, the one that is trending now is Virtual Doctor Visits. It is a concept that helps a patient to access healthcare services with utmost convenience Doctor at your Doorstep.

All that is needed is a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, and they can connect with the doctors digitally, ditching the age-old process of fixing appointments via call followed by the long waiting hours at the hospital. 

Accessing these digital healthcare facilities saves not only time but also money. Unlike the older times, patients can now discuss and get treatment for a variety of symptoms and diseases that are as follows:

  • Allergies
  • Bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Seasonal flu
  • Sinus problems
  • Sore throat
  • Stomachache

However, it is to be noted that these services have not yet met the solution that is required in a chronic condition but covers the rest. 

Top-Notch Features of Doctor Booking App Development


features of doctor appointment app


Features of a doctor’s appointment app vary from platform to platform. However, Some of the essential features are mantioned below that should be considered at the time of app development that can also impact all over cost of your doctor appointment app.

Patient’s Panel: It is the user version of the application. Certain features with Doctor at your Doorstep are considered essential in creating the Patient’s panel for an enriched user experience that is as follows-


patient panel


  • Sign-In/Sign- Up
  • User Profile
  • App Appointment booking
  • Tracking Doctor’s Location
  • Support
  • Calling feature
  • Live video sessions
  • Health Tracker
  • Online Payment
  • Review & Ratings

Doctor’s Panel: This panel facilitates the doctor’s side that includes receiving, scheduling, and managing appointments. 


doctor panel


  • Register on Panel
  • Appointments Status
  • Accept or reject the appointment
  • Live Video call
  • Edit Schedule

Admin Panel: It is the admin version of the Doctor Booking App that is dedicated to admin for monitoring and managing each and every activity on the patient’s as well as the doctor’s panel.

  • Patient Management
  • Doctors Management
  • Report management
  • Marketing Tools

Advantages of Doctor’s Virtual Visits

advantages of virtual doctor app


Doctor Booking App Development is fetching more and more investment like never before, and the reason is pretty obvious that nobody wants to leave their home, otherwise risking their life amidst the deadly pandemic.

This makes it the right time for the healthcare practitioners to adapt to the changes that the world is witnessing and add a touch of digitization in their services via the Doctor Booking App.

The list of advantages of a doctor’s appointment app are as follows-

  • For Doctors

Cost-saving: One of the most important reasons that appeal to healthcare professionals is that it saves a lot of costs that otherwise would have been invested in setting up the infrastructure. 


call to action doctor Appointment App

Detailed counseling: Another one is that it lets the doctor focus on each patient without any interruption, unlike the environment that is at a clinic.

Effective management: Moreover, the doctors themselves can schedule the time of appointment as per their convenience without having to depend on an office boy to do that you can mange the whole hospital management system .

Enhance visibility: Registering their services with an established Doctor Booking App will help the practitioner to extend their services to a broad audience when compared to offline services.

  • For Patients

Eliminates the spread of illness: The online doctor consultation eliminates the risk of the spread of communicable diseases as entire functioning takes place via the app itself. 

Cuts off travel time: Availing healthcare services online makes it easy for the patients to manage their schedule and be available on time as it eliminates the hassle of traveling to the clinic.

Versatile listing: Another feature that fascinates the patient and is of utmost usefulness is the varied listing that provides the freedom to navigate and toggle between doctors as per their speciality, expertise, region wise and much more. 

Important Points to consider before opting for Virtual Checkup

No doubt scheduling a virtual checkup with a healthcare professional is an easy task, but still, there are a few points that a patient should go through before availing of these services that are as follows:

  • The user should know how to access and book an appointment using the application. Moreover, access to a high-speed internet connection is a must-have to experience an uninterrupted counseling session.

Read More: Complete Guide To Build An On-Demand Appointment App For Patients And Doctors

  • Another thing that holds great relevance is that the user should ensure whether the insurance policy covers telemedicine or not to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Moreover, it is advised for the patient to keep their insurance card ready at the time of booking an appointment.
  • Users should register themselves with the website or the doctor’s page in the application. 
  • Patients should thoroughly read the medical form and provide accurate information covering the entire medical history that will help the doctor to better prepare for the appointment.  
  • The user should select the time slot as per their schedule on any particular day or the days listed on the application.

  • After submitting the preferences, the user will then be redirected to a payment page featuring a variety of payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking, or any other payment gateway services. The user needs to select the optimal method of payment.
  • The patient availing the online checkup should be surrounded by a quiet environment to establish an undisturbed communication with the doctor. 
  • The patients should keep all the health-related records handy so that they can discuss the symptom in a detailed manner. It will also aid the doctor to examine the patient more thoroughly for an enhanced experience.

Scope of Doctor’s Booking App

After witnessing the crisis of COVID-19 in 2020, the many limitations in the healthcare sector have been highlighted. It has encouraged the professionals to take advanced steps and incur digital advancement for the patients as well as the doctors. 

The adoption of the Doctor Booking App is in its initial phase at the current stage and has a long journey to cover, but the positive response that it is attracting makes it a profitable business venture for healthcare organizations and doctors. 

Moreover, it is an effective way to monetize the services and generate high revenues by integrating certain additional features into the web or mobile application. 

The Rise of Virtual Check-ups in the Healthcare Industry

No doubt there are a limited number of applications that facilitate virtual checkups, but that does not mean that does not keep us away from the fact that these numbers are going to rise drastically.

The year 2020 itself is sufficient enough to make us realize the need to revolutionize the healthcare industry with investments in Medicine App Development.

The need of the hour to deploy these modern solutions can only be catered via dedicated Medical App Development companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., having experience of a decade and more.

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