On 26 January, 1950 India became a completely republican unit. Indian constitution is the largest written constitution in the world. 26 January day was special to respect the day of declaration of independence. Republic Day in India is celebrated with many parades and shows held across the motherland. The parade goes along the Rajpath and the India Gate.

The patriotic passion of the people on this day carries the whole country jointly even in her important diversity. Every part of the nation is represented in occasion, which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national festivals of India.

The country celebrates Republic Day to bring about a sense of identity, faithfulness and unity among citizens. A nation can grow up only if people have pride in themselves and their country.  The Republic Day of India flashes a nationalistic fervor in our hearts, reminding us of our wonderful history, our wealthy society & heritage. It is a day to memorize and honor our idols.