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Golang Advantages, Limitations and Use Cases

written by Admin | May 08, 2019
Golang Development: Advantages, Limitations and use cases

Golang programming language is an advancement to the programming development sector. Since 2007, experts were working on it and finally, in the year 2009, it was launched in the market by the reputed and famous worldwide brand Google.

Basic Points to Know About Go Programming Language

Basic Points to Know About Go Programming Language

There are multiple programming languages but this advance language has an ability to sort all the real-time challenges of the programming sector. It helps to develop the concurrent applications and it turns the coding system into easier, faster, and secure.

Golang 1.0 version was released in the year 2012

Have you heard the fact that everything in the universe has two phases if it has advantages so there are some limitations also same goes with the Go language?

Hence, in this blog, we will tell you about the Golang web development process which will feature the various advantages, limitations, and usage.

Know All About Go Language!

Go language is a compiled programming language based on the cloud infrastructure. It is designed by Robert Griesemer and launched at Google in the year 2009. Golang language has essential features which include:

  • Memory Safety
  • Garbage collection
  • Organized Typing

Even now top companies have also relied on the Go language only and it has become an essential service of the app and web development company.

Top Companies Using Golang Language

Top companies using Golang language

1) Google

2) YouTube

3) Apple

4) Dropbox

5) Docker

6) BBC

7) The Economist

8) The New York Times

9) IBM

10) Twitter

11) Facebook#

Advantages of Go Language

Advantages of Go Language

Various advantages of Golang language:

Faster Development Process

  • Now for software development companies, to develop a website and mobile application is not a difficult task
  • Based on the compiled language.
  • Directly integrated with the machine code.
  • Support cross-platform development – Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Develop only one output executable file.


  • The garbage cleaner feature implements here and it cleans the whole dirt and collect the unuseful part and deployed it into the executive library.
  • It is an open source based characteristic which turns into more reliable.


  • The concurrent feature plays an imperative role in our lives. Hence, the concurrent feature is a demand for the app development company.
  • This feature enabled to run various process together and effectively. This language has similarity which includes C, C++, and Java.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

  • The Go development programming language is based on the latest tools and technology.
  • It believes to integrate the advanced technologies to the system. Hence, it supports cloud-based infrastructure.

Easy to Learn

  • Now, Golang programming language is a new language that developers have to learn. It is a next level based programming language and the best thing is it excludes the various stages.
  • Developers don’t have to face many challenges to learn this language, this language is very easy to learn.
  • Now, it’s time to enlight to put some light on the darker side of the Golang development programming language.

Disadvantages of Golang Programming Language

Disadvantages of Golang programming Language

Know the negative aspects of the Golang language by the developers

New language: According to the web and app developers, this Golang language is a new language for the developers. The new concept and trend could turn as an issue as new things always take time to learn. So, until developers get aware of this phenomena till then this point will be counted in the disadvantage.

Lack of manual Memory Management: The lack of manual memory management can result in overloaded garbage collection. It can cause the pauses and effect the programming of the system.

Error Handling: In Go language, the error handling system is not perfect. Still, experts are searching on the solutions.

Code Duplication: It integrates code automatically but it is not that much reliable as the integration of the code is not statically checked.

Lack of Framework: Still major framework has not been introduced in the market for the developers. Whereas languages like Ruby on Rails, Phyton, and PHP has multiple frameworks.

Use Cases of Golang Development

Use Cases of Golang Development

1) Docker

Docker refers to a computer program. It performs on the operating system level virtualization. It was released in the year 2013 by Docker. Hence, it is used to run the software packages which are named as containers.

Know Five Reasons Why Docker Used Programming Language

Know Five Reasons Why Docker Used Programming Language

Easy to integrate

  • Go programming language is easier to install
  • It is easier to test and easy to adopt.
  • It allows for installing multiple things.

Neutral Language

This language doesn’t include C++, Python, Ruby, and Java.

Offers Full Development Process

It sorted out various challenges of the Golang programming language development and it provides:

  • go Doc ( Enable to preview the package of any documentation)
  • go Get ( Dependency on github etc)
  • go fmt ( Sorts out the tabs vs space )
  • go test ( Able to run all the test function)
  • go run ( rapid script includes prototyping)

Other Factors which have turned as a best and most needed features for the Docker:

Best Asynchronous Primitives

Low-level Interfaces

Enlarge Library

Hire Golang Developers of BR Softech & Get Solutions for Your Business

Challenges with Go

Drawbacks as per Docker

1) Maps are not threaded safe

  • Developers have to protect access with Synex.Mutex.
  • They are very faster have to keep it on a safer side is user responsibility.

2) Increase Responsibilities

  • Docker state that it increases dependencies and doesn’t allow a particular revision.
  • Along with this, have to deal and communicate with the private repo manually,

3) Tough Development Process

  • With common code, it’s hard to develop the multiple binaries.
  • It is essential that the particular program should be in a specific package.
  • Share common stuff side by side.

4) Less Option

  • Limited Options
  • Doesn’t offer grouping options

5) Wordy Error Handling

  • Error handling includes various wording, it turns into a long process.
  • Turns into a panic process.


Uber is known as the best transportation service provider. It is situated in San Francisco California. It offers various services to the passengers and it turns the rides easier. Its different types of services are peer to peer ridesharing, Pool service and independent car service, outstation rental car service.

How Does Go Language Play an Essential Role in Uber Development Process

Go language offers various facilities in the form of libraries to create a bot.

What is the Goal of Go Language?

What is the Goal of Go Language?

  • It turns easy processing into more easier
  • Helps to convert hard into accessible
  • Takes 15 minutes to start a bot
  • Optimized for the long term
  • Develop your own bot

The best way to develop the chatbot is to follow the instructions in the directory. Preview the directory and copy the favorite main.go feature and start doing the editing process as per your preference. Even you can have the commentary throughout the file that helps you to get the file.

Hal in Chat System

Multiple numbers of bots start with the plugin first. Hence, it allows the user to integrate the plugin from the inside chat system itself.

My SQL – Supported database

Here. in Mysql compatible are supported by database backends. Hal requires the specific features and it avoids unnecessary abstractions and it loss of power are in need of support of other databases.

Strong API and Retesting

In chatbot development, API uses to be enhanced and it is also changed as well as it includes the retesting process.

Future Plans

Integrate docker plugin which runs code in docker studio ( It is in progress)

It is imperative to attach the sshchat as a broker.


In this blog, we have focused on Golang language and brought you the advantages and limitations of it. Also, we have showcased the top organizations which are using this language in their development process. Uber and Docker are Golang based projects and we have brought use cases of it we have mentioned how it was beneficial as well as what challenges they have to face while integrating the language in their development process.

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