Mobile Apps: How They Help in Tracking Shipment from Multiple Couriers

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Are you a shopping freak? Do you love enjoy shopping online? Have you recently placed an order from an online shopping website?

In today’s date, online shoppers are springing and numerous packages are being delivered to customers throughout the world everyday. So when you are done with placing an online order for a wonderful product, the very next moment, you will muse about where your package has reached and the status of your shipment.

There are lots of courier services which provides you with a tracking ID, but in most of the cases, you are required to manually assess the position of your shipment. Many times, this service has ties with major e-commerce company, but if this service does not have ties with e-commerce company, it is usually doubtful that you’ll search the dedicated tracking service which will keep you updated instinctively about your shipment status and changes therein. If you generally receive recurrent packages from various services, you got to install independent apps for each of them. Again, mostly courier services does not have mobile apps.

So, are you looking forward to a single app which will provide you with push notifications for all your shipment status updates of numerous courier services throughout the world. Few of the apps are already available, which allow you this feature.

Here is the list of similar tracking courier apps like DPD, Fedex, by which you will enjoy the most favored tracking feature for keeping track of your online orders.

Parcel (Free) -iOS: Parcel is an amazing package shipment tracking app which is linked to around 240 courier and postal delivery services throughout the world, which includes services like UK Mail, UPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail, etc. All the statistics of tracking is assembled in the server and later pushed to the app, so that it will be much easier for you to check all your shipment notifications straightly on your device. Parcel is the package shipment tracking app which can detect the courier name in automated way from the tracking number and can give the push notifications for any alterations in shipment status. In addition to this feature of the app, you can also have a glance of package delivery on the map. Parcel tracking app is available on the Mac and IOS app stores for free, but this version provides only the feature of tracking up to 3 concurrent shipments and does not provides the push notification feature. For utilizing these core features of this app, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

Slice (Free) -iOS/Android:  Slice is evidently the most pre-eminent package tracking app which is available for both iPhone/iPad users, as well as for Android users. Larger part of tech bloggers and websites favours slice tracking app as the best app for tracking package. There are various astonishing features provided by this app and that is the reason it is highly preferred tracking app. Apart from the attribute this app provides of automatic package tracking, it also lets you look at price drop alerts plus product recalls.

Slice is the tracking app which gives assistance to apex package delivery services, like Fedex, USPS, and various others, and it is also associated to the top merchants like, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Groupon. This lustrous tracking app can also connect with your Gmail, Yahoo or accounts, this app can get you the tracking numbers by itself. And the icing on the cake is that, you are not required to pay anything for using the astonishing features of this app.

After ship: After ship is another leading shipment tracking app whic hhas more than 235 delivery services linked to it. Once a valid tracking number is provided for your shipment, it will automatically provide the name of the courier and get other statistics regarding items to ship, shipping history, and the recent position of your shipment. If the courier service name is wrongly discovered, then you can select it manually. After ship app gives the recent push notifications every time when there is alteration in the shipment status-like Out for delivery, Delivered, any other delivery alerts from the courier service. This After ship sheeny app is available for free on Android (Google Play) and App Store (iOS).

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