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What is the Future Business Scope of Hybrid Mobile App Development in India

written by Admin | Nov 03, 2018
What is the future scope of hybrid mobile app development in India

Mobile application market is increasing at high level and each day a new concept is launching in the technology sector to enhance the app world. The app development companies in India turned the process of merchandise and it lead to the modern business. The new features are implementing in the industry and they are attracting users at high level, whereas every day mobile developers are facing new challenges and learning something new.

Now business owners, desire to have their application on all the platforms so they can promote their services and products and can offer the wide platform to the customers. But to develop native and web applications can be costly and all entities can’t afford it to sort this issue out the tech developes introduced the Hybrid App and it is latest and trending technology of technical world. After developing the Hybrid applications it can be introduced at Apple, Google, and Windows App Stores. This new technology offers a new opportunities to the economic global level.

What is Hybrid Application?

Hybrid Application technology is a combination of native app and web app.

Native apps can be used after downloading in the app store whereas the web app are relied on HTML and provide in a browser embedded within the app itself.

Hence, Hybrid application are developed with HTML, CSS and Java script after it, wrapped into a native iOS, android or according to the other platform. This application just have to downloaded from the app stores similar as native app.

This application is functionable even without a internet connection or can be integrated with the device file system. Hence, the Hybrid applications saves time as well as cost as developer don’t have to create a code for different platform. A Hybrid app is functional for multiple platforms.

Features of Hybrid Application

1) Internet connection not required: This application doesn’t require internet connection. It has an ability to run offline also.

2) Connects with device: It has an ability to integrate with device file systems and it result in easier working.

3) Integrate with web based: This application can be integrated with the web and user can integrate it.

Advantages Of Hybrid applications

1) Supports Multiple OS with a single code: Hybrid applications are enabled to support on different platforms and it is develop by the one particular source code.

2) Less Time consumption: The time will be consume less to develop the app as for web and native a single source code will work along with this, the hybrid applications doesn’t include the mobile web browser look as they have native hardware features. So it take less time to develop.

3) Portable content: The content on the app is moveable and it requires a native harness to work on the platform.

4) Distribution on app store: Few software provides the hybrid applications framework and similar as native applications.

5) Offline access: It will work offline also, It doesn’t require internet connection.

6) Affordable price: The similar HTML can be utilised for the multiple operating system for the multiple platforms. The developer doesn’t have to develop the various versions for the Android and IOS. Therefore the cost and efforts both reduced for the development process.

7) Offline advanced features: This platform offers offline advanced features for the users as online itself is unique but offline features adds charm to the app and it able to fulfill the requirements.

6) Exclude API: The development excluded API development process as it is linked with web, so it doesn’t require API integration.

7) No updation required: The application doesn’t require any updation as every app in the app store need updation.

Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

There are various disadvantage also as a coin has two aspect same the hybrid have cons also

  1. User Experienced: A hybrid app doesn’t provide a better user experience as compared to the native applications. Native apps includes all the essential interface and it helps to bring the meaningful, descriptive transitions which is not possible for the hybrid apps in any situation.

  1. Less Efficiency: The high performance games and applications can be hurdle in case of hybrid apps. These applications are slower and less effective.

  1. Exclude native features: It leads to a limitation as the few features will be involved of android and IOS, developer have to manage with the space.

  1. Rejection by app store: The chances of rejection will increase by the app store. If in case, once the app store will recognise the app that it is not native so it may reject the request.

  2. Low performance: It may perform low as UI will be implemented as per IOS and android.

Future of Hybrid App Development – Ruler of Mobile application

It would be not wrong to say that in future we will be seeing the hybrid applications will be ruling the mobile app world. Additionally, the hybrid applications will be the need of every business organisations and it will be result as a part of every company. The importance is going to increase day by day as now for every work mobile devices are used and technology is ruling the world. Applications has turned the business working easier.

In future, staff members will be demanding for the mobile application for every platform to get the better results and while seeing the low cost entities will forced to opt the hybrid apps and the trend of hybrid mobile app development will increase rapidly. Even no also organisations are looking for the framework of hybrid so the data will be also on a particular platform. The experts have state that when it comes to develop a application the hybrid app will not only the demand of the organisations but also of the mobile developers. The owners should understandance this new technology and start utilising it to enhance their business and it is a perfect marketing strategy at affordable price.

Why business owners will not opt for the hybrid applications as there are many reason to opt Hybrid mobile applications.

Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Application Development for Business

1) Cost reduce: As owners don’t have to invest money for different development platform process. They only have to develop one application and it will work on all the platforms.

2) Save time: It will save time of the employees as sometimes owners think one platform is sufficient and they force employees for a long run work. It will save time.

3) Increase business: If the visibly appears on all the platforms, so it will reach to many people and it will help to increase the productivity as it offers more clients.

4) Faster to develop: It will not take a huge time to develop as developer only have to work on a single code. It will develop fast and will delivered to the clients.

5) Mark faster presence: It will mark presence faster in the market as compare to the native applications. It will work faster in compared to reviews, comments etc.


So in this blog, we have mentioned all the information about the hybrid mobile app development and its future. It will become the essential part of the business sectors. The organizations will be rely on these hybrid applications as it will be beneficial for the future business and at affordable price they will get the best.

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