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Dussehra Festival 2015

written by Admin | Oct 09, 2015
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Dussehra is a Hindu festival that symbolizes the good on earth. Dusshera is celebrated in India after the nine pious days of Navratri on the tenth day of lunar month Ashwin. Dussehra is the combination of the words Dasa and Hara, which means removing ten heads. This year Dussehra will be performed on 22nd October 2015.

How Dussehra is celebrated in India?

Dussehra is celebrated in many different ways across India. In the Northern India, a stage performer of the epic, Ramayana is performed for ten days. On the tenth day, effigies of Ravana are burnt to symboloize Rama killing Ravana. The cities are decorated with temporary stages. On the tenth day, there are lights and frameworks all over.

History of Dussehra

The origin of Dussehra also has its roots in the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’. It is widely held that the festival actually commemorates the killing of the great king of Lanka, Ravan by Lord Rama. The epic mentions how lord Rama, the god-incarnate, went to serve a period of exile for 14 years under the order of his father. Along with his devoted wife sita and his faithful brother Lakshmana, Rama faced many hardships during this period prominent among which was the abduction of Sita by the ten-headed Rama. Rama with brother Lakshman, follower Hanuman and an army of monkeys on his side Rama fought a great battle for ten days to rescue his wife. Since then, the observance of Dussehra is more in admiration of Lord rama than Goddess Durga.

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