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How to Increase eCommerce Sales Effectively in 2021?

written by Admin | May 27, 2021

2021 has brought about a substantial increase in competition in the Ecommerce industry. To increase ecommerce sales, businesses now have to dig in deeper to figure out the right ways to market themselves.

According to Oberlo, only 1.94% of visits on eCommerce platforms get converted into customers.   

One of the major reasons behind such a low percentage is the number of options people have today. 

So, as a website owner, if you only do what is expected, you will dissolve into the crowd. To stand out, you need an effective selling strategy.

So, here are the seven best eCommerce selling strategies that you can adopt in 2021:

7 Best eCommerce Website Strategies in 2021

1. Make People Trust Your Brand 

People trust you when you are honest about your products and services. Ensure that the quality of your product resonates with its description.

Keep engaging with your customers on social media platforms daily to instill a sense of awareness and trust. 

Moreover, you can offer gifts to some of your first-time buyers and ask them for their honest ratings and reviews.  

Testimonials can be further shared across all social media platforms to enhance trust among prospective buyers. 

2. Site security is paramount

No customer wants to visit a site that shows a “Not Secure” ahead of its URL. Customers value their safety over anything else, which is why you need a reliable certificate such as GlobalSign, Thawte, Comodo SSL certificate

Comodo is a trusted Certificate Authority, offers the best SSL certificates, which can provide 100% protection to transactions on your website. 

Speaking of SSL, it is a Secure Socket Layer certificate that encrypts the communication between a client and web server, passing it through a secure network through Public Key Infrastructure.

SSL certificates keep cybercriminals at bay by making the data transfer indecipherable to them, unlike a non-SSL website that exchanges data in a plain text format. 

Moreover, SSL certificates help cope with the security standards of search engines like Google, which have made it an important factor ig on the top of their SERP. 

There are multiple types of SSL Certificates. So, which one should you choose?

Well, if your business does not require you to own multiple subdomains of your primary domain, then a regular single-domain certificate is more than enough. 

But, if you want to expand your business to multiple subdomains, you must opt for a Wildcard SSL certificate that can equally protect all subdomains to the first level of a particular primary domain under one SSL certificate. 


3. Quote the right prices

Your product’s pricing strategy can make a world of difference to your sales. However, being a beginner, you should not keep your rates high as you would want to get more customers on board. 

Your prices should not be low enough that they do n ZGXa balance of cost and profit in the initial stage. The best way to maintain a balance is by keeping an eye on your competitor’s price. 

You can steep a bit low from them initially as you try to build yourself up to their level. 

4. Identify your USP

USP or Unique Selling Proposition defines what makes you stand out from your competition. 

USP largely depends upon the quality of your product and service. However, it is also concerned with the kind of experience a customer has upon visiting your website.

The best way to figure out your USP (if you don’t know it already) is by looking at the reviews and comments given by customers on your product and service.

If a substantial number of customers praise a particular product or service of yours then, your USP largely pivots around it. 

5. Display testimonials across all platforms

Testimonials serve as evidence for your authenticity. Cyberattacks can happen at any time, and they can leave your business stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

So, it would be best if you prepared for it in advance, and testimonials are a good way to showcase your credibility to your customers.

In case of a data breach, prospects won’t hold you accountable for it because your testimonials will speak volumes of the good and satisfactory work you did your customers in the past. 

6. SEO is a must

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps a website attain top rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Page organically.

SEO, if done correctly, can factor in huge profits in the name of targeted traffic, more sales, and continuous traction. 

To grow in the online spectrum, a website needs to integrate relevant keywords, alt text, appropriate image, and video size, all of which come under SEO. 

Moreover, quality content is needed at all times to maintain the flow of traffic and validation from search engine crawlers. 

7. Ramp Up Your Shipping Speed

Shipping has always been a major concern for customers. If a customer wants a product now, he would want to receive it by today. 

And that is where sites like Amazon have the upper hand. For example, Amazon provides one day-delivery where if you place an order today, you will get it the same day. 

Alongside swiftness, shipping should be safe as well. The product should be safely delivered without any defect as that would be the last time you will ever hear from that customer again (in most cases).

Moreover, try offering free delivery above a certain amount of purchase. For example, cut off the delivery charges if the purchase is over $100. Customers around the world love free deliveries.

To Conclude

You can only achieve success in eCommerce if your website is good enough to convert prospects into customers. 

In 2021, you have to make your website look robust and make it extremely safe from the threats posed by cyber criminals. 

Call to Action

In today’s world, SSL certificates, firewalls, and SEO tactics are mandatory for a website’s survival. 

Moreover, you must A/B test your website for traffic and analyze their demographics to help you identify the right targets for your business. 

So, follow the seven tips given above and ramp up your revenue generation today.


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