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How Healthcare Mobile Apps Transforming Everyday Lives: Significance, Advantages & Features

written by Harshita Khangarot | Mar 09, 2021

These days everything seems quite reachable due to the ever-advancing reach of technological advancement. Seeing the craze of getting things online has made it quite challenging for bricks-and-mortar businesses to have a considerable amount of profit. 

Those inconvenient long queues become the prime factor that makes people moving from offline to online stores be it online food delivery app or healthcare mobile apps. Getting the cashback discounts with fast delivery options makes it quite a lucrative option for most people.

According to Statista, the global online pharmacy or e-pharmacy market was worth 52.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it will reach up to 333 billion U.S. dollars by 2025

healthcare mobile appWhat is the Importance of Healthcare Mobile  App Development

Pharmacy app has come up with frontend that has secured a great place in people’s hearts and minds as it addresses vital issues from our everyday lives. These enormous growths of the medical delivery app have become quite lucrative options that have benefits both the customer and pharmacy owners to a certain core.

Many leading medical app development companies are contributing to providing impeccable services that help to get best possible results.

During the time of the covid pandemic, people were in a great dilemma about imposing restrictions and the need for medical facilities during the rough time. The medical sector has done marvelous and outstanding to provide N numbers of top-notch services.

Facts and Figures of Medical Industry

There were 325,000 mHealth applications in major application stores in 2017. The supply side of the market shows a good pace of 25% year-over-year growth. The global mHealth market is expected to reach $112 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.2% according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc.

healthcare mobile app

Top-notch Perks of Healthcare Mobile Apps

healthcare mobile app

Through continuous improvement in the healthcare sector, from the past few years, doctor appointment app development made a huge contribution to the healthcare sector. Here are the top reasons why booking apps can ease your pain. 

Avoid Miscommunication

Communication barriers can be the worst thing in the healthcare industry. But with a great medical delivery app can help you to manage schedules, check reviews, instant prescriptions, timely reminders can help the patients to clear all the misunderstandings. Both parties can see their chats; clients can even cancel and reschedule their appointments online. 


Now patients have no need to stand in a long queue for a doctor’s appointment. Now they no longer have to call the medical store. With the great features of doctors, an appointment app can help you to manage your booking on mobile phones, and freeing up that time for some important work. Whenever any user requests an appointment, the app’s administrative supporters take no time to schedule their appointment with the doctor. 

Security Portals 

These apps provide secure services with a guarantee to keep their data confidential without being misused. Most doctor’s appointment app is to provide 2-way security features that automatically reduce the possible risk and enhance customer relationships. With these impressive features like separate security, panels can easily detach all kinds of errors as soon as they enter. 

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24 Hours Convenience 

Most of the doctor’s appointment apps are offering 24*7 hours of convenience services to their customers. With the new features, customers can easily schedule an appointment through their phones anytime, anywhere. The online system allows 24-hour scheduling, now there is no need to schedule their appointments during working hours or office hours but whenever they want. 

Facetime Module

With the help of video call conferences, users can easily book an appointment through the app, and now they can even communicate with the doctor on video calls with the help of the app. Furthermore, if the patient does now want to visit, a doctor can schedule a video call with the doctor. These attractive features save a lot more time and money for the patients.

Built-in Payment Option

Everyone wants to go cashless in today’s time. The online doctor app provides a secure payment platform where users can pay with just a few clicks directly through digital payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, or any other secure payment. Online payment options reduce half of the problems of the patients, as everyone wants to go cashless.

 Geo Location

Geo-based technology helps patients to track the location of the doctors and their workplace; it can be a hospital or even a clinic. This feature can make it easier for the user to find the right place through the navigation system of the doctor’s appointment app. With these outstanding features, it increases the functionality of the medical app.

Online Prescriptions

Now, the user can easily consult a doctor online. They can also make an e-prescription after analyzing the report and situation of the patient. The prescription of the doctors includes a list of medicines, time to administer drugs, and other dosages. 

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Cashback Offers

Customers are always inclined towards uniqueness or special offers. Getting more discounts and special offers may generate more loyal customers. Most of the apps are offering a wide range of services that give the user a great experience and profitability options. 


A specific reminder software makes it easy for both the user and the owner. Processing refill or reminder is the best software solution as they automatically send the reminder through email or SMS whenever inventory runs out of stock or crosses the expiry date. Although when the medicines are ready to dispatch, it sends the alert to the customer through software. 

Customer Relationship

By providing the best quality of goods and services, it allows the users to save their time by continuous support. With all these key elements like the home delivery option, cashback, discount offers, and techniques of payment options make the client more comfortable and build healthy relationships with each other. 

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Greater Accuracy

Accuracy is a major issue in the pharmacy world. The most experienced or cautious person can make mistakes. Wrong medicines or inaccurate overdoses of many medications can trigger adverse effects or even kill a patient. Automating the process of measuring medication minimizes the possibility of a mistake.

Emerging Features of On-demand Healthcare Mobile App

healthcare mobile app features

The medical industry has gone online and now it has grown in leaps and bounds. Here are the top-notch features with ever-changing technologies that have accurately compelled the medical delivery solutions. Without any ado, let’s have a look. 

User Panel

  • User Registration
  • User Log-in
  • Easy Upload Prescription
  • One-Click Search Medicine
  • Push Notifications
  • Online Payment
  • Refer to a Friend
  • Re-Order
  • Order Tracking

Pharmacy Panel

  • Registration
  • Manage Information
  • Manage Product Details
  • View Ratings and Reviews
  • Order Alerts
  • Manage prices

Admin Panel

  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Online Payment
  • Content Management
  • Stock Management
  • Manage Reviews
  • Payment and Offer

Significant Aspects of Healthcare Mobile App

  • It connects doctors and patients with each other.
  • It acts as a link between doctors and their patients.
  • It helps patients to track their doctor’s location
  • Patients can easily get prescriptions via video calls, text messages, or audio calls.

Qualities of Good Pharmacy Management Software

There are a number of Qualities that make the Pharmacy Management Software highly effective.

  • Simple user Interference
  • Enable Effective Communication
  • Highly Efficient
  • Effective Inventory Management 
  • Security Features
  • Cost-Effective
  • Paper-less

While Summing Up

Pharmacy Management software provides a lot of functionalities that provide a wide range of services to their customers. By continuously updating the latest features, the company can achieve the desired goal and enhance productivity. It allows the pharmacy employees to access all the necessary data which helps them in making real-time decision making. 

call to action doctor Appointment App

A pharmacy software solution is needed because it makes the entire process work effectively, accurately, precisely, and effectively.

BR Softech is a leading healthcare pharmacy app development company that provides various solutions for the healthcare sector while catering to all your customised needs at affordable pricing. 

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