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A Suite of Electric Vehicles Software Solutions and Platforms to Power Ev Projects

Sep 02, 2021
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Electric Vehicles Software Solutions

The engine, battery, steering, and transmission of an electric car are all critical components, but the importance of innovative software solutions cannot be overlooked. In this article, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about electric vehicle software development solutions.

21st-century automotive trends have shifted towards electric vehicles. According to a Morgan Stanley study, approximately one billion electric vehicles will be on the roads by the year 2050.

However, on this journey of the future, electric vehicles need to deal with a lot of issues. Insufficient charging infrastructure, short battery life spans, and special maintenance needs are some of the issues with electric vehicles.

It becomes a difficult task for electric vehicle manufacturers to design electric vehicles with all of these challenges. Thus, the concept of electric vehicles software development has been conceived to facilitate the development process. 

BR Softech, one of the leading electric vehicles software development company, wants to share some knowledge with you, like electric vehicle software, how electric vehicle software works, and how to develop software for electric vehicles. 

What Are Electric Vehicle Software Development Solutions?

EV software acts as the electric car operating system. This program primarily serves to support or amplify the working of electric vehicles.

Whether you need to see the charged battery percentage, real-time location of the vehicle, enable or disable the electric vehicles, electric vehicle software got you covered.

Electric vehicle control software

allows you to view, monitor, and manage all the necessary operations of electric vehicles using the same platform.

How Electric Vehicle Software Development Solutions and Platform Can Power EV Projects?

In this day and age, no car is complete without software, whether it’s an electric or conventional fuel car.

It is no longer a luxury to have software; rather, it is a necessity for an electric car to function appropriately. Software for electric vehicles is used to replace the complex mechanical system ICE’s have. 

Electrical vehicle control software also helps to manage the multiple operations of the vehicle simultaneously. The battery is one of the key components of the electric vehicle; therefore, the software collects import information of the battery and provides its current statistical status. 

Additionally, the software can be used to get the following benefits as well.  

Streamlining processes and improving functionality

Here’s what functionality electrical vehicles software development solutions can improve. 

Keep Track of Car Performance: A software can collect huge data from various remote sensors. By analyzing this data, you can figure out where your car suffers. Then you can improve the performance of your car by taking appropriate actions.

Increasing Vehicle Safety: The safety feature not only bonds to ensure the safety of the vehicle but also ensures the safety of the driver. In case of an unexpected event, it notifies the driver or the person concerned immediately. Additionally, this feature can identify blind spots and apply automated braking. 

Enhanced Vehicle Navigation: While driving the importance of flawless and up-to-date navigation is inevitable. This need is being met by electric vehicle software companies. 

Advanced Creative Design: Consumers today demand more from their electric vehicles. They are not settling for innovative technologies; they are also expecting attractive designs. With the software used in hybrid electric vehicle design, this demand could be met.

Involvement of the Machine Learning and AI

The involvement of AI and machine learning in the electric vehicles industry is transforming the industry at a rapid pace. Here is how AI and machine learning can be applied to electrical vehicle simulation software. 

A Quick and Cost-Effective Manufacturing Process: When AI and ML are applied to electric vehicle manufacturing, it will result in reducing manufacturing costs and time. With the intelligence of the IT software in the electric vehicle company, product research, inventory management, supply chain, and so forth can be optimized. 

Vehicle Management Suggestions: Artificial intelligence can detect problems before they occur and alert the driver so that they can take measures to avoid them. 

Driver Behavior Analysis: The BR Softech electrical vehicle management software can gather data on sudden braking, excessive speed, sharp turns, etc. Data is made available to the driver so that they can correct their driving patterns. 

Real-time Information

Apart from meeting all the industry-related safety standards, smart electric vehicles management software can provide you with the following real-time information.

Real-Time Data: Ev software companies in India offer information such as weather and traffic conditions to drivers for their convenience. 

Electronic vehicle Information: Ev management software can provide the driver with information, including battery percentage. KM range, the nearest charging station on the map, and so on. 

What are the Different Types of the Electric Vehicle Software Available in the Market?

Types of the Electric Vehicle Software

To provide complete control over electric vehicles, a range of software is available in the market. Some of the widely used EV software solutions are mentioned below. 

Electric Vehicles Charging Software Solution

EV charging software solutions are one of the essential software to make electric vehicles run. This software helps the driver to keep an eye on the charging and ports faults of the vehicles. 

EV charging management software also sends alerts to the driver regarding the charging status, any defeat in-car charging system, and daily utilization of the battery. 

Smart EV Route Planner Software

Alongside navigating the driver to the desired location, smart EV route planner software also comes into use to point out the electric vehicle charging stations along the route. 

When you are charging a battery-powered vehicle, you may feel idle; route planning software can also suggest things you can do while you wait. 

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

EV fleet vehicles management software helps you monitor the electric vehicles from a single dashboard. With this information, the driver can optimize car maintenance and detect serious issues within the car. 

Electric Vehicle Design Software

With EV design software, the vehicle performance can be evaluated to find the design weaknesses to enhance the vehicle performance. 

Embedded Electric Vehicle Software

The embedded systems in electric vehicles are designed to provide passengers with more comfort and safety. Most importantly, embedded software helps to deal with the main disadvantage of electric vehicles. 

Learn the Sustainable Growth of the Electric Vehicle Control Software Solution in the Market

Electric vehicles have been talked about for the past few decades with a sustainable growth rate in the market. This growth leads to the increased demand for electric vehicles software development solutions. 

Listed below are some insights into the electric vehicle industry:

  1. ZSW, a solar energy and hydrogen research company based in Germany, estimated that more than 5.6 million electric cars will be on the road worldwide by 2021.
  2. Deloitte, a global leader in audit and research, reported that approximately 2 million electric vehicle units were sold globally in 2018. By the end of the year 2030, these sales figures are projected to reach 21 million. 
  3. The International Energy Agency (IEA), in a report, predicted that electric vehicles will account for 40% of all passenger vehicles by 2040.
  4. Many well-celebrated automobile companies, such as BMW and Porsche, will step into the world of the electric vehicles industry. By the end of the year 2025, BMW will launch 12 fully electric cars – a recent announcement made in a press conference. Porsche plans to spend $7.4 billion manufacturing electric vehicles. 

What Are the Main Features of Electric Vehicles Software Solutions and Platforms?

Discover the unmatched features that make the electric car operating system, i.e. electric vehicles software development solutions. 

Exceptional UX/UI: System architecture and software design for electric vehicles should be designed exceptionally, so all ages of people can explore the features of the software with no hassle.

Remote management: This feature enables owners to control their electric vehicles with software without having to physically interact with them. 

Vehicle power consumption tracking and prediction: Owners should be aware of the detailed power consumption report for their electric vehicles, along with an estimate of how many kilometers the batteries can last. 

Efficient charging and energy management: The vehicle owner can control the charging rate and manage the flow of energy between the different parts of the vehicle. 

Anti-theft feature: You can incorporate several anti-theft features in your electric vehicle simulation software such as geo-fencing and geo-locating. Geo-fencing refers to the virtual boundary in which a vehicle can move. While geo-locating features help the owner to locate the vehicle in case of theft. 

Constant Updates: The demands of electric vehicle owners are constantly changing. Therefore, it is inevitable to keep updating the electric vehicles software development solutions with constant updates. 

Finding the closest charging station: The driver can use the electric vehicle management software to find the nearest charging station. 

Low-battery notification: When the battery drops below a certain percentage, the driver is notified immediately. 

Charging started: When a vehicle is put on charge, the owner should be notified. 

Charging disconnected: The owner must be informed if the battery is disconnected from the charger. 

How to Develop Software for Electric Vehicles?

How to Develop Software for Electric Vehicles?

This section will give you an overview of the electric vehicles software development process.

TO More Softwares

Requirement Analysis

The first step needs to be served first. It is the process of defining the user requirement and making the document of the requirement. Afterward, electric vehicle software developers analyze, refine, and decompose the requirements of their clients. 

Function Design

Function design is meant to refer to defining the general functionalities of the software. In this phase, electric vehicles software development companies specify the workflow of the software and how it is going to perform on the client’s computer. 

System Design

This phase refers to the system architecture and software design for electric vehicles. The purpose of the system design in electric vehicles software development is to provide sufficient information related to the system.

Electric Vehicles Software Development

Electric vehicle software companies in India will proceed to develop electric software used in electric vehicles. The software needs to be developed using the best App development practices to serve the client’s needs. 


Before deploying the software to customers, top electric vehicle companies in India need to thoroughly test the application to ensure that the application is working well as per the client’s requirement. 

Cost to Develop Electric Vehicles Software Development Solutions

Developing software used in electric vehicles requires a lot of effort; this would result in the high cost of EV software development solutions. 

The electric car product development process comprises multiple stages, and each stage influences the development cost. Let’s see what those stages are:

Deployment Time

Deployment time is the first thing that matters in determining the cost of the electric vehicle control software development. 

If you’re willing to develop your EV stock management software quickly, then you might have to assemble an extended team of developers on your project. An increase in the number of team members will certainly increase the cost of electric vehicle software development. 

Software Complexity & Size

Software size and complexity are other factors that add a great increment to the EV management software development cost

Electric Vehicle’s Software Developers Location

The location of the chosen electric vehicles software developers location will significantly increase or decrease the location. For instance, if you choose an EV software developer from European countries, then you might need to pay $120 to $200/hour. However, if you choose developers from Asian countries like India, this cost will reduce to $50 to $120/hour. 

By taking these factors into consideration, the estimated cost of developing an electric vehicle software development would be somewhere around $1,20,000 to $2,00,000. 

Choose Perfect Electric Vehicles Software Development Company

Now, I hope you have gained a sound knowledge of what electric vehicles software is; how electric vehicles solutions and platforms can power EV projects, alongside how to develop electric vehicle control software.

Now, the important question you need to deal with is which electric vehicles software development company is the right choice for you. 

BR Softech is one of the top electric vehicle companies in India with over 9 years of experience in the automotive software development domain. We follow the best development practice to provide the client with top-notch EV software development solutions. Contact us today to build your EV software solutions. 

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