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How to Overcome the Effect of Cyber Attacks on the eCommerce Industry in 2021?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Jan 07, 2021
Cyber Threats for eCommerce

Currently, the entire world is revolving around the internet, no matter, it is our office work, shopping, communication, travel, jobs, gaming etc. Along with enhanced efficiency and connectivity, it also brings various challenges and threats for its security. Considering all these, there is a much need for Cybersecurity Services to prevent cyber hacking and all Cyber threats for eCommerce industry

These online cyber attacks everyone but small businesses are their main target as they don’t have proper security. Even 43%of cyber attacks approximately target small enterprises. But nowadays, there are so many online security measures and software available to secure your business from these cybercriminals. 

What is CyberSecurity?

In simple words, Cybersecurity can be called “the security to computer systems from the online threats or damage to the software, hardware, or electronic data and also from the misdirection or the disruption of the provided services”. Cybersecurity is commonly and usually integrated with the web and software attacks, not with tangible computer hardware. 

Why is There a Requirement to Safeguard Your Business or Site?

Cybersecurity has always been an issue for enterprises of all sizes and almost in all industries and sectors. And now, no organization can avoid it anymore. If you are the owner of an e-Commerce site; then you need to have service from a Cybersecurity Service provider to protect your business and keep the private data secure. Also, it has the potential to have an influence in every sense on your enterprise. 

If you have been a victim of cyber attacks, then it can affect your business in these following ways:

  • 88% believe that the amount of data they give to an organization depends upon their built trust.
  • 87% of customers state that they will do business with some other company rather than someone who can’t tackle their data responsibilities. 
  • 92% of customers say that organizations must be proactive regarding information protection. 

Top Cyber Threats For eCommerce Industry with Their Solutions

Cyber Threats for eCommerce

Cyber Threats for eCommerce business is not something that you can take as a joke. It is a serious online threat that can affect your entire business badly. With a trusted and secure system, even customers feel safe while making payments through any payment gateway like Google, Amazon, PayPal, Apple, etc.

But they have to gather all the courage to risk their bank details with unknown organizations. So, it is your responsibility, in the end, to provide security to them. 

The cybersecurity solution provider is the only solution because failing to protect an online eCommerce platform can impact your sales and ruin your goodwill. Let’s get to know about some of these following major Cyber Threats for eCommerce and also; their solutions to provide safety to your online business. Here are they-

Direct Site Attacks

eCommerce Platforms are attacked sometimes in the form of dedicated denial of service (DDoS) campaigns. This mobilized attack will overburden the site’s hosting and prevent the platform from loading for almost all regular visitors. This DDoS attack can damage the store’s reputation. 

Solution: To prevent this, apply DoS protection services referred to as incoming traffic is observed and parsed. When all the visit requests are taken to be fraudulent in nature, they are blocked. It will stop the DDoS attack from slowing down the site to a crawl or impacting the performance essentially.

Transaction Fraud

While changing the vast amount of money online, it has always been insecure to consumers. There are two major forms related to payment fraud. The first one is the stolen credit cards comprising details that are used to make unauthorized payments. The second one is all the transactions that are insecure or interrupted or redirected. 

Solution: The PCI DSS standard Cybersecurity Services can apply for uplifting the online payment security level drastically. Compliance is also a problem for the individual retailer, although it is a benefit to them too. Here, compliant vendors stand out more via ridding the sales channels of blemishing the dead ends and displaying their investment in purchaser’s safety.       

Password Assault

There are two main approaches to password assault attacks. The first one is Brute forcing, consisting of a program to run via thousands of passwords in the desire of getting it right eventually. Second is, what can be called informed guessing reasonably.

Consisting of the use of data pieces from a user’s life, obtained off social media to recognize the words that are most likely to occur in their passwords.

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Solution: Users can apply strong and complex passwords that would be difficult to guess by the attackers. It shouldn’t be simple like “1234” or just “password”. The second method is to use the multi-factor authentication for the admin accesses. This setup needs the logged-in user to add their password access with another authentication pattern like authentication code sent through text.

Social Engineering

One of the most common approaches; of social engineering is Phishing that is referred to as pretending to be someone else while contacting someone to get something from them. Cybersecurity Services providers consider it a vital threat as it can occur via letters, emails, phone calls, and even from; the house visit. 

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Solution: Although it is hard to prevent and, the best way to stop it is to educate the customers about how they can operate. They can add instructions to their site and use the general marketing materials. Retailers are required to motivate their customers if they ever get questionable emails. 

Some Other eCommerce Threats You Must Know About!

Take a look at below-

  •  Bots
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Malware attacks 
  • Spamming
  • Phishing attacks

Leading Approaches to Enhance the eCommerce Security

Cyber Threats for eCommerce

After knowing all sorts of eCommerce security issues, you should also know about some of the best practices to prevent these concerns and plan a better threat protection strategy. Check out these as follows:

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Cyber Threats for eCommerce

CDN is used for hosting an eCommerce platform and improves the procedures via collecting content. It is collected on servers placed in the entire country’s data centres called ‘points of presence’. All these data centres have proper safeguards in the form of security layers.

PCI Compliance

It is a Cybersecurity solution provider that has a set of guidelines on securing the eCommerce platform. It defines which sort of web hosting should be applied, the security level required for payment processing, etc. 

Server Security


Always use a well-known eCommerce web hosting provider whom you can trust and who provide amazing security features. It must consist of a server-side firewall, SSL certificates, or CDN and professional hosting plans where shared server environments are not distributed with other sites. 

Security Plugins

These are essential for handling the WordPress sites to make the safe installation of plugins secure and also; keep the site’s front-end safe. They protect sites from malware, DDoS attacks, and hacking along with keeping you aware when threats are founded in real-time. 

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Payment Gateway Security

It is as critical as web hosting, but this Cybersecurity Service is the key to ensure safety. Also, it protects all the third-party sites that are related to your site.

Backup Data

Always have a backup of all the data and do it daily. For this, you can take the help of a backup and restore plugin. Apart from investing in various security levels, no eCommerce site is inaccessible. Attackers have that much patience and also time to search new techniques of cracking a site. 


Cyber Security Industry

Have a firewall for the servers, but it will be better to have that one particular for your site and PC. Various security plugins consist of built-in firewalls.

Update Software

Updating your software with its latest version regularly will help your business and eCommerce site to prevent the risks. So, schedule the updates and keep all the software, programs, and plugins updated.

Who can Propose You the Best Solutions for Cybersecurity?

Every eCommerce platform or business has a common goal to provide their customers with a secure place where all their private data will be safe from attackers. For this, they also take services from leading Cybersecurity Service providers and implement the necessary approaches. 

call to action cyber secruity

There is a top-notch and reputed name in this field that is BR Softech. Our dedicated and experienced professionals provide premium-quality active website protection and effective security solutions.

If you also run an eCommerce business, then, find out how to protect your business and reduce the risks by connecting with our team. Get connected with us, and we will solve all Cyber Threats for eCommerce business.

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