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Festival of the Sun, Peru

written by Admin | Jun 20, 2016

Every year on 24th of June, Peru celbrates the beautiful festival of sun, the city Cuzco hosts this festival, also called as Inti Rayami. This beautiful festival has been celebrated since 600 years ago right from the time of Incan Empire. Cuzco had ben the political and social center of Peru at once, and that time Incas were the thriving civilization. They use to worship the sun and had belief in the god, Inti, who gave life.

History behind the celebration of Festival of the Sun:

To honour the god, Inti, the Incas  hosted the nine day ceremony which was celebrated with the dance, parades, and various rituals of Ilama. For ensuring productive crops.

The winter solstice is that part of the year when sun is not near the earth, so the Incas practiced the tradition for celebrating this festival to convince Inti to come back when it came that he was frightening to leave. When the Spanish started to settle down in Peru, they banned the festival Inti Raymi.

So, at this time, The Peruvvians host the stunning festival Inti Raymi at a site of the ancient stone ruins to respect the Incans history. They enjoy the festival with pomp and show, including parades, dances but the Ilamas are not sacrificed. People get dressed in beautiful and traditional attires and leads the procession from Qurikancha, the left outs from the Incan temple dedicated to the Inti. The Peruvvians perform the ritual sacrifices and light bonfires at the time of sun sets. The grand celebration is then observed with grilled food plus Peruvvian flute music.


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