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How Much Does It Cost To Develop App like Dunzo?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Apr 23, 2020
Cost To Develop Like Dunzo

Dunzo has the dedicated version for both PlayStore as well as AppStore making it available for both androids as well as iOS platforms.

Unique Selling Point of Dunzo

Before you launch your Dunzo clone app, it is essential to know the unique selling points that make the app stand apart from other apps. These points will help you strategize your business and plan your services accordingly in this competitive market. Let us have a look at them-

  • No Datum: Dunzo does not demand the customer to enter a minimum order value pre-decided by the policy to avail the services. This ensures that the customer does not overspend while accessing Dunzo. 
  • Quick Delivery: Dunzo promises to deliver the product within 60 minutes, making it a value for time as well as the money.
  • Free Delivery: The users that have newly registered on the app get the advantage for free delivery up to a specific period.
  • Day and Night Delivery: Dunzo provides 24×7 services to its customers leading to enhanced customer experience and convenient delivery at the time of late-night emergencies as well.

Now when you have learned about the unique selling points of the Dunzo app that makes it different from any other delivery application, let us tell you how versatile the app is when it comes to the delivery of goods and the services that the company provides. 

Services offered by Dunzo

app development similar to dunzo

Dunzo offers a dozen services that make it a one-stop solution for all your courier needs. From food to medicines and the essential documents that you left home in the hurry to office, Dunzo promises a 60-minute delivery and saves your time. Let us have a look at the services that the app like dunzo offers so that you can inculcate in your courier app as well-

  • Restaurants: Dunzo app provides doorstep delivery of food from your favourite restaurants to soothe your taste buds.
  • Daily Grocery: Running low on sugar or rice? You don’t have to step out of your home to buy groceries as the Dunzo app will do it for you.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: The app also offers doorstep supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it an all-rounder.
  • Medicine: Dunzo promises to serve you the medicines and also during any emergency even late at night.
  • Meat and Fish: Fresh meat minced or whole, fish and eggs, Dunzo caters to your daily needs at home.
  • Pet Supplies: The app not only promises to deliver what you require but also for your adorable pets.
  • Gifts: Please your loved ones by sending them a gift on a few taps with your smartphone.
  • Bike Ride: Dunzo app partners with bike riders to provide you with commute services as well.

Incorporating advanced features like these in you dunzo app development will raise up the chances of your app to succeed.

Things you need to consider while developing an app like Dunzo

  • Order Delivery Module
  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy Search Options
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Push Notification
  • Referral Program

Alike Dunzo via clone scripting

Now when you are well aware of the idea behind Dunzo and what all it offers, you must be curious to know about the next step towards the dunzo app development.

To answer your question, let us tell you something about clone scripting and using it for the development of your dunzo clone app. Clone scripting is the process of developing an app or say cloning the original app using the script (original) with personalized branding.

Dunzo clone script offers an advantage over investing in new research and development in many ways. Let us discuss some of them-

  • The Dunzo clone app will ensure that the app does not has the smallest glitch in it.
  • Using the dunzo clone script will reduce the time taken for the development of the app.
  • Clone scripting is based on a tried and tested version that is the original app increasing the chances of success.

Cost to develop an app like Dunzo

Dunzo app development costWith the huge success of these applications, online food delivery app development companies and leading entrepreneurs are seeing their future in it.

Developing a food delivery app is a technical job that requires years of expertise. The cost is not confined to a specific number but may vary depending on requirements, features, budget and platform for which app is developed. Moreover, it is suggested that the budget should not be the driving force in the development of the app but the quality of the user interface, services and smooth navigation should.

The process of dunzo app development may cost you anywhere between $10000 to $45000 depending on the project plan and the developer. Mostly the developer charges on per hour basis; however, the charges may rise if the back end process also becomes part of the project. 

You can get a clear picture of the cost estimate and time for completion by contacting the dunzo app development company.


Now when we have covered all the essential points related to the dunzo app, you must be able to create a clear picture on how to proceed in the development phase and the cost incurred in the development of the project. The success of your app depends on not only business strategy but also the dunzo app developer that you approach.

An IT & software solution company like BR Softech that is home to brilliant minds will help you launch your app with complete guidance and excellent user experience. We are having a good knack in developing food and grocery mobile app development that suits the need of the market.

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