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How To Hire Dedicated SharePoint Developer? And How Can They Help Your Business During The COVID 19 Outbreak

written by Admin | Jun 02, 2020
Hire Dedicated SharePoint Developer

The world has witnessed technological advancement from then to now, and the progress is still being made. Technology has influenced the way we used to live and work. 

Talking about commercial purposes, be it a small, medium or large scale business, some kind of technological dependence is seen. This technological dependence not only enhances the capabilities but also makes the operations efficient. 

SharePoint is one such tool that has improved the business performance by aiding effectively in information storage, document management and much more.

Availing SharePoint development services for your business is likely to boost its functioning by providing an optimal and secure working platform for the employees.

Companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. has been extending its class-leading services for more than a decade making it a reliable pitstop for SharePoint development.

This article aims to educate you about SharePoint, its application and the process of SharePoint development.

What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an internet-based collaborative platform that was launched in the year 2001. People might misinterpret it with an application, but the experts know that it is more than that and not at all just an application. 

It is basically a platform that requires an internet connection and a web browser that can be operated from smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

What makes it even more versatile is that it can be integrated with a variety of office tools like Microsoft Office that includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access or Microsoft OneNote. 

The documents created and saved using SharePoint and the office tools can be accessed from anywhere making it reliable for your business management.

It provides a platform for people to work together. You can easily create a website or subsite with employees having access to these and working together.

Not only does it enhance the business operation by offering document creation and management, but it also provides storage system capabilities.

All the work created is stored in a library that makes it easy to search for the members. This helps the users to get accurate and in-depth understanding of the content created and hence enhancing the experience.

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Now when you are familiar with the concept of SharePoint and have a slight knowledge about its capabilities, let us dig deep into its applications and answer the ‘Why’ factor of the SharePoint.

Benefits of SharePoint

Benefits of SharePoint

Developing a workflow with the help of SharePoint is not rocket science. With the right amount of knowledge and hard work, you can quickly develop a robust document management system on SharePoint. 

What makes it demanding amongst the business operators is its ability to link many devices with a shared server that defines its collaborative form.

Below listed are some of the benefits of using SharePoint development services

Store Information: 

SharePoint can be used to store the business-related information that has been created and uploaded on the server. Either with the integration with Microsoft tools or operating directly on the server, it can be used as an advanced tool that stores essential business information.

Organize Information: 

There are multiple applications of SharePoint associated with the business perspective. One principle is that it helps to keep the daily operations organized, eventually supporting systematic execution and its management.

Share Information:

The documents that are created and saved can easily be shared amongst the users. This defines the collaborative feature of SharePoint. The shared information can also be re-worked, promoting further optimization as per the business needs.

Access Information:

The documents or the templates that are created using the SharePoint services can be remotely accessed. It is not constrained to the device from which it was created as the information is stored on a server that is linked with the multiple devices having access to it.

The benefits, as mentioned above of SharePoint services, make it a delight for the corporate world. Incorporating such an advanced concept in your business operation ensures that you never get out of touch and ultimately an unhindered functioning. 

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How to access SharePoint services

What makes the SharePoint services a business favorite is its ease of access. To access the SharePoint services, all that is needed is a web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Hence, working on a project or checking an already updated document on the server requires a smartphone or laptop or desktop with an active internet connection to visit the browser.

Using SharePoint Services

Before you invest in the SharePoint development, knowing its basics is certain to help you and enrich your experience while you navigate through it.

Here is a simple guide on how to utilize the SharePoint services in a step-by-step manner to increase the efficiency of the employee.

  • Screening the documents is the first step. By screening here, we mean to analyze the document type and its properties that will form the base of your management system. 

It will not only help you in building up an effective framework for the rest of the project but will also help in the later stages of the SharePoint development services

  • Creating a content type structure is the second step that you will encounter. Here, by creating a structure, we mean building it not only flexible but also easily extendable. 

Depending on the frequency of the application of the contents, if they are to be used on multiple sites, then creating them at a parent site will be a feasible option. 

Not only this, but filtering and grouping contents as per their character will further help in keeping the development simple.

  • Choosing the location and the method by which you will be storing the information on SharePoint is another critical aspect that needs to be determined beforehand. 

Depending on various factors such as the nature of the business, document types, the level of security, and the functionality will be responsible for determining whether to store the information as a list or library.

  • A directory will be needed for storing the information in an organized manner. It includes the creation of fields and sites along with libraries and lists. 

In SharePoint development services, the basic idea is to group similar contents together. Also, in cases of big projects, multiple sites are being created that are in sync with one another and working as a whole.

  • Assigning participants and granting them permission is another phase in dealing with the SharePoint development services. Usually, the users end up with much more access than they were actually required to later on results into discrepancies.
  • Automating the naming process is a crucial aspect of SharePoint development services. You must be questioning the need for automated naming when the users can manually do it. 

To break the ice, as many employees are working on a project, naming files as per their whims and fancies can create a situation of confusion. 

To avoid this confusion and maintain a healthy working environment, automated naming is given the preference that follows a pattern of uniformity.

  • Dedicating a location for document templates will streamline the functioning and take you one step closer towards reaching the final outcome as it will ease your efforts by storing the latest version of the templates. 

Also, searching and migrating templates becomes more manageable when they are stored in a single location.

  • Distributing the contents to a comparatively small-sized file is crucial that ensures a smooth and systematic operation of the SharePoint services. 

During the process as we proceed towards achieving the final goal, there are a lot of templates and files that come in handy. 

These templates, instead of containing the actual data, have the broad layout stored in them. Distributing the data will help in a quick execution at the final stages.

  • SharePoint document automation will make sure that the employees do not waste their valuable time in doing repetitive work that otherwise could have been completed by automation. 

However, there are not all processes that can be automated; however, under the guidance of an expert software developer like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., you will be able to identify it.

  • Organizing the library is the step that follows because there can be times when a situation of disorder and confusion might arise in searching that file that needs to be addressed. 

Using styles and filters can be a wise option to cut short the unnecessary time that might have wasted in locating the files.

There can be different types of view (to be precise, only four) that the employee can select in uniformity such as Standard view, Datasheet view, Calendar view and Gantt view.

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The steps, as mentioned above, will get your basics clear for the SharePoint development for a better understanding and reap out the maximal advantages of the new-age platform.

Hiring SharePoint Developer

Hiring SharePoint Developer

SharePoint development is not an easy task. When rightly done, it has the potential to amp up your business operation techniques, organize them and aid in a well-laid execution. However, determining the required skill set and choosing the right developer can also be a tedious job.

Worry not! To take you one step closer towards achieving your goal, there exists a team of expert developers under the shed of BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. that have been astonishing the clients with their class-leading services.

Applications of SharePoint during COVID-19

Enrolling for SharePoint development when the world is coping with the disaster that COVID-19 has created can be the wisest option to ensure the safety of the employees.

The world is going through a lockdown phase which has resulted in halting all the business operations across the globe with small and big companies promoting work from home. 

SharePoint, with its distinctive concept, can be the last resort that allows the business to run their operations easily by delivering a common platform via a server that provides an office-like feel and makes the employee connect with ease. 

Creating, sharing and accessing the documents has never been so easy as with the SharePoint that requires an internet connection and access to the web browser, thus allowing the employer to track the daily progress as well.

Final Words

Now when you have covered every bit of the SharePoint development services, including its applications, incorporating it in your business functioning is the best idea.

It will not only help in streamlining the business operations but will also secure the information and share it amongst the authentic users in a secure way.

Hire our SharePoint developer to experience a business like never before by effective business content management.


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