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How to Make a Chatbot – Easy mechanism to Create Chatbots for Your Business

written by Saloni Agrawal | Jan 21, 2021
Develop a Chatbot

It’s been a few years. Since chatbots are here and it seems they will not go away soon. Chatbot developed in the 1960s, but the first app that popularized the chatbot was Facebook Messenger bot. The first chatbot was created by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum known as “ELIZA”.

The chatbot app development was used for displaying the superficiality of interacting between machines and humans via a natural language procedure. Since then, the chatbot has progressed a lot, and currently, it is possible to do long chats via chatbots.  

Introduction to Chatbot

A chatbot is known as a software that revives human-like conversations with participants through text messages on chat. It is developed to help users by giving answers to all their questions. Multiple users can chat via chatbot simultaneously and also provide data within seconds. Due to that, these are now used on a broad scale to help both customers and businesses to interact with each other on mobile or website messaging apps. 

Top 10 Framework for Chatbot Development to Make Powerful Bots!

Let’s know about the best frameworks for Chatbot development processes that will be helpful for you to design and create your bot. As we know that there is no suitable framework, it all depends on the needs, so explore as much as you can. Please look at the following development framework to use-

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Dialogue Flow
  • IBM Watson
  • Botpress
  • Pandorabots
  • Botkit
  • RASA Stack
  • MobileMonkey
  • ChatterBot 

How Does It Work?


Chatbot development processes are strengthened by pre-programmed responses or Artificial Intelligence or both. A chatbot based on the executed mechanism processes the question of a user to give them a proper answer. Two major sorts of chatbots are used for communication. They are AI chatbots and rule-based chatbots.  

A chatbot is called a communication interface to help organizations and individuals to have conversations. Currently, various organizations have their own chatbot development. There are varied reasons behind it, such as engagement with customers, better marketing, experience with AI, decreasing the number of employees needed for customer service, dissemination of data and content, etc. Do you know about the development procedure of chatbot, if no, then pay your attention at the below steps?

Seven Imperative Steps to Follow for Chatbot Development

Develop a Chatbot

Developing a chatbot is not at all easy; that is why businesses take help from leading chatbot app development companies. Here we have discussed some necessaries steps for chatbot development, take a look-

Discuss the Problem

It is significant to find out why you require a chatbot as there should be something meaningful for it. It should eliminate a problem or increase user engagement, but despite that, it replaces the whole customer support department. Understanding the chatbot objective will help in defining the conversation flow and decide the chatbot type you require. 

After all, there are varied kinds of chatbots ranging from easy FAQ bots and so-called bots ‘on rails’ to chatbots that permit the ‘free text’ input. The more you permit the user to decide the right direction of the conversation, the less control you have on the chatbot.

Design the Conversation Flow

You have to consider a persona for it, that not only matches the brand personality, but the conversational interface should also be clean. The chatbot conversation should be developed by a copywriter in collaboration with the communication or marketing department of a chatbot development company. It is essential to make a proper conversation flow for the appropriate objective.

In some conversations, users feel more comfortable with a chatbot rather than a human.  

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Choosing the Chatbot Platform

There are various chatbot platforms, right from the platforms that make the simple FAQ chatbots, more advanced chatbots taking into account. Such context-aware chatbots can provide various included values as they can also provide a positive experience to the end-user. 

Firstly decide what platform you want and determine, you want to outsource it or not. There are many chatbot developers out there that will provide you with the right solution. It is significant to investigate and make sure that you work with the appropriate chatbot developer. 

Chatbot Integration

Although it is hard to integrate the chatbot, it is the way when the added value is received. If you have connected your system, or database or CRM to chatbot development services, if anybody wants to make some changes, then it will say, sure, provide me with an address and it will update the system. It is where you can see operational efficiency, NPS going up, and the satisfaction.

Chatbot Testing

After the development, how will you know that your developed solution is properly working or not? Test it and find out if there is any issue or bug. Have a testing environment that should be adaptive and live to make sure that everything can be tested appropriately. Test all the codes, working process, spelling, tools, etc.

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Don’t forget to test the software. Some organizations don’t test the third-party tools as they have a strong trust and confidence in those third-party tools. Although, it is essential to have proper in-place control at them.

Observing the Conversations

In custom chatbot development, a conversation is data-driven and leads to more information via its nature. This data can be detected, and the intuitions of the analytics can be supportive to better the conversational move of the chatbot. Although, to use any output text for training the chatbot via testing procedures have to be in place. 

Since all the conversations are in the form of data, it is possible to get valuable data from the conversations. It includes both active and passive to fetch and feed the data into the entire reporting mechanisms. 

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So, it is on a micro-level of an individual conversation for a person, and it is also at a macro level for questions. It is known as conversational analytics that includes what was said, how was it said, what was the intent, what is the sentiment, did we complete the purpose, what was the goal, etc.

Does it fit in the larger context? It is possible to include the jump capability and intervene in the conversation, but that kind of deceits the goal. Sometimes, it is useful as machines don’t understand the entire context and then human help is needed.

Better Chatbot

Have valuable insights to upgrade the chatbot, and this is the reason why chatbot companies include analytics in the chatbot. Evaluate the transcripts searching at sites where that chatbot didn’t get what people need assistance to create any datasets to chatbot retraining. Such proper learning is helpful to better the chatbot, while it prevents issues like Microsoft’s Tay that learned unsupervised. The goal should be consistently chatbot improvement and make it context-aware increasingly and better at acknowledging the reason for the conversation.

Top 10 Strategies You Should Apply for the Successful Chatbot Development

Here is a list of top 10 Strategies for creating a better chatbot

  • Understand properly and guide the customer with good conversational design. Concentrate on the main scenarios and create the flow as per that by avoiding all exceptions.
  • Pre-train the NLP/AP to stretch possibilities and train the AI engines continuously.
  • Fallback processes with a simple fallback intent to handle the sessions properly that are getting stuck. 
  • Declare the working and benefits of chatbot immediately to visitors. It is used as an easy and efficient mechanism to prevent irritating customers and fallback failures.
  • Chatbot development services can capture the related data from the users to respond to the customers with the data they need.
  • Users require to be able to search the chatbot to communicate with, as there are various strategies to be analyzed. These will be based upon the current mechanism you use to communicate with the target audience.
  • Continued and analytics improvement for better opportunities. Also, work on AI Development and altering or including the answers or intents depending on what you are seeing. 
  • The data you will get from identifying the sessions, you must ask them for suggestions and feedback for improvements. Also, ask them how to improve it.
  • Good conversational design is not copying your FAQ answers to the chatbot. It includes good principles, fast reply designs, and the whole design of the conversational flow. 
  • Provide a face and name to the chatbot personality for making chat more memorable. 

The Cost of Building a Chatbot For Your Venture

Develop a Chatbot

If you are thinking of having AI-driven Chatbot development services; then you should know about the approximated development cost. All credit goes to the advent of different libraries, tools, and frameworks; chatbot development is becoming inexpensive for various companies. If we consider the basic cost of chatbot development, it is calculated based upon each aspect specifically. Mostly organizations often charge; from $15,000 to $30,000 for a custom bot with basic and required features.

The organizations located in Silicon Valley have set a minimum cost of $30,000 for only a simple bot and if you want a rich-featured advanced chatbot; then you have to pay extra money for it.

The cost for a very cultivated AI-chatbot; including customer support, ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. These sorts of bots are strengthened by machine learning technologies and natural language processing and are equipped with more strong abilities to absorb data and learning.  

These solutions by chatbot companies can target customers via media and marketing campaigns, manage the content distribution and personalized news and more than that. If mixed with the payment gateway services, these chatbots become fully-fledged enterprise solutions.

Although, we have other three ways as well through which we can estimate the price of chatbot development. These following points can also vary your overall development  cost, so pick wisely-

  • Freelancers
  • Development Companies
  • Firm’s Representatives

If you are too interested, then you can start with the basic chatbot software. It automates the routine flows of the firm and picks the AI-based bot as the first one displays the efficiency. So overall; we can say that the price of chatbot development can vary from $10,000 to $150,000 depending on various factors. 

Wrapping Up

BR Softech is a chatbot development company in India that provides solutions and services for all sorts of elements of AI-enabled chatbot design. It has dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who understand the importance of providing a good solution to the clients. 

We also know that currently, the chatbot is offering a great approach for businesses to improve their working and make it more effective by enhancing the customer experience. But consider that chatbot learns in a steer manner and is also bound by specific rules to drive the conversation. We hope the above-discussed steps, strategies, and framework will help you in creating a chatbot!   

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