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EV Charging Station Finder App Cost and its Features

written by Nitin Garg | Apr 04, 2022
EV Charging Station Finder App

Significance of Electric Vehicle charging station app finder

Electric vehicles are the future of the Automobile industry due to their effect on the environment and ability to boost the economy. In the long run, electric vehicles are more cost-effective than conventional vehicles and cause minor environmental damage than standard gasoline vehicles. An EV charging station app can be a great tool in the electric vehicle is driven world that can save a lot of time for the users and be cost-effective. 

Statistics and Facts

According to a global sales report, the sale of electric cars will pass 2.1 million in 2019. The charging stations are continuously increasing worldwide as electric vehicle charging expands. It is similar to searching for “Petrol stations near me” but a more advanced and modern way of finding charging stations. According to another report, the CAGR of electric vehicle charging stations is expected to reach almost 38%. 

These facts and statistics give a clear idea that spending your money and time on the EV charging station finder app will give a good return in the future. Let’s now look into the definition of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Station Finder App. 

What is Electric Vehicle (EV) Station Finder App

An EV charging station finder app will find the charging station available near your location that you can easily access. Moreover, you will also get added information related to the charging station like the rates, operating timings, charging speed, and owner of the station, most notably, the plug-in type that resonates with the charging slot of your electric vehicle. These apps will let you find the ratings, photos, real-time availability, and live traffic situations. 

You can choose the best app depending on the customer reviews, app ratings on different app stores, and the most interactive user interface. The users can also turn on the notification that can send the alert when many charging stations are in the nearby area. 

Now you know about the definition and an overall view of the electric vehicle charging stations finder app; the next step is to learn about the marketing trends in the market. 

Marketing Trends of EV Charging Station Finder App

It is high time to invest money in the EV charging station clone app as the global electric vehicle market predicts unexpected growth between 2020 – 2027. There are around 96,536 public charging stations in the United States in the current scenario. There is an increase in demand for charging stations in the market due to the increase in electric vehicles on the roads. 

The engineers are continuously working on developing a technology that can charge an EV in just a few minutes. Soon, after discovering this type of technology, the EV charging stations will become routine like petrol pumps. To develop the best EV charging station app, you must follow the global market trends. 

The number of electric vehicles present on the roads will increase by 90% over the next five years, which means there will be many people that will charge their cars and look for charging stations. 

So, we can conclude that the demand for an EV station finder app is high in the currency scenario according to global market trends. The next chapter in this guide is the working of the EV charging station finder app. 

How Does EV Charging Station Finder App Work? 

How does ev charging station Finder App work?

An electric vehicle charging station finder app works on the same algorithm the Google Maps near me feature works. To find the EV charging station app near the user, the app scans all the stations available in the area and knows their operation station along with the shortest distance so that you can easily reach the area in no time. 

Here are some of the steps that an EV charging station finder app follows. 

  • Creating your unique profile: Unlike other apps, the EV charging finder app first creates your unique profile by simply asking for some details that you need to follow to provide you with the best services. 
  • Work on your query: The second step after creating your profile is working on the query that you search on the application. A mobile app development company helps the application store data of all the EV stations to respond to your queries in seconds. 
  • Search for the available stations near your location: The application then searches for the stations nearest to your location and also checks the road conditions in the area to access the charging station easily. 
  • Search for the availability: After searching for the nearest station, the app checks for the station’s availability at the time of your search. If the operational hours of the station resonate with the hour slots that you are searching for, you will get the list on your screen. 
  • The final check: After calculating all the parameters, the app displays the list of EV charging stations available in the area. However, provide the best list of gas stations that the user can easily reach. 

These were some of the steps involved in operating an EV charging station finder app that works to display you the best results. The next step is to feature the EV Charging Station Finder App.

Features of EV Charging Station Finder App

Features of EV Charging Station Finder App

The features of an EV charging station clone app separate it from the other apps and help you choose the best. The app’s advanced features make it unique and allow the users to be more creative and interact easily with the application.

Here are some of the features of an EV charging station.

  • In-app Navigation: In-app navigation is done by using the Global Positioning System and the Maps API to allow the user to quickly navigate to the EV charging station in the least possible time. The users can also see the traffic conditions and the time required to reach the destination. 
  • Multiple payments: This feature allows users to make payments from multiple payment gateways free of installing multiple payment applications. An android app development company helps developers integrate the multiple payment features and make it easily accessible to the user. 
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking is similar to In-App navigation. Moreover, it allows the users to find the nearby charging station independently. GPS tracking also calculates the speed required to reach the station at a particular time by using fundamental physics. 
  • Chatbot Integration: Chatbots are an advanced customer support system that helps users interact easily with the application and support the user in a better way. The users now don’t have to wait for a response from a support executive, whereas their queries can be quickly resolved by these boats. 
  • CRM Integration: CRM integration in your mobile app will help you run the business in the long run and help the users be more interactive with the application. A CRM helps you manage the relations with your existing or new customers to build your brand name.
  • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs keep your customers engaged and return to your app. Providing high value to the local customers will help them trust your application and share it with other users. 

These are some EV charging station apps; furthermore, let’s look at the best EV charging station app.

The Best EV Charging Station App

Best Ev Charging app

The best EV charging station clone app helps you save the user’s time and helps them find the nearest EV charging stations and navigate the users to reach them as fast as possible. 

Here are the top EV charging station finder apps available in the market.

  • Plugshare: It is one of the most popular mobile apps you can use to find charging stations worldwide. As the app’s area increases, it also increases the system’s requirements and storage. 
  • ChargePoint: This app compares the vast network of electric vehicles and provides you with a list that you can use to find the station that you can easily reach and charge your electric vehicle’s battery. 
  • EVgo: It has the largest charging networks in the United states, and as per the users’ reviews, it may cost more but provide you the premium experience with some additional features. 
  • Chargemap is an application that is in use for more than 330,000 electric car drivers in the world who can find and locate a charging point in some microseconds. The application is easing the process of finding charging stations. 

These are some of the EV charging station finder applications; you can get inspired by these applications and focus on how to Create an EV Charging Station Finder App to develop a complete app. 

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How to Create an EV Charging Station Finder App?

The trend of electric vehicles will be there in the market for a long time and will rule the Mobility industry in the future. To create the best EV charging station finder app, you need to have a team of dedicated and talented employees and know the trends of this dynamic market to get the best deal. 

You need to do market research to build more confidence in your idea, and you need to have several features in mind that you need to implement to provide the best user experience. 



Technology Stack of EV Charging Station Finder App

To rule the EV charging station finder apps market, you need to know the technical terms and technology stack used for the EV charging station finder application to get the best service. 

The technology stack involves the working and operating of the application and allowing you to use the application for getting the best services. The use of programming languages, Global Positioning System, data processing, data collecting, etc., builds the complete technological architecture of your EV charging station finder app. 

Development Cost EV Charging Station Finder App?

The cost of developing an Electric Vehicle station finder app depends on many factors and features that you integrate into the application. The estimated cost of an EV station finder app with basic features is $ 10,000 to $400,000. Moreover, here is the list of costs that can vary and change in the coming future depending upon the demands. 

Locations Hourly rate ($/hour)
North America  150
South America 130
India 35
Australia 90
Asia  30

These were the rates per hour of an EV station finder app that is helping the users to be free and find the station app more effectively. Here are the reasons to choose BR Softech for mobile app development. 

Why Choose BR Softech for Mobile App Development?

BR Softech provides excellent and satisfactory services to users to achieve their goals. They have a team of young and enthusiastic minds that makes mobile game development a smooth process. 

Here are some reasons to choose us

  • Excellent customer support: They provide excellent customer support to fulfil all the solutions to the users they are looking for. Their customer support is quick response and solves your queries in minutes. 
  • Creative process: They use creative processes and ideas to develop an application that can easily interact with the user and hold their attention for a few hours. 
  • Brainstorming: Brainstorming helps you be more creative, and to use this fact, they are creating new ideas and helping the customers get the best use of the application. 
  • Interactive App Development: An interactive app development process helps users interact more with the application and create new ideas that can transform the user’s thinking process. 

These were a few reasons you should choose BR Softech for the EV stations finder application. Moreover, you can choose their service to be ahead of your competitors. 

Bottom line

The EV market is continuously booming with its unique features of transforming the future of mobility. Due to the increase in EVs on roads, there will be demand for charging stations to get the best and most accessible services. You can choose BR Softech for mobile app development because they provide some of the best features to help the users grow faster with their idea.

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