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Understand the Tracking Shipment App Development : Features with Multiple Shipment Needs

written by Saloni Agrawal | Feb 08, 2021

Are you a shopping freak? Do you love to enjoy shopping online? Have you recently placed an order from an online shopping website? In today’s date, online shoppers are springing, and numerous packages are being delivered to customers throughout the world every day.

So when you are done with placing an online order for a wonderful product, the very next moment, you can use a tracking shipment app development to know where your package has reached and the status of your shipment.

There are lots of courier services that provide you with a tracking ID, but in most cases, you are required to assess the position of your shipment manually. Many times, this service has ties with a major e-commerce company.

Still, suppose this service does not have ties with an e-commerce company. In that case, it is usually doubtful that you’ll search the dedicated tracking service, which will keep you updated instinctively about your shipment status and changes therein. If you generally receive recurrent packages from various services, you install independent apps for each of them. Again, mostly courier services do not have mobile apps. 

So, are you looking forward to an on-demand tracking shipment app development that will provide you with push notifications for all your shipment status updates of numerous courier services throughout the world? Few of the apps are already available, which allow you this feature. Here is the list of similar tracking courier apps like DPD, FedEx, by which you will enjoy the most popular tracking feature for keeping track of your online orders.

Some of the Most Popular Courier Apps to Provide Amazing Service to Customers

courier delivery app development

  • Parcel (Free for iOS)

The parcel is an amazing package shipment tracking app linked to around 240 courier and postal delivery services worldwide, including services like UK Mail, UPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail, etc.

All the tracking statistics are assembled on the server and later pushed to the app so that it will be much easier for you to check all your shipment notifications straight on your device. The parcel is the package shipment tracking app that can detect the courier name in an automated way from the tracking number and push notifications for any shipment status alterations. 

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In addition to this feature of this on-demand tracking shipment app, you can also glance at package delivery on the map. The tracking shipment app development is available on the Mac and IOS app stores for free. Still, this version provides only the feature of tracking up to 3 concurrent shipments and does not provide the push notification feature. For utilizing these core features of this app, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

  • Slice (Free for iOS/Android) 

Slice is the most pre-eminent package tracking app available for iPhone/iPad users and Android users. A larger part of tech bloggers and websites favors the slice tracking app as the best app for tracking packages. There are various astonishing features provided by this app, and that is the reason it is a highly preferred tracking app.

Apart from the attribute, this app provides automatic package tracking; it also lets you look at price drop alerts plus product recalls.

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Slice is the tracking app that assists with apex package delivery services, like FedEx, USPS, and various others. It is also associated with the top merchants like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Groupon. In the field of courier app development, this lustrous tracking app can also connect with your Gmail, Yahoo, or accounts.

This app can get you the tracking numbers by itself. And the icing on the cake is something you are not required to pay anything for using the amazing features of this app.

  • After Ship

After the ship is another leading shipment tracking app with more than 235 delivery services linked to it, and, once a valid tracking number is provided for your shipment. It will automatically provide the courier’s name and get other statistics regarding items to ship shipping history and the recent position of your shipment. 

If the courier service name is wrongly discovered, then you can select it manually. After ship app gives the recent push notifications whenever there is an alteration in the shipment status-like Out for delivery, Delivered, any other delivery alerts from the courier service. After ship sheeny app is available for free on Android (Google Play) and App Store (iOS).

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  • Deliveries

It is one of the most efficient and finest Courier delivery app and GPS tracker for following your packages. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well. If we talk about its functionality, it delivers and also supports 40+ postal services and shippers worldwide.

The provided dashboard lets you view the pending deliveries in one attempt only. Further, it also offers a countdown for the days left in the package delivery. It also collaborates with various reputed delivery companies like UPS and FedEx, and it permits you for package tracking using Google Maps. You can download it for free with in-app purchases.

  • OneTracker

If the User interface and free availability are the major concerns from your side, then this tracking and delivery app will make you happy for sure. It offers you services without asking you for subscriptions or running ads. It respects your privacy and doesn’t provide you email scanning. 

Despite it, the Courier delivery app development offers you an inbox that forwards the shipment emails to your app-provided email; then, the delivery app will recognize the tracking ID. It permits you to track multiple devices and shipments. You can download it for free.

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  • TrackChecker Mobile

Want to send your package to a hard-to-reach destination? Then, this app is the most suitable as it has the best shipment tracking system software. This app helps track all the packages from more than 550 postal services in nearly 200 countries. 

It has a different thing from other apps in that it offers various customizations. You can select the notification frequency regarding your shipments and get or send tracking details in the mail. This app has worked with various postal services and couriers with this app.

All you require are only a few taps on the mobile screen to track the shipment. The TrackChecker Mobile app even offers users load forwarding software to measure and highlight package delivery estimated date.    

What are the Needs of Tracking Shipment App Development for Your Business?

tracking shipment apps

Courier delivery app development has involved every type of transportation and tracking of shipment and delivery of the products in a single app. It helps the customers optimize their venture for a better ROI by offering them new avenues of useful data anytime they require it.

Including various enriched features of tracking permits users to have more contextual experiences and enhance enterprises’ accessibility and marketability. 

Here are some of the advantages of tracking and delivery apps that provide ease to users regarding their parcel tracking-

  • 24*7 tracking and delivery facilities
  • Real-time tracking via GPS
  • Trace exact locations or position of the asset
  • Trace accurate locations of family members, friends, users, and employees
  • Create real-time analytics and reports
  • It permits users to transfer useful alerts
  • Enhanced safety and improved customer services
  • Business procedure optimization
  • Save resources and time for solving problems.

Features of Tracking Shipment App

Trracking shipment app includes with various features that provide real-time tracking, location-based tracking, etc. Here are more features-

Admin Control

In this, the admin has total control over all the deliveries and orders tracking management. He is accountable for updating the server, and by using mobile apps, the users can have all the information and see where their package or consignment has reached.

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After receiving an order, the admin can assign a specific delivery boy with particular delivery packages or delegate many orders to an entire team.

Business Solutions

The on-demand courier delivery app used for order tracking is suitable for logistic solutions such as multimodal transport, packaged goods transport, forwarding services, storage and warehousing, sea and air freight, etc.

Courier and logistics solutions and the integration of Google places API, Google Maps, and GPS technology assistance. A custom web admin dashboard helps admin track progress tracking of the delivery person and members updating account details through the mobile app.

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Real-time Delivery Tracking

Mobile apps based on location help deliver personnel select the easiest path, analyze the landmarks, and see their advancements for the destination each time. tracking shipment software and package delivery benefit the delivery service provider to track the delivery team on a map for keeping the data update in real-time. 

Push Notification

Courier delivery app provides clear and accurate notification to users regarding the current location of the consignment or package delivered at the right time. The mobile delivery app interacts efficiently with all the three users’ touchpoints like deliverer, customer, and admin to ensure the notifications are obtained in real-time.

Location status, delivery status, payment status, etc. are delivered as a notification on users mobile users via push notifications. 

online Booking call to action

Multiple Online Methods of Payment 

Tracking shipment app development from the customer side have the feature of making payments via safe payment gateways. Developers of delivery apps also include third-party payment gateways like PayPal,Bank APIs. Bank details of users are safe as the major security features are placed. These features are added to ensure the safety of accounts of customers and clients and their data.


This feature is added to the apps to show real-time functions such as object location, object status, route calculator, and real-time navigation. 

Support Maps

Tracking shipment app development provide tracking and shipping apps that support to increase the operations with the help including open street maps, Google maps, hybrid maps, etc. involving geo-location.

Face Recognition Feature

It is one of the main features of tracking shipment app: it can make attendance via facial recognition of a person or employee. 

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Final Verdict

To conclude, every business requires good tracking shipment software for tracking the status of deliverable items at regular intervals. This post has provided you with many different and appropriate tracking and delivery apps that will be useful and easily available for the people. 

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