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Why is Artificial Intelligence Important for Cyber Security in 2021?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Dec 28, 2020

The advent of Artificial intelligence is irrevocable now, and it has become a vital part of our daily lives. It has huge potential to bring improvement in innovations in this current data-driven world. Despite providing services in various sectors, the importance of AI in Cyber Security remains on the top.

Now we know that AI is everywhere, and AI services have been embraced in different ways. We all are gradually becoming technology-driven, and more immersed in this virtual world. Maybe this is the reason behind the increasing risks of breaches and cybercrimes at a rapid rate. 

If we talk about any business or financial services, cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats of them. These cybercrimes and cyber-attacks are affecting businesses, individuals, and also, government bodies worldwide. And, to prevent this, organizations are taking help from Artificial Intelligence Services as conventional approaches are not enough for them

In such a situation. AI services are providing immense help to the Cybersecurity sector, particularly since lots of cybercriminals are using this technology already. But do you know how AI is helping the cybersecurity industry to prevent attacks? Let’s know about the details of how AI holds the future of Cybersecurity?

Why is Artificial Intelligence So Vital for Cyber Security Services?

Artificial Intelligence is working as a double-edged sword in this sector as there are various doubts that hackers can also use AI for conducting cyberattacks and eliminating the number of required humans at the same time.

Because if there are some complex AI algorithms, then hackers only need a few people to solve it that has more chances to succeed. The other thing is it is much easier to search out the vulnerabilities of Cyber Security Services, and it is a fact that attack networks are never recognized. 

But be fearless, if AI can provide advantages to hackers, then it will also help businesses to improve their cybersecurity threats. There are several surfaces in which AI can have lots of apps like phishing attacks prevention, intruder detection, user behaviour identification, etc. 

What is the importance of AI in Cyber Security to Improve Cyber Threats?


Be it anything, malware detection, fraud detection, scoring risk in a network, intrusion detection, and machine/user behavioural analysis are the five most vital use cases to improve cybersecurity.   

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Here we are discussing more ways through which AI is improving the cybersecurity industry, or we can say the role of AI in Cyber Security

Network Security

There are many Ai-enabled intrusion detection software that is being used at the network level to have enhanced network security. AI tools are also capable of analyzing patterns and self-learning as they are fast enough to detect lots of objects consisting of IP addresses, files, visitors, addresses, phishing links, and a huge amount of data. 

Also, AI is better than human detection, as humans are not suitable to scrutinize millions of addresses and sites. Automated procedures and real-time detection help firms respond with efficiency and speed. 

Intruder Detection

AI approaches can be big support for the sector of intruder detection in Cybersecurity. These are beneficial for defending and detecting in the system involving past apprehensions into patterns of intruder activity.

For instance, intruders in  Cyber Security Services may be engaging in uncommon behaviours like transferring and receiving massive amounts of data or modifying the communication patterns suddenly.

These signs from intruders in the system are very complex to catch for cybersecurity professionals, particularly in large level organizations that have lots of network traffic.

This intruder detection system powered by AI can be used to observe the network due to an unwanted intruder.

Phishing Attacks Prevention


Phishing Attacks Prevention

AI is extremely beneficial to prevent phishing attacks in a specific network on users. The phishing attacks are very regular in various firms where employees get fraud emails with the intent of getting the confidential data of the company like banking credentials, company password, and credit card details, etc.      

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Artificial Intelligence Services like natural language processing is useful for analyzing the employee emails in the firm account and, if any of them is found suspicious like some phrases and patterns, then the necessary action will be taken. 

Password Protection

There may be some employees in an organization who have simple passwords for their accounts or the same password for every account. So, it is easier for hackers to crack them and get essential information. AI will help in this to provide better password protection via facial recognition for accessing the account. 

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This technology will use neural networks and infra-red sensors to create distinct patterns on every individual face. This advanced technology of AI facial recognition can be considered for changes like wearing a hat, varied hairstyles, etc. It is used so that no person can mislead the system.

User-behaviour Analysis

The importance of AI in Cyber Security is huge as it can find out the sudden changes in the existing user’s behaviour that can be a hint of cyber-attack. For example, if a malicious person stole the credentials of a legitimate user and then, he logged legally into the network via those credentials.

But it is hard to analyze, and AI can do it via making a user-behavioural profile of all the users consisting of patterns of login and logout, data transfer, etc. 

Antivirus Software

This software helps to secure the system via scanning the files on the network to analyze if they actually might match with a malware signature or a familiar virus.

But now this antivirus software is integrated with the AI to detect the virus in the system not only via matching the virus but also analyzing the abnormal behaviour outside the present window of normality in the entire network. Antivirus systems based on AI can do it via leveraging the data science and mathematical AI algorithms as well. 

Reasons Why Businesses Are Embracing AI into their Processes

Reasons Why Businesses Are Embracing AI into their Processes              We can call these benefits more than reasons why enterprises are welcoming Artificial Intelligence Services in their different operations. Take a look-

Decreased Time in Detecting Threats

It is one of the vital factors in the cybersecurity system as action on time must be considered to fight against attacks and threats. Organizations can detect different threats with AI faster than ever before. The software can be deployed for consistent scanning and advanced detection of threat detection. 

The time is reduced by 12% taken for detecting breaches and threats. AI can effectively decrease the resources and time included and can save the digital assets from the possible risks. 

Incomparable Accuracy

No way can help humans to match the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence when it is about to procedure large chunks of data and analyze the unusual scenarios and activities in lesser time. An AI program may be provided with the wrong input or programmed in another way that results in an unpleasant breach. 

Friendly With Security Teams of Organizations

The importance of AI in Cyber Security is very significant as it provides a broad range of advanced AI solutions and tools to predict, investigate, scan, and check consistently for the vulnerabilities at each level of the enterprise. AI tools can be placed at the network, authentication, and analytical level.

These tools will pursue to be better and better. And, if these are put to work with human cyber analysts, it can deliver the best outcomes to protect data, network. And resources.

Self-learn Capability of AI

All the AI algorithms can learn over time and can find the differences from common behaviour. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can point out the changes and patterns and gradually start to learn about those.

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The self-learn capability of AI is helpful for the security teams to spot the differences fastly in the common network traffic.                                              

Reduced False Security Alarms

Integration of AI intelligence with threat intelligence is needed in the Cyber Security Services as it can detect different security bugs and also resolve them. It provides a threat detection rate of 95% just opposite to standard antivirus software that has only a 90% detection rate. So, the threat intelligence with AI will benefit you by undertaking the past threats in a time-sensitive way.     

call to action cyber secruityIs AI a Solution for All Kind of Cybersecurity Problems in 2021?

As we have already stated above, Artificial Intelligence has provided various new functionalities in the cybersecurity sector along with different techniques to prevent cyber threats to hackers.

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So, AI can vastly accelerate cybersecurity, but it can also become the biggest concern to future cybersecurity. These AI-driven security solutions can be placed at different places to make sure the safety and detection of possible security threats.

By seeing the importance of AI in the coming future, BR Softech is also providing Artificial Intelligence Services & solutions to the enterprises who are willing to protect their confidential data.

We have dedicated employees who will serve you as per your requirements. Our provided solutions will help your business to get a higher level by identifying and handling new and different kinds of cyber-attacks and threats. 

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