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Google Launches App Maker for Developing Customized Enterprise App

written by Admin | Dec 17, 2016

Google comes up with the new technology in the tech market which will take the app building market to the next level. This upcoming technology is the “app maker” and this particular technology is grabbing the eyeballs of many businesses after its launch in the market.

Know more about the app maker:

It is the new technology by the technology giant Google. This particular technology allows people of the organization to develop and make use of the in-house enterprise apps without any hassle. This marvelous technology by the Google will help the developers for developing the mobile apps for business in efficacious and plain sailing way.

How will the App Maker help the developers?

It is quite essential for understanding the usefulness of a tool before you opt for using this technology. How will this tool benefit the developers? Which amazing features in this new technology will decrease the development efforts of the developers?
When the technology giants raises the curtains from the new technology then they also explain the advantages of that technology as to how will this technology change the technology sector as such? Google also tells about the amazing features in this new technology, “App Maker”:

  • This technology will have the interface which will be drag-and-drop.
  • The coding in this technology will be very less.
  • It will be constructed on the cloud platform.
  • It will have the built-in feature of scripting editor which will be of great help in the coding.
  • Customizing the scripts will be lot easier through this “App maker” technology.

How this App Maker will change the technology sector?

Various mobile app development company have started embracing this technology for developing the mobile apps in easy way and with the use of amazing features of the same. This marvelous technology will make it possible for any person to develop the mobile app with ease and in simple way.
This technology will also help multifarious enterprises and they will be able to create quick apps which is meant for a particular purpose in the organization and various industry-specific enterprise apps are begin developed by the developers and the programmers which are developed for a specific purpose in the organization. This particular tool will be able to develop the user interface efficaciously by extracting the data from the G suite applications, Google maps, Google drive, Google calendar, Contacts & Groups, etc.
As you will get the data very easily, then it will be quite easy task for developing the app as it is very easy for getting the data required from the Google databases. All the data which is being produced from the App Maker gets stored in a fresh structured database which is called as Google Drive Tables.


So, did you love reading about this upcoming new technology?
If yes, then  you can check other best technology blogs sections and read more about the new technologies that hits the market which helps the IT companies to the core. With this upcoming technology of Google, it will be quite easy for syncing of App Maker with various other services of the Google, such as the Google Docs, Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Groups, Google Forms, Google BigQuery, Google Maps, Google Sheets and various other added bonus.
With the launching of this new technology, the mobile app development company will not have to imbibe the enterprise mobility.


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