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Google Has Launched New Mobile Video Shopping App For Their Customers

written by Nikita Tak | Jul 23, 2020

The technology sector, as we all know, is changing the face of every industry rapidly. The recent techniques enable business owners to increase their profits faster.

Different industries that utilize the full potential of software are the educational sector, banking, finance, food, grocery delivery app, etc. One such industry is the favourite of all, shopping. Numerous technology giants are launching feature-rich software for making people’s shopping experience awesome.

One of the top-rated organizations, Google, has come up with a smashing shopping app to entice the shopaholics. The giant has rolled out a video shopping app to help the customers do shopping with ease. The name of the shopping app is the shop loop.

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When it comes to shopping, girls are crazy about it. By launching this platform, girls are very attracted to something new and interesting. 

According to the founder of Shoploop, the inspiration behind launching shoploop came from the fact that shopaholics make use of the blend of shopping websites and social media to get good shopping experience.

Shopping app development companies also add unique features in the application to increase the download for business owners. 

Shopping is changing now:

In today’s date, whenever someone does shopping, then they move to the top-notch social media platform such as Instagram and then check awe-inspiring YouTube videos regarding the same. Accordingly, they buy the product after proper research.

Well, even other leading companies have brought the combination of video and commerce. But, Google has included some of the attractive functionalities to grab the eyeballs of shoppers worldwide.

Amazon app clone, for instance, gives the thrilling option of live streaming to enable people to do shopping without any hassle. The Facebook platform also woo the users by adding live shopping feature, which gains a lot of attention among shopping lovers. Different social media platform are attracting people by launching wonderful shopping functionalities on their app. Among all, video shopping by Google is all set to take the world by storm in the upcoming future. 

Functions in the form of advertising tool, Shoploop is an eyebrow-raising video shopping app which helps small and big brands reach out to a wider audience in simple. The influencers can also attract followers just by making beautiful videos to market their products or services efficiently. Apart from watching the wonderful photos, shoploop is a more powerful platform because of videos running.

The video marketing is more beneficial to allure prospective customers. It is also effective marketing to gain more customers with each passing day and increase profits rapidly. Some of the industry sells products which appear to be more wonderful through video marketing—for instance, cosmetic products, food products, grocery delivery app, fashion products, etc.

Grocery Delivery Service

Shoploop has recently included shopping cosmetic products which have the list of makeup, skincare products, etc. For instance, girls can check a wide range of beauty products such as concealer, nail stickers on videos. It is one of the best platforms for girls to choose from a wide array of cosmetic products in just a few clicks.

Another reason why this app entices shopaholic girls is because of reviews and ratings. Before purchasing the cosmetic, it is important to know if it is safe for skin or not. All such reviews by girls are available on the shoploop application. Reading the reviews enable girls to choose the right cosmetic products in the blink of an eye. The Amazon app clone will be changing the way people do shopping. It is sure to give the best experience to people while purchasing products using the video shopping app.

amazon clone readymade solution

In this way, after every purchase, the customer posts the review to help other people make a good decision before purchasing a particular product. If the makeup or skincare products are of good quality, then customers give high recommendations for other girls to use that product.

Shoploop app also provides a wonderful option for customers to keep the product in the wish list for future purchase. It helps prevent the users from saving time in purchasing the cosmetic or makeup product next time. The cherry on the cake is that customers can also share thrilling videos to the friends and family so that they can plan for purchasing the best product. 

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Launched by Google, the video shopping app is launched currently as a mobile version. The big tech giant is planning to bring the web app version in future soon. Moreover, the company is also planning to streamline the mobile with web app so that people find it easier to operate both the applications without any hassle. The company is yet to make the app available to everyone around the globe.

Shopping app development now includes amazing features to entice the girls who love shopping to the extreme. Moreover, with the launch of the web version of shoploop, it will be easier for people to use a single app for both mobile and web. The business owners around the globe will be able to become creators on the Shoploop platform. 


Closing Thoughts: 

After looking at the impressive features of a video shopping app, it would not be wrong to say that Shoploop will bring a huge change for shopaholics. It is sure to give a good experience to people while shopping. If you are also a business owner and looking forward to developing the shopping app, then you need to research carefully about the best in class mobile app development company as per your budget.

The dedicated developers will help you create an amazing app which will eventually fetch you more customers and help you generate high revenues.

Nikita Tak

Nikita Tak is a prolific blogger who loves to learn and research about IT industry. She loves writing literary contents, and blogs on different topics such as IT technology, banking, etc.

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