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How to Give an App Name ? – Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

written by Harshita Khangarot | Jun 13, 2020
Give an App Name

All of us are recognized everywhere with our name and our name existed even before us. Like this, everything requires to generate a name for them, whether it is a living or non-living thing. When it comes to naming an app, just think that it will represent your brand forever and all of the above, users will hear the name of your app before they use it. It can sound really easy to name an app but it is not! Knowing about how to name an app can make a different fan base for your app effectively than other competitors.

To generate a name for the app, you have to do some research on the market. Firstly, have some amazing name ideas through brainstorming, then start surfing for the topic with creative thinking and removing all the barriers. Have a look at similar applications like your app and pay attention to the response and the designs they are using too. At the time of naming the app, many questions come up in the mind like- what can be the most interesting name for the app and how can you choose a name that represents your app? If you are also looking for some tips and ideas for the new app name, here are some that will help you with that!

Select a Tempting Strategy

For having an appealing app name, you should apply a tempting strategy. Here are some separate blueprints to have a successful app name.

  • The most impressive title that would be crafted out of 1 to 3 words. In this manner, although Google has a limit of 30 words Apple doesn’t have any limits for app names.
  • Another strategy is to select an app name that can reflect both the application’s object and its functionality. You can also check Evernote or Wunderlist for inspiration.
  • You can also use extra keywords for unfolding the goodies of your app and attract users for organic installs. So, these extended keywords go like the main part of the ap name usually by following a colon or dash.
  • At last, use suffixes and prefixes like a snag, net, go, etc. for defining the features of your product and acting it according to Think YouTube, Snagflix, or Netflix.

Each of the processes has its advantages and disadvantages but it is stated that sharp and short titles remain at the top but there should be more specification about the app and market trends should be a part of your app name ideas. And, your app name should look catchier and attractive in various search results and lists with a slick and short title. Additionally, including extra related keywords are helpful to enhance the search result position. The higher your app will be on the list, the more and more clicks and downloads you will get.

Don’t Have Clone App Name

The most essential thing about naming an app is that your app’s name should be unique from others. It is foremost because you will be marketed through that name all over. Pay attention towards that if your desired name is not available on the Play store doesn’t mean that nobody else is not either using this name too on the web. So, search it hard before making a final decision.

For completing the circle of marketing strategy, have a web page with the same title. Having a dedicated app website with .com domain will be an effective addition to keeping traffic streaming to your app in comparison to competitors.  

Some people also want ideas about app company name ideas, similar goes to them that don’t copy famous application’s names, otherwise, it will not be accepted by Google or can have a copyright issue. The same thing also applies to styles, designs, images, and overall terms. Otherwise, the clients will recognize immediately your attempt to copy someone else. 

Moreover, you can be trapped in some serious fraud issues with Google. So, it will be better to get some primary assistance through using a name generator as it will provide you an idea and various options to get started with. However, always try to neglect such clichés like I at the title’s beginning or app at the title’s end as it is so common these days. 

Some of the Essential Things to Consider While Naming an App

Essential Things to Consider While Naming an App

Check out these important things to keep in mind, so that you can get an attractive and impressive name for your app-

  • Reflecting the Core Features of the App

Many successful and popular apps select a name that fully represents the working and features of the app. Just by hearing your app name, customers should get an idea about the app. Sometime, it could have happened that people will judge your app based on the first impression or by hearing its name without reading the proper description. So, it is significant to have such a name that defines the app’s features to provide you a major advantage in this term. 

When you think about how to give an app name, it should be extremely clever but be attentive as clever can be complicated sometimes. Keep the name simple as it will be easy to understand what app is all about for customers? 

  • Play with the words to Differentiate Your Name

In most cases, playing or shuffling with just one word can provide you a suitable app name. Maybe, you are unable to find the exact word that defines your app or perfect for the app but slight differentiation can give you a wonderful twist and open more options for you. If you get your app name too creative, then it can be hard for users to find the app easily. If users are searching for some app and don’t remember the spelling, it can also be difficult for them to find the app. That’s why keep it simple and short. 

  • Be it Memorable

A long app name with various words and different characters will be a surefire method to make sure that users can forget the app name easily. So, have a name with minimal characters to make it memorable and unique. For example- Snapchat, Tinder, and Skype are billion-dollar apps with attractive names. These are easy to remember and easy to communicate while recommending them to others. An app name should be with one word and less than eight characters. It is as simple as it sounds and despite many days of brainstorming on how to make a name an app, you would come up with a perfect name. 

  • Make the App Name Different from Others

Though these words are not in the dictionary, we know their meaning when someone says it like Skype or google it. It is the time when you know that your product has to succeed in the market and your app name has become an action word. The major tip of naming an app is to consider how your app is sounding in normal speech and how it flows with everyday language.

  • Select A Name that is Easy to Search

You can select a name if it is suitable for the entrepreneur’s goals of customer and marketing attainment. According to the fact that 63% of mobile users search the apps through the app store and entering specific keywords will solve their problem of finding the app. Such a huge portion of downloads are a result of specific app searching. So, it will be a clever decision to have a name that aligns with the most searched keywords on the app store or Google. Look at the competition while selecting a name and related significant search.

  • Have an Obvious Name

Sometimes you don’t choose a name but the right name chooses you. You don’t have to put lots of effort to create a unique name, there are already so many words that reflect your app’s core features and that are searchable too. As it is important sometimes to let the name generate itself naturally and maybe it will be easy to learn to spell your name app for the users by this trick.

  • Own A Domain

Every app owner wants to have a landing page that resembles your generated mobile app. Try to have a domain name that is easily available and it should also have the same name available as its web domain. It is hard to have a domain name as per your requirements but it is not impossible. Also, consider it as simple, short, and relevant to communication and it should make sense too.

  • Get Connected with Your Customer’s Emotions   

Your app name must be something that can pull the heartstrings of the customers or can evoke their emotions. So, when it comes to naming an app, an emotional name may give you the hike you want. The app name should enable the customer to think emotionally and immediately download it.

This is a keyword-based game that should completely meet the expectation and continue the transformation. Your focus just should be on creating a memorable and easy to spell, name of the app. Here are some promising ideas for word game-

  • Basic Words Including Amplifiers

Choose the words that can involve in the creative app name and for this, include suitable nouns and adjectives in your keyword as you can. Also, use emotional words for having powerful meaning. Keep searching until you find a perfect one.

  • Search Synonyms

There is a highly competitive market, so face the facts that good keywords and their combinations have been taken already by the competitors. But don’t worry as there are more than 6,500 languages in the world, so you can borrow other words and slangs for new app names through finding.

  • Use Dictionaries

Irrespective of the market you are targeting, the promising idea is to change the basic and keywords into some other language such as- Italian, Latin, Spanish, etc. as there are so many. Check how the words sound in that language and if it is easy to spell, use it.

  • Search Suitcases

Combine some suitable supportive words and keywords for having a memorable and unique mix for the app’s name. Also, you can take the first word of some word and last of another word and by combining them without any change, it can be your app’s name. For example- Instagram includes instant and Telegram and Pinterest includes Pin and Interest.

Final Verdict

Naming an app is an integral part of the branding of an app, and as you know that without branding or marketing, it is not possible to sell your product. There are two essential things for how to make a name for an app that is- first is marketing research and second is the product’s quality. Considering these things and following these tips and tricks, you can find a perfect app name that will reflect the core feature of your app too. For developing and naming an app, BR Softech that is a leading app development company can provide you services as it has many years’ experience in this field. Contact us for consultation and we will help you bring your app idea to life.

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