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Features and Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework for Development

written by Admin | Jan 12, 2019

Codeigniter is a widely used open source PHP framework. It is used to develop dynamic websites. The first public version of Codeigniter was released by EllisLab in 2006. In 2014 Codeigniter was acquired by the British Columbia Institute of Technology and then it was announced as the community maintained the project. It includes many class libraries, helpers, active records and other interesting features.

Codeigniter is easy to use Object oriented PHP web application framework. It allows the developers to build a powerful tool. It’s ideal for people who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. The latest version 4.0.0-alpha of Codeigniter released in 2018. This certified open source software is licensed with the MIT License. It provides with exceptional performance.

Without further ado, let’s look over the lucrative features of the CodeIgniter Framework for Development.
1. Free to Use: – There is no additional cost to use Codeigniter, as it’s licensed with the MIT License.

2. Follow MVC Pattern: – MVC stands for Model-View-Controller pattern. It separates the input, output, and processing of an application. It helps in implementing a user interface on computers.

3. Light Weight: – Codeigniter core system doesn’t require many files, its core system requires a very small library. Although it has the option to add more libraries based upon your needs. As its lightweight, it allows Codeigniter to work fast, speed is its key element.

4. Generate SEO Friendly URLs: – Codeigniter uses a segment based approach. The URLs generated by Codeigniter are user-friendly. These user-friendly URLs helps with SEO and it’s considered as a marketing tool.

5. Built-in Library: – Codeigniter comes with a built-in library which allows the developers to do the needful. It enables the developer to send emails, manipulate images, sending emails and a lot more.

6. PHP Driven Framework: – PHP is an excellent programming language that works on a different framework. All PHP driven frameworks presented with extraordinary features like hassle-free and cost-effective development.

7. Easy Upload: – CodeIgniter framework doesn’t require installation hence it is easy to upload for any business. It’s easy to upload option makes the configuration process real convenient.

8. Security Feature: – CodeIgniter framework has a robust security feature that can be used to develop a secure website. Its cookie encryption and decryption feature enhance the development process.

On top of it all, Codeigniter Development Services include flexible URI Routing, Zip encoding class, full page caching, localizations, session management, data encryption, application profiling, benchmarking, flexible URI Routing and a lot more. Codeigniter provides with versatile features to build a dynamic web application.

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It provides with an advanced aspect. It’s designed in the simplified way to deliver maximum performance in less time within a clean environment. It’s mainly designed for beginners and professionals. To develop a PHP framework for developing MVC based web application Codeigniter is the best platform.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework for Development

We have narrow down the list of advantages for people who would like to learn more about the developing website using CodeIgniter. It has an incredible set of functions and known to make the task easy. It will help you save your precious time if you are developing the website from scratch.

1. The simplified code structure is the key advantage of this framework. It is provided with a user-friendly interface which helps in detecting the error throughout the application. While using this framework you will get bug handling instructions. And dubbing messages. It automatically reflects the errors in your application.

2. CodeIgniter doesn’t require a validation feature. It allows you to write the code in one line. Its effective validation framework system allows you to write the code without error.

3. From the developer’s point of view, the best advantage of the CodeIgniter framework is it allows the web and application customization and configuration with ease. Any file can be edited and created as per the desirability.

4. Customization of existing files is quite simple in CodeIgniter. It’s a great platform for beginners with simplified features.

5. CodeIgniter makes the migration process easier and allow to manage and update data across various fields. It makes the complete process, server to server migration look effortless.


6. Security is the essence of this framework, It allows the developers to create the web application in the most secure manner.

7. It offers PHP developers the easiest way to utilize modular programs and allow to use them all the functions with ease.

8. CodeIgniter is considered to be the most reliable and lightweight framework.

9. CodeIgniter is compatible with all the platforms, operating system, and web servers.

10. CodeIgniter helps the developer to create both front end and rear end application effectively.

11. It simplifies the coding process and helps the developer to minimize the amount of code needed to develop the PHP based application.

12. To create the application with high functionality and resource CodeIgniter is the best platform. It allows the developer to use the inbuilt libraries and additional features.

13. CodeIgniter offers PHP developers with the modular program and allow developers to use specific functions through the framework.

14. CodeIgniter is an object-oriented platform. It requires using the object-oriented programming technique to be able to make an efficient web application.

CI Web Development Companies gives you the opportunity to create a customized web application, which would help you improve business aspects. Some of the organizations also provide with the dedicated CodeIgniter developers who can customize your website as per your desirability.

BR Softech also provides with the highly skilled, dedicated developer to customize your website as per your vision. Make a smart choice by selecting this framework with small footprints. It delivers higher performance and requires zero configuration with no command line. Without adhering to restricted coding rules you can use this framework in the most efficient way.

The CodeIgniter framework allows smooth web development with a hassle-free experience. It provides with a broad range of services and various appealing features. It enables startups to make revenue without further investment.

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