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How to Get Better Rankings and Increase App Downloads?

written by admin | May 31, 2016
how to Increase App Downloads

Mobile app development can be very complicated task at times, but it is an amazing experience once your interest gets to the next level in developing feature- rich mobile apps. Once you get experience in the basic tools required in developing mobile apps, guidelines set for developing apps, and about various developer programs, designing policies, etc and after getting experiencesd in all thesse you will enjoy developing wonderful function-rich apps.

Today is the era of smartphones and feature-rich mobile applications, there is upward trend in classy smartphones, so if you are iPhone app developer, Android app developer or the renowned blackberry apps development company. you need to shift towards creating a best in class app as it plays an important role in your mobile marketing strategy.

When you create an app, you have just completed 30% of the work. The next important factor is how the consumers appreciate your app and how they use it after downloading it on their smartphones and the tablets.

Promoting and advertising your newly built app on the App store or another marketing platform still remains a black box for the renowned mobile app development company because you cannot receive more good feedbacks if analytics are concerned.

If you would have launched your app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store before 4 years, then the chances for you to get good traffics would have increased and good number of downloads too. But it is daunting today because there are around 2 million apps across the app marketplaces who are in desire of attention by the consumers. The challenge faced by the app entrepreneurs and mobile app development company today is in fund-raising and attracting the users from the apps developed by them.

There are various methods by which you can get your app noticed by good way of marketing your app- some are free and some are paid.

Here are some great technique you can make use of, for increasing the downloads of your apps. And if these listed tips does not work, then you need to do more homework of checking your app again and see if it fulfills the needs and requirements of the targeted audience.

Reduce the pricing:

This means that you have developed a mobile app or game but it is paid one and users have to pay for it to download and amke use of in their smart phone.

You need to adopt for a marketing strategy of reducing the price of the app. As the price will fall, the users will download the app more and use it on their smartphone. If your app users are die-hard fans of using best new mobile apps, then this strategy is sure to work immensely. Your apps will be downloaded more and you will get good revenues.

Make use of your funds carefully:

Each kind of mobile app is useful in different ways, and therefore marketing strategy must also be different. The companies go for the marketing strategy according to their budget     and as per the target audience. The amazing method is to make use of limited funds in such a way that within a small time frame you reach out widely to your targeted users.

According to your budget, it is up to you to utilize your fund in a day, or in few days or in a week’s time. You must spread the word about your app on various social media platforms too- like Instagram, Twitter, mobile ads, etc. You need to be focussed about the way you market your app, and in turn your app will be famous very soon. And if there are good number of downloads, you will get higher ranking and good traffics on the app store.

Once you get popularity over any app marketplaces and your branded app gets established, you might also get good opportunity by Apple and Google coming knocking at your door for featuring your app on the stores and this is possible when you have done wonderful marketing and advertising.

Any kind of publicity for spreading the word about your app:

You can opt for any form of publicity for marketing your app immensely. When your web presence will reach a new milestone, you must take your way of marketing to the next level. All the leading brands are making use of native and mobile advertising for gaining attention of consumers widely on the best online platforms.


So, if you have recently tried hands on developing mobile apps, then you have to work on marketing your mobile app and spread the words for die-hard fans of mobile apps.

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