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Know How International Kite Festival adds Charm to the Makar Sankranti Celebration In India

written by BR Softech | Jan 05, 2019

India is famous for its festivals in all over the world, here people celebrates all the festivals with full joy and enthusiasm. Indian culture and heritage is meant to be explore. Makar Sankranti is among the major festivals

On 14th January, where the world celebrates International Kites festival, Indians enjoys the grace of kites with the celebration of makar sankranti. This day is considered as an auspicious day, as it is based on the solar cycle. In the northern parts of India, it is marked as a harvest season. The three day kite festival Jaipur and Ahmedabad is famous across the world.

Makar Sankranti – Festival Of Kites


In all over the world, makar sankranti is celebrated in a different style with different culture significance. Some states welcomes the new harvest season whereas some to mark the transition of the sun from dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) to makara rashi (Capricorn). Some believes that the journey of the sun from the northward begins on the day. It is believed that, after makar sankranti the days turns into warmer and longer.

Celebration of Makar Sankranti in India

The celebration of Makar Sankranti in India is famous in all over the world and everyone wish to be a part of this auspicious celebration. The national holiday is declared on this day. On 14 January, people use to wake up early in the morning and worship and offer their gratitude towards the sun. Some believe to have a holy dip in the sacred river, whole day people flies kite with their friends and family and til ke laddu are a must have sweets in the celebration. The occasion is celebrated with lot of decorations and whole day the sky is filled with the kites. At night, people dance before the bonfire.

International Kite Festival – Experience the diversity of India!

The international kite festival India is the most attended festival in India. To attend this festival, people arrive from all over the world. The excitement of the kite festival can be seen in the sky for three days as the blue sky turns in a colourful sky and it seems so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off. The kite festival in Gujarat and Jaipur attract all the kite fliers from all over the boundaries across the nation.

Celebrate International Kite Festival with Makar Sankranti

Indian festival Makar Sankranti, flying kites is the ritual and it is a part of the occasion. International kite festival is also famous and originated due to Makar Sankranti. On this day, the competition use to held and in this festival people use to participate from all the world. All kite flyers become the part of the kite flying activity and enjoy the moments. In India the kite festival held in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra and other States of the Republic of India. Hence, the whole world celebrates and become part of the Indian festival.


On this special occasion, BR Softech wishes you a very Happy Makar Sankranti and enjoy the international kite festival!.

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