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Grofers Clone App Development Cost & Key Features

written by Harshita Khangarot | Aug 07, 2020
Grofers Clone App

Since the epidemic of COVID-19 hits the whole world, the demand to access the goods and services via an online medium is rapidly rising. Grocery app development is one such platform that provides customers with the convenience to search and order the desired product from their home. 

This article aims to cover every aspect that one needs to know before investing in grocery app development. Not only the article provides clarity about the concept of grocery app, but also its benefits. The article also tells about the benefits associated with using the clone script and the cost incurred in the process of app development. 

Consulting an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can provide effective counselling and extend their professional services to develop a full-fledged app for your grocery store. 

Grocery Apps Like Grofers

Benefits For The Customers

Grocery ordering apps are the new buzz word in the app development market that is trending these days, and there are obvious reasons for it. A large number of consumer benefits lures the customers for purchasing their weekly and monthly groceries from these online stores. 

Scroll down to know about the benefits that make the customers’ purchase groceries from these digital solutions. 

Wide range of brands and products

The online grocery stores are known for showcasing a wide range of products to choose from. Also, the numerous brands that are displayed on the online stores offer a varied shopping experience to the users.  

Low prices

The products that are enlisted on the app stores are often seen to be selling at a lowered price than their retail counterparts. This is another reason that creates the buzz amongst the customers for choosing these online platforms.

Offers and discounts

The online stores are renowned for featuring frequent discounts and attractive offers that lure the customers into purchasing with these online applications. 

Online payment

The online payment mechanism is yet another feature that fascinates the users for the grocery apps. The integration of payment gateway service provides a secure mode of exchanging funds for the desired products. 

Contact-less delivery

The world is facing a crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that makes social distancing the best alternative to take as a precautionary measure. To promote the motto, the online grocery stores are offering contactless delivery to keep any risk of contamination at bay. 

How Does The App Works

Knowing a little bit about the mechanism of apps like Grofers will help you in organizing your business setup. Scroll down to have a look at it. 

Step 1

The customer initiates its grocery purchase by searching for the desired products or the stores on the platform.

Step 2

The customer then selects the required products and adds them to the shopping cart and proceeds for the checkout process.

Step 3

The order is then placed, and the store gets notified about the order. Also, the notification reaches the delivery executive as well.

Step 4 

The store gets the items packed and ready for the delivery to hand over the parcel. 

Step 5

Finally, the delivery executive hands over the grocery items to the customer, and the customer receives the option to drop their feedbacks and rate the services. 

Top Features 

Thinking of taking your grocery store online? Wondering what features can make it to the list for elevating the consumer’s experience? Worry not we have done the task for you. This section covers all the important features that should be included while developing an app related to grocery shopping. 

Suggested product

It can be a valuable feature to enhance the customers’ experience as suggesting customers products that are frequently brought can save a lot of time that otherwise would have been wasted in manual searches.

Adding to cart

Another feature of great importance that allows the customer to add the desired products in the digital shopping cart and get the exact estimate of the value of total products along with the delivery charges. 

Multi-platform access

The app should feature versatility by allowing the customers to access the app from a variety of platforms such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and many more. 

Inventory management

The inventory management option can be helpful for sensing and meeting your inventory needs for a smooth and efficient business operation.

Rewards and loyalty programs

Rewarding the customers for using a platform can be an attraction for the customers. Not only will it motivate the existing customers to keep using the platform but also encourage new customers to try the services.

Data management

Having a mechanism that interprets the shoppers’ behavior and provides a detailed report can help enhance the quality of goods and services and analyze the response that your platform is receiving. 

Personnel management

Managing a team of employees can be quite a tedious task. However, a personnel management system can provide relief as it might help you establish better connections with the store operators and the delivery executives.

Order tracking

Since the moment a customer places an order till the time it gets the parcel delivered, providing a mechanism for the customers to track their order status can be quite helpful. 

Scheduling orders

Allowing the customers to automate the purchasing experience by selecting specific products and creating a recurring cycle can further elevate the customers’ experience and eliminate any chances of them missing out to order. 

The features that are mentioned above are just a few basics to give you an idea. However, depending on your likes and dislikes, you can remove or add extra features to make the optimal use of technology.

Benefits Of Clone Script

Grocery app development is a complex process. It takes years of expertise and a strong determination to develop a full-fledged app that is ready to take on the market. App cloning such as using modern alternatives like Amazon app clone can prove to be the most successful alternative for developing a grocery app in a less complex manner. 

There are many benefits that are associated with using a clone script, scroll down to uncover them one-by-one. 

The first benefit that is associated with using a clone script is that it saves a lot of time and effort of the developer that otherwise would have been demanded in case of starting from scratch. 

Another benefit of using a clone script is that it is flexible enough to incorporate any changes and modifications. It does not restrict the experimental capabilities and therefore allows the developer to add advanced features over the parent app. 

Not only the features but also it lets the developer personalize the app with the clients branding and logo that helps it stand out from the numerous other apps that are featured on Android and iOS.

Moreover, choosing an app clone script saves a lot of costing and hence makes the project cost-efficient. As the developer does not have to put the efforts into building an app from scratch, it saves time and hence reduces the charges.

Also, using the clone scripts eventually raises up the success rate of your app as it is established on a tested and proven platform. All the factors that are mentioned make it wise for the developers and clients to promote the implication of clone scripts for the app development. 

After knowing about the clone scripts and its benefits, let us now move on to knowing the cost of app development

Cost Of App Development

Development Cost of App like Grofers clone

The cost of a proposal is the foremost factor that an investor considers no matter what the project is and the same is with Grofers clone app development. However, there are many factors that drive the cost of app development that we will cover in sequence. 

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  • The features inculcated in the app determines the complexity of the process and eventually, the cost of app development. The more the features, the higher will be the complexity and costlier the app development process. It is advised to keep the app as simple in its initial phase and then advancing the platform by launching updates.
  • Another important factor that is considered while determining the cost of app development is the number of platforms the app is being developed for. The higher the number of platforms, the costlier will be the project. Also, it is often seen that the cost of Android app development tends to get higher as there are numerous devices with varied screen sizes that make it a challenge for the developer to create an app that fits all. 
  • Be it an individual developer or a software development company, both have a certain fee that they charge for creating a digital solution for your business. However, there is not just one factor that influences the developers’ charge (fee). The location of the developer or the development company, expertise, the brand’s image is the key factors that manipulate the fee that is charged by the developer. 

All the factors that are mentioned above sum up to provide the cost estimate of the project. The average cost to develop an app like Grofer is between $5000 to $8000. However, these figures are just a rough estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending on your business plan. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will help eliminate the need for any additional cost and provide you with software at a reasonable price.

Why BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.?

There are many app development companies that you might come across with every research you do. However, it is important to select a company that has expertise in the process of grocery app development. Conducting a little research might help you to identify the most reliable of them all. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company with almost a decade of experience in the field of software development and is the house of more than 450 employees that are one of the best in the industry. 

Choosing BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will not only get you a product with advanced features, but the cost-effective prices and the strong after-sale assistance will ensure that you provide customers with a glitch-free environment. 

Grocery App Development

Final words

After knowing everything about the grocery app development and the emergence of new players in the market, you must be curious to launch your own app for extending your services via an online platform, no matter if you own a brick and mortar store or if it is a new business venture. 

The utilization of these online platforms is likely to increase in the near future, making it a profitable investment sensing the need for social distancing and social isolation during the epidemic time. 

Hurry up and rush to the team of expert developers in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. to provide an app with a glitch-free environment to the users.

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