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Hotel Management Software Key Features and Benefits

written by Admin | Oct 02, 2019
Hotel Management Software Key Features and Benefits

Experience the dynamic dimensions of transforming technology while unleashing the power of hotel management software & app. Manage your hospitality business like never before using this exceptional Software. For any hotel, finding the right software can be a daunting task. Eliminate the risk, by opting for suitable software and prepare to make your life easy with this revolutionary software. It empowers the hospitality industry while providing modern-day solutions. It can help you deliver greater business results while strengthening customer loyalty and retention.  

Online Hotel booking Software is a true reflection of the technology revolution. It helps in maintaining financial control and helps you keep the inventory in place. It also re-evaluates customer services and helps you increase revenue. 

According to IBEF,  The Government of India is working to achieve one percent share in the world’s international tourist arrivals by 2020 and two percent share by 2025. 

This will make a direct impact on the hotel industry. 

You must be wondering when you have all the resources, why you need software to run  your hotel business well, here is why you need this advance software;

  • Good Management 
  • Excellent Service
  • More Customer 

By keeping your prioritise straight you can beat the competition in the market and meet the hospitality trends. 

why you need hotel management software

Here we have listed some of the key features to help you shortlist the best online Hotel Management booking Software powering growth in a technology-driven industry.  

  1. Cloud-Based

Make sure to get the cloud-based hospitality Software. It provides a scalable, fast and flexible solution while streamlining the process for serving better results. Its an all-in-one hotel management system that can allow you to connect with hundreds of channels. Another benefit of getting a cloud-based system is, its easy to upgrade and doesn’t require an expensive physical upgrade. It offers you the flexibility to use it anywhere hence, you do not require to be physically present at your property. 

  1. Intuitive/User-friendly Interface 

Opt for an Intuitive hotel management system that makes the employees work on the system with ease. While selecting the one, make sure you know about your employee’s strength and offer them something which can be easily maintained while helping you to grow your business. A user-friendly interface can allow you to provide the customer with better services, centralising and automatic overall management.   

  1. Integrated Booking Engine 

A well-Integrated Booking Engine allows you to offers multiple packages while reflecting different guest packages. Provide users with the ability to book their reservations themselves. It helps you get more bookings with 24/7 availability. In this technology-driven time, one must integrate the booking engine including a payment processor as with technology customers look for everything handy. Its helps them make instant payment while booking their favorite room in the most convenient way. 

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  1. Detailed Report 

HMS is designed to provide detailed information about your properties and guests.  It must come with a comprehensive guide, custom reports, contact details of the guest, analytics and a lot more. It helps you strategize your plan to grow your hotel business while providing you with a hand full of details. 

It helps you get insight into your business. Allow you to get direct access to how much revenue you are generating and overall control over the distribution strategy. It helps you make sound decisions while allowing you to filer data with ease as per business requirements. 

  1. Hotel Channel Organiser

Hotel management system software must consist of a hotel channel manager. It helps you organizes how your room inventory is distributed on online travel agencies like Airbnb, Expedia and a lot more. It updates the room availability automatically in real-time on your calendar while displaying your property to a large number of potential guests around the world. 

  • It saves you from overbooking situations 
  • Provides greater control over rates and availability 
  • Increases your online visibility
  • Helps you attract your potential guests 
  • Less commission 


Not just that there are a lot more important features that your  chosen software must consist like:

  • No investment required for maintenance and support
  • Provide utmost support at all hours
  • Provide with smart experience and ultra-intelligent solutions 
  • Generate various type of reports 
  • Hotel management software demo
  • Offers cross-platform compatibility 
  • White label experience

These are some of the key features that one must consider while opting for this advanced software.

Benefits of Hotel Management Software 

To help you understand better, here we have listed some of the major benefits of getting Online Hotel Management System Software for your hotel business. It can help you get immense popularity while managing the work in the most effective way.

  1. Raise Your Business: – Increase your business brand value by getting an outstanding hotel booking system. It allows the customer to book the hotel from anywhere, anytime. It let customers get the required information on the hotel, booking information, reminder, and other important information. It helps you enhance your service while marking your presence in the market. Get ahead in the competitive edge and make the most of this amazing system. 
  1. Saves Time: – Reduce the human efforts of the repetitive tasks using hotel management system software. It helps you streamline the administrative process while improving the overall results. The key to do this task effectively is to select the right one as per your business requirement.  From planning to execution, this software can help you manage your operations effectively while saving a lot of time. It makes your team perform efficiently while increasing productivity. 
  1. Manage Business Resources: – With advance capabilities, this software helps you manage your business effectively and allows you to manage your resources effortlessly. It can help you bring a better outcome while reducing unwanted activities. 
  • It helps you schedule the projects. 
  • Generate a work schedule. 
  • Produce weekly scheduling

It saves a lot of operation time while helps you organize the tasks in the most appropriate manner. It helps you get an instant overview of all the ventures and resources. It increases the existing potential while offering better asset management. 

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  1. Data Analytics: – HMS comes with data analytics and helps you manage data effortlessly.  It provides valuable insight and improves business operations. Data analytics can be used in different ways in order to improve marketing strategies, occupancy rates and a lot more. 
  • It streamlines the process
  • Helps in problem identification 
  • Automate data collection 
  • Build Processes
  • Evaluate Current Systems

This advanced software helps you get the flexibility in adapting to customer needs and demands to improve performance across every channel. 

  1. Smart Calendar: – On the edge of competition one must stay ahead providing the customer with something better. Hotel industry competition is now not only exist in the real world but also exist in the online world. It must determine the volume of bookings coming your way while analyzing a competitor’s hotel rates and reputation as compared to yours. Regular software do not provide this intelligence hence, one must contact a leading Hotel Management Software development company for an ultra-intelligent solution. 

Get an advance cloud-based hotel management system software, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of multi-chain hotels, independent hotels, and restaurants with BR Softech. We help you provide with a user-friendly interface and outstanding features to determine the business needs. Our advance online Hotel management booking software can help you manage your business sales while stock details on your mobile device. Now you can check all your hotel details anytime anywhere with our advanced software. 

Get the best hotel management software in India from BR Softech. BR hotel management software is packed with powerful features. It helps you manage your daily operations with ease while improving your overall guest services. We understand the value of your time hence, provide you with operational efficiency and increased productivity in the most effective manner with our integrated software modules to cover each aspect of your hotel management. 

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