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Google Assistant Opens Door For Third Party Developer Support

written by Admin | Apr 07, 2017
Google Assistant Opens Door For Third Party Developer Support

Google has brought some new technology for the developers. It’s a new device powered by google assistant, which gives a big platform for the developers to do coding in a smart way. All their complexity changes into easy accessibility if they adopt this technology. Google assistant keeps you away from all the troublesome during coding. This is a very good development tool for the developers who want to make their career in a brighter way. All the developers are invited to this Google revolution and build their apps on this platform to develop the functionality of their apps.

Google has brought something new this time for all the operators and users who are facing the problem of complex coding. All the coding features are in built inside this google assistant. The Google Adsense clone has also proved to be useful. Basically, it is used for the assistance to the Google to enhance it’s operational. Google can assist many devices connected to it with the help of this connection. Google is said to be the answer for all the questions and now it is more useful for the developers who are not able to make programming more usefully as they don’t have the required functional features. This is a very big help for all the google developers and they need to know the updates about this device. This device can be used in various communication modes such as voice communications. If we say something google can act appropriately to the command. Google is the most widely used search engine and mainly used for open the websites and acquiring the knowledge. Let’s put some lights on the features of google assistant.

Salient features of google assistant:

#1 Simplify the living with google assistant:

This system totally works on the voice commands. This is highly used to save the time which is given in the typing your questions or things. If you are busted with your stuff you can directly say open some particular application Google will accept the command and will open the application. No need to touch the mobile. Make sure that you are having a clear voice as goggle can only understand clear voices. This device will automatically reduce its temperature if the mobile device is getting hotter because of the mobile application running in the background.

#2 Probabilities of Google Assistant Explored by Developers:

Google has surprised all the google developers by providing a combination of robust code and high technology specified device. It is free of cost and you can download to your device freely. No need of authentication. This is very helpful for the developers as they need not search for every topic their voice is enough. This is done through Actions on Google provided by google assistant. Google is interlinked with GupShup, Assist, Witlingo, Notify. IO, DashBot and Voice Labs, API.AI, and Spoken Layer to help the developers use this platform to build their apps.

#3 New Features and Functionalities activated in Google Home:

Google has made this platform so useful and user friendly as you can operate all the operations such as YouTube, whatsapp, Facebook, download apps by their names, play music, download movies etc. All the things are operated only on the voice notes.This is the specialty of the google assistant. None of the digital assistants provide this type of easiness in the online market. This is the reason why google is always on the top and no need of any support google will be everlasting search engine which is so user friendly. New features are also inbuilt inside the device. It’s all free to download. Try it today!!

#4 Future of Digital Assistant Technology: google assistant-

This trend of voice commands was built before itself, but due to some circumstances, it was not that successful. Now with the help of Google assistant and Apple Siri this has become possible to work on voice commands. This saves your much time and energy. This is so useful that you can try this whenever you are in danger. For example, if something is urgent you can just raise your voice and definitely you will be assisted. This is the future of digital technology. We are thankful to google developers to make our work easy day by day and lead us an enlightened career.

Closing thoughts:

Google has proved to be the best search engine till now and will be always. Google is not only used for the question and answer section, but also for the commands and make all the actions go wireless and Touch less. Many Mobile application development companies have started to work on this platform. You can download this google assistant as soon as possible and keep yourself updated with the advanced technologies.


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